7 Best Mat for Peloton Bike to Keep Safe Your Hardwood Floors & Carpet

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You forgot to order a mat for your Peloton bike, didn’t you? Don’t worry.

I have the best mat for Peloton bike that will reinforce stability and prevent all the perspiration that cascades down your forehead.

See, you have already invested enough on your Peloton bike now you don’t want it to damage your floor and cost you exorbitant maintenance.

Now, what will a mat do?

Well, it will protect your floor from scratches and friction while securing the bike in its ideal place.

Hence considering the value it adds, I did some dabbling and found the top 7 mats for peloton bikes that are durable, water-resistant, and easily cleanable.

Benefits of Mat for Peloton Bike

Let’s have a look at the perks of having a mat for a peloton bike before jumping into the reviews.

  • It offers optimal protection against damage to secure your flooring
  • Peloton mats increase the stability of your peloton bike so it doesn’t wobble
  • They are mostly water-resistant, so it doesn’t absorb your sweat and release funky smells
  • Quality mats minimize vibrations and noise despite the intensity of your pedaling. Thus your neighbors and family members are never disturbed
  • It can support your peloton bike along with other exercising tools
  • Peloton mats protect your bike from the dirt laying on the floor

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7 best floor mat for peloton bike on carpet

After 6 hours of comprehensive research, I have handpicked each product based on its various attributes. I hope the reviews help you deduce.

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat – Best for Curbing Noise and Protecting the Floor

For 19 years, sunny health is providing fitness accessories, and their consistency in maintaining their signature quality never seemed to waver. They claim to help you achieve your fitness resolutions and I can see how.

With this mat, they not only offer unparalleled durability but also comfort. Thanks to the PVC foam material that doesn’t tear or scratch regardless of the abuse.

Also, the material feels kind against your skin when you are stretching, doing yoga, or pilates. The soft and textured surface minimizes the intensity of vibration and noise derived from the running peloton so your neighbors can stay in solace.

Now how do you stop your peloton bike from wobbling? And, what about those sweaty affairs after every workout session? Well, Sunny Health has you covered.

To solve this problem, Sunny Health guarantees a non-slip and water-resistant surface mat for heavy peloton users so that you can spin with all your might and burn those stubborn calories.

Despite the mess you create, the easy-to-clean feature and water resistance permit you to wipe off all the debris out of your mat and revive its newness.

Once you are done cleaning and drying, you can roll it up and throw it inside the utility closet or under your bed (when not in use). Due to the lightweight feature, you can transfer it from one place to another easily if need be.

It comes in three different sizes such as small, medium, and large. Choose yours and run without fear!


Waterproof, sweat resistant

Protects your floor from scratches

doesn’t take much space

reduces vibration

non-slip material for maximum stability


Questionable durability

The sides keep curling up when used for the first time

The only dispute I noticed about this mat is its durability. Few customers have complained about it while others raved in awe. So, I believe it boils down to the way it is being used.

Other than that, you are getting all the premium features at a bargain price. A lightweight, versatile, and water-resistant mat for your various exercising needs.

2. BalanceFrom GoFit Equipment Mat – Best for High Pile Carpets and Improved Stability

It’s tough to find a reliable mat for hardwood floors as they require to be optimally durable and maximum protection against scratches. But luckily, BalanceForm offers a sturdy bike equipment mat for your Peloton bike.

Let’s start with the material. It’s made of polyvinyl chloride, which is also known as PVC.
In case you don’t know, PVC is abrasion-resistant, weighs less than most materials, and retains mechanical toughness and strength for a prolonged time. So with that mat, you are getting the whole shebang of these features.

Also, if you are trying to gain some muscle through weight lifting aside from spinning on your Peloton bike, you can keep the heavyweight gears on this mat.

It will secure the floor from any abrasions and shield your bike from dirt buildup as well. with 2.5-feet x 5-feet size, it can accommodate all your exercising equipment and save you some bucks from buying additional storage tools.

Another thing you witness while working out is the noise which not only intensifies your stress but also ruins the peace of the people living with you. Gladly enough, this mat has a fix for this as well.

Since it’s made of soft, pliable material, it functions as a good acoustic insulator by absorbing the vibration and decreasing the noise intensity.

Besides its moisture-absorbent so need to stress over sweat accumulation. Just take a damp cloth and wipe off the dirt while ensuring the longevity of the mat.


Ideal for hardwood floor

Cleaning feels like a breeze

Secures bike from dust and dirt exposure

Absorbs vibration and reduces noise

Patterned, non-slip


The flimsy grip on carpets

Reeks of chemicals

The perfect mat for hardwood floors renders all the crucial features you need for your Peloton.

However, there has been one report against the color retention of this mat as it seeped the black color all over. Considering it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon case, you can cut it some slacks.

3. SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat – Best for an Environment-Friendly and Anti-Skid Operation

You don’t want to jeopardize your health, let alone your family’s. And in order to do that, you need to surround yourself with non-toxic products just like the SuperMat’s environment-friendly mat. It doesn’t emit any chemical or harmful content in the air and ensures your family’s wellness.

There is a considerable amount of exercise mats that release chemicals and hinder the integrity of the indoor atmosphere.

So, I would say the non-toxic feature helps this mat to stand out among others. Then comes the generous size of it that not only allows maximum equipment storage but also serves as a buffer against dust and debris.

Despite the aggressions derived from the extreme workout sessions, the mat will secure your floor by absorbing all the effects. Even on carpets, it stays firm, doesn’t wobble, and gives you the sense of security you require while working out.

Apart from these, it’s made of vinyl material which is the biggest enemy of wear and tear.
The superior resistance to wear and tear prolongs the life of this exercise mat as well as your Peloton by offering protection against the carpet and floor dust. Adding more to it, it has a vibration reduction feature so that you don’t have to scale down the workout intensity.

Because let’s be real, you don’t want to disturb the neighbors, and you can’t be guarded always either. So the safest option is to get your hands on this mat.


Chemical-free, save for kids and pets

Safeguards the floor from extreme bike impact

Protection against dust and dirt

Minimizes vibration

Wear and tear-proof


Weird smell

Too soft for storing heavy exercise gears

If you are looking for a mat that is free of toxic elements and ensures maximum security against wear and tear, then this will be the best of both worlds. It’s pricier than the previous mat mentioned above, but given the features, I think it deserves a shot.

4. Amazon Basics High-Density Exercise Equipment Mat – Best for Holding the Peloton in Place

One of the biggest problems you face is when your exercise mat doesn’t stay snug to tile and wood surfaces, let alone carpets.

You need a mat that has an unmatched grip on these surfaces so that you can spin on your Peloton bike without the fear of collapsing.

And to save you the trouble of removing your carpet to install your bike, including the mat, Amazon basics presents a high-density exercise mat that “holds”.

It’s made of PVC, so you know it’s scratch resistant and protects the surface regardless. Then comes its easy-to-store feature where you can just fold it and put it under your bed or any corner of your house.

The edges don’t curl up; thus, you don’t have to put anything heavy on the sides to keep it straight.

Despite the high-density feature, it’s still pretty lightweight, which makes accommodation easier and faster.

You can easily dispense the dirt and residues by using a wet towel. The size of it is 2.5 by 6 ft, and it’s enough to support your Peloton. If you want to put other exercising gear such as heavyweights and dumbbells, then you can look for other available sizes.


Extraordinary grip on various surfaces

Weighs less

Easy to roll and store

Rich paddings for heavy fitness gears

Leaves no scratch or mark on the flooring


Could be thicker for a heavy-duty mat


It’s a roomy mat with incredible grip and storage convenience. on top of that, the mat features a rugged design for non-slip performance. Only if the price were little on the lower side, I would be struck in awe. If the pricing isn’t an issue for you, then it will do just fine.

5. MotionTex Exercise Equipment Mat – Best for Compact Spaces and Slip-Resistance

What if you live in a small apartment or condo where a large exercise mat along with the peloton bike doesn’t fit altogether?

You will probably cut out the edges of the mat or do some hack so that it doesn’t kill space. Well, you don’t have to do anything as such because MotionTex has news for you!

They offer a space-saving, compact under-stationary bike mat that doesn’t take much space and accommodates your Peloton at the same time. It is 24 by 48 inches in size, and it will help you utilize the narrow space.

Then comes the PVC material that is non-absorbent, slip-resistant, and easy to clean. The mat will stay steady on the floor regardless of the continuous movements or pressure that are put on it.

Consequently, you can spin on your Peloton without the fear of falling or tipping over.

And it won’t wobble as it does on tiles surfaces due to its textured surface pattern. Besides the mat deters water, grease, and sweat so contaminant-buildup is out of the question.

You can clean it just by wiping off the dirty regions with a damp cloth. Once you are done using the mat you can either leave it as it is since it doesn’t take much space or you can fold it and store it under your bed, basement, home gym, etc. This is exactly what you need for your Peloton bike when the space is tight.


Lowers vibrations and noise

Anti-bacterial feature

Slip-resistant texture and rounded edges

Storage convenient

Water, grease, and sweat repellent



No additional equipment can be stored

If you are thinking of a mat that can hold your peloton bike, including other gym gears, then it won’t work as it comes in a small size for storage-saving purposes.
And you would know right off the bat that it’s not roomy enough. However, it doesn’t what it claims, and that’s the most appealing fact about it.

6. Marcy Fitness Equipment Mat – Best for Withstanding High Impact

Ever dropped your dumbbells or anything heavy on your floor? If you did, you would know how nerve-racking and destructible it can be.

And in case you didn’t face anything as such, you can’t deny that the fear hovers around you.
Worry no more! Marcy provides an equipment mat that is made of a high-impact foam surface. It not only protects your floor from damages against high impact but also accommodates your gears in place.

The Ethylene-vinyl Acetate material, aka Eva material, is known for its eco-friendly and BPA-free feature as well as UV resistance.

It is safe and sturdy for your everyday use. In addition, it is shock-absorbent; therefore, the floor remains unharmed despite the impact subjected to it.

Then comes the matte finish combined with a premium-material blend that ensures a steady positioning of your Peloton bike and other equipment.

The protective barrier, on the other hand, limits the vibration and noise generated from the running treadmills, steppers, or Peloton bikes.

Its tough yet lightweight construction helps in efficient weight and pressure allocation. A very thoughtful design that is made to last and hold!


Pliable, easy to carry and store

Impact absorbent

Heavy-duty yet lightweight

Ensures stability of the bike

Reduces noise and vibration for a quiet operation


The weird smell when first arrives

Too thin for a high-density mat

Can’t really vouch for its steadiness on hardwood floors, considering the thinness. However, for all other aspects, it fills all the boxes. You get a practical design, roomy space, effortless assembly, and firmness; all at a reasonable price.

7. Bike Bicycle Trainer Floor High-Density Mat – Best for Storing Heavy Equipment

There is this one problem with thinner mats, their edges curl up every time you try to lay them flat. And it’s troublesome in many ways, especially when you want all your energy to be invested in exercising.

Thus choosing a mat that is ultra-thick and durable can resolve half of the occurring problems.

And speaking of thicker mats, I couldn’t find anything better than the Bike Bicycle High-Density mat from CyclingDeal.

It is 3mm thick, which is what you anticipate from a high-density mat, and it has a rugged pattern for improved hold.

For bulky gym equipment and your Peloton bike, this can work as a holy grail. The thickness will block the gears from probing within the mat and damage your carpet, tiles, or wooden floor surfaces.

Moreover, it absorbs vibrations and curbs noise for a peaceful and quiet environment. It stays firm on the floor even when you are running on your treadmill or peloton bike.

Another thing worth mentioning is that it doesn’t reek of any bad smell or chemical stench.

Also, this doesn’t leave any color or marks on the floor instead, the water-repellent feature withstands moisture, spills, and sweat for effortless cleanup. Maximum productivity with little to no hassle; that’s what you get.


Doesn’t slide

Prevents floor damage


Supremely thick for heavy gear placement

Decreases vibration and noise


Not rigid enough for carpets

A little on the pricier side

It is exactly as described, and it works wonders when you want to store some heavy equipment on it other than just the Peloton.

In a nutshell, this has everything you need with maximum thickness into the bargain. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have enough hold over carpets.

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Knowing the crucial attributes before you go shopping will eliminate potential shopping mishaps.

Therefore, I have curated a buying guide where I have discussed all the necessary facts to determine the ideal mat for your Peloton bike.


First thing first, you need to ensure whether the mat is in the right size or not. Typically, exercise mats are 6 feet by 2 feet in size, and it offers the exact space necessary to stow your peloton bike.

Also, it gives you room to stand just beside the Peloton, so you don’t have to step on the floor immediately after your workout session.

All these aside, there is no ideal standard for the sizes as it mostly depends on other things such as the size of your bike, the space where you want it to be installed, etc.

So, let’s say you have a little space in your apartment and you want it to transform into a home gym. You can do that by purchasing a mat that is compact and storage convenient.

However, the mat should at least accommodate your Peloton properly; no compromise on that.

On the other hand, if your bike is relatively bigger and you have enough space then you should go for a large mat. The larger it is, the more it can support on top of it.


This is a great factor when shopping for peloton bikes. Because usually what you will see is people using yoga mats for their treadmill or Peloton.

And it’s extremely dangerous as yoga mats are soft and susceptible to damage. It can’t withstand abuse and tear apart quicker than expected.

Thus, you need something tough that can bear the overall weight of your Peloton and protect the floor from deformation.


When you sweat, cheaply made exercise mats absorb all of it. Over time it keeps accumulating all the grease, moisture, and debris and results in a foul stench.

Hence you need to find a water-resistant material. For example, you have the PVC material that is vastly used for stationary bike mats and known for its abrasion-proof, water-repellent, and sturdy features.

It may not be as durable as rubber material, but it’s affordable.


I said it once, and I will say it again don’t go for a soft surface mat. It won’t hold your bike in place, and in the worst-case scenario, you may fall or trip.

Albeit remember, not having a soft surface doesn’t translate to a harsh surface. It should be comfortable and gentle enough against your skin, just not too soft or flimsy.

So what would be the ideal texture?

Well, you should opt for a hard and rigid mat with a flat smooth surface on top and a textured surface underneath. Or both sides can be textured, not an issue. It will prevent your mat from darting around while you are spinning on your Peloton bike.

Storage Convenience

Come rain or shine, the mat should be easy to store. You don’t an extension to your existing troubles instead, you want a solution to get rid of them.

And that’s why a mat that can fold easily and can be thrown under the bed or anywhere around the house would be great.

What’s the Alternative to Using the Peloton on a Carpet?

For starters, you should use the Peloton on a carpet because it will most definitely wobble.

Yes, the Peloton is heavy equipment, and it has sufficient weight of its own for the stability of different types of firm flooring.

But on a carpet? Hell, no.

Generally, carpets are soft, and the cushioning makes your peloton bike slide while you are pedaling. An ideal alternative to using Peloton on a carpet would be a hard and texture exercise mat.

Don’t confuse it with regular stretching or yoga mats, as they exhibit similar issues as carpets. You will easily find a bicycle exercise mat that can be also placed on top of the carpet without causing any wobbliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the mat size for the Peloton?

You need a mat that shields the whole area beneath your bike. 36″ x72″ mat size will do the job, and most peloton mats have similar dimensions.

Do I really need a peloton mat?

When you have firm flooring, you don’t want to invest in a mat just to support your peloton bike. Because the bike is already too heavy to wobble, and a stable flooring will prevent falls and collapses anyways.

But if you think deeply you will realize that with time the Peloton damages the flooring. It pierces through it and causes deformity. For saving some dough, you are inviting a bigger loss. So yes, you need a peloton mat to hold your Peloton and protect your flooring.

Can I enhance the stability of my peloton mat?

You can make your peloton mat more stable if you put some weights on it, such as picking up a heavy block of wood or anything heavy that will reinforce steadiness.

Why does my peloton rug smell bad?

It is probably a chemical emission, or it can be the dirt or sweat build-up inside. To great rid of the smell, you should clean it as instructed.

How do I clean my peloton mat?

Most peloton mats are waterproof so using a damp cloth to wipe off the debris will go a long way.

Final Words

By now, you must have figured out how crucial it is for you to protect the expensive flooring as well as the peloton bike from damage.

Dust and moisture seeping into the chain and other parts of your bike will only wither the permanency, and you don’t want to do it to your Peloton. Thus getting the best mat for Peloton bike is paramount — for a safe, stable, and comfortable exercising experience.

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