Top 5 Best Vilano Road Bike Review

Best Vilano Road Bike

If you want a bike for transportation and fitness drives, Vilano bicycles can be suitable for everything. The company offers different varieties that you can use for riding purposes. These bikes have several unique features for versatile riders. You will find these brands perfect for multiuse rides. Beginners and knowledgeable riders need this brand. These … Read more

The 8 Best Bikes for College Students

Best Bikes for College Students

Traveling toward college on your bike can be a great idea because this transportation method is cheap, fun and healthy. No doubt, having a car sounds cool, but you can’t forget about charges of fuel, parking problems and several other challenges. Moreover, numerous colleges don’t allow students to keep cars on campus. In this situation, … Read more

Hybrid Bike Size Chart for Men, Women & Kids

Hybrid Bike Size Chart

Hybrid bikes are generally used for leisure riding or commuting. They sometimes incorporate the MTB styling with narrower and smoother tires. Also, they might look like some usual road bikes with flat handlebars. While getting your hybrid bicycle, it is good to see whether you would be riding mainly off or on-road. Here is more … Read more

Mountain Bike Size Chart | Picking The Mountain Bike Frame Size

Mountain Bike Size Chart

For the perfect handling, safety, and comfort, you have to look for the proper mountain bike size chart for yourself. When you know very well about your inseam and height measurements, you might determine what real size frame would be quite comfortable. Between these two measures, the inseam is the most crucial one. You usually measure mountain … Read more

Bike Size Chart : How To Choose The Right Bicycle Size Mountain | Road & Hybrid Bike

Bike Size Chart How To Choose The Right Bicycle Size

Everyone knows that bike size chart does matter a lot! Selecting the correct bike size is the most crucial thing while talking about bicycle fitting. There is much talk around the topic that only does make this a bit complex. But we also believe that it is quite easy and straightforward. (No, we aren’t crazy at all!) … Read more

Top 5 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Dollars Buyer’s Guide

Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500

For all the bike lovers, if biking is your choicest sports, here we are presenting a great variety of options. One is open to several possibilities and can choose the best hybrid bikes under $500 and a specially assembled bike for trails or the one that suits the streets best. However, a hybrid bike preferred choice … Read more

Top 5 Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500 Reviews

Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 500

It was considered that women’s mountain bikes are pink-colored or are a smaller version of the men’s bike – but now the time has changed. There are various kinds of female-specific bikes available in the market so making the right choice might be a bit overwhelming at first. Multiple brands are offering the best version … Read more