Who We Are?

We are passionate cyclists that have come with this unique idea called Bike Pursuits. We do it firsthand and then pass on the information to you. Be it a tire review, maintenance of the bike, a new bike review, or our take on the latest hybrid bikes, we first operate it and then provide you the detail.

What Is Bike Pursuits?

Dario Lemut is a professional cyclist who has been exploring the world with his cycling skills. He has been cross-country cycling across the US, Europe, and many other parts of the world. This has added to an enriching experience that has led to the birth of Bike Pursuits.

Meet The Team

Over the years, Dario has managed to accumulate a team of equally passionate cyclists that have helped him establish this site. We are proud to be associated with this endeavor as we also find it fulfilling to share our thoughts with like-minded people.

That is to say, we go out on excursions, enjoy the adventures, and then jot it down. This helps us capture the essence of our ardor and collate everything in writing. Thus this makes it doubly exciting for us, by once doing it physically, and then recollecting it and doing it all over again in our memories.

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What Do We Offer?

We review bikes of all kinds, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, recumbent bikes, exercise bikes, Peloton indoor bikes, biking gears, to the maintenance of bikes. We provide information-based posts that will not only seem thrilling but are also well-informed.

Our Motto

We believe in imparting knowledge that is based on true experience. This personalizes the entire process and you can relate to it, if you are an ardent cyclist. This makes all the difference and you will find it worth your time reading our posts.

With that being said, we also provide information to parents that want the best for their kids. This may include the kind of bikes they wish to invest in for their children. They will find material on the sizes, types of tires, and gears that are absolutely necessary for their precious little ones.

Yes, safety is the utmost notion that we keep in mind while guiding you. There is nothing more than keeping you safe and assisting you to understand the importance of it. We have written numerous posts about it and we will request you to go through them properly.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best resource for your queries. We try our level best to provide you with authentic reports about cycling and bikes. We have a pro cyclist, like Dario in our team that makes us a reliable facts-based portal. You will find all that is evident from our write-ups and his vast knowledge bank.

We wish to know how you feel about us. So, keep writing to us, commenting through the comments section, and contact us on our social media channels as you can. Keep showing the love that you have showered for so long. We feel it!

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