The 3 Best BMX Bikes for Kids

May 10, 2020

BMX is a famous name in the world of bikes. Feel free to choose it without overthinking. From an amateur to freestyle riders and kid riders, everyone likes this bike. Parents often want the best BMX bikes brands to give to their children.

Remember, best BMX bikes are available for toddlers and children. It will help you to take your riding experience to a new level. If you want to purchase the best BMX bike, you have to consider some essential components, such as the age of the rider, your budget, etc.

To make things easy for you, we have shortlisted some best BMX bikes brands. You can consider one of them.

Top 3 Best BMX Bikes for Kids

If you want to buy the best bikes for kids, you can consider these top three BMX bikes available with several unique features.

1. Mongoose Freestyle Legion BMX Bike for Beginners

The Legion Mongoose is a professional-grade L100 BMX bike with a 4130 Chromoly frame. It features BB mid shell, tapered headtube, detachable brake mounts, and 21” top tube. Freestyle riders love to use this bike for racing and riding.

It is a lightweight and durable bike for rules free and fearless rides. With a fork and hi-ten steel frame, the mongoose bike is more durable than others. This bike has a cable detangler that the rider may get a 360-degree spin handlebar.

The rider will find rear –brake and alloy caliper for a protected and immediate stop. This bike has sealed bearing and aluminum mag wheels. These wheels can turn heads smoothly and increase your freedom.

Mongoose Legion is famous for aerodynamic and lightweight features. Remember, these features can protect a rider from massive air’s impact and tough landing. This bike can encourage you to thrilling experiments.

  • Lightweight for landing
  • Rear U-brakes and alloy caliper brake for secure riding
  • Lightweight design for a convenient landing
  • Complicated to assemble its parts

2. Dynacraft Magna Boys MBX Gravel Blaster Dirt/Street Bike

Dynacraft Magna is specially designed for boys. It attracts lots of riders with its glossy finish. The colorful body of this bike features a contrast between black and green. Its saddle is completely padded to increase the comfort of kids.

The bike has adjustable training wheels for children at beginner stages. With coaster wheels, it offers terrific control to children. Its fork and frame are durable and feature a lifetime warranty. The handlebar of this bike is completely padded and painted with beautiful stickers.

To attract riders, Dynacraft Magna features an adjustable seat. Feel free to adjust it as per the height of your child. The bike has a chain guard for the safety and protection of children during each ride. This bike is affordable for everyone.

Adjustable and removable training wheels offer extra stability and balance. The braking system provides a back coaster for solid control.

  • Modifiable training wheels for beginners
  • Safe option for children because of guarded chain
  • Comes with a padded seat
  • Comfortable for children
  • Funky appearance and bold colors
  • Available with back brakes
  • Handlebars must be adjustable

3. Mongoose Title Mini, Micro, Junior, Expert and Pro BMX Race Bike

Mongoose Title BMX bike is excellent for racing. It is designed with a similar race pedigree. The bike features Tectonic aluminum frames with integrated headsets and cable routing. This bike is affordable for numerous people. You can choose the desired size.

The bike is ideal for riders of almost 5’0” to 5’4”. It comes with a T1 (Tectonic) aluminum frame that makes it durable and lightweight. Moreover, it has 20” tires for a stable ride. The bike uses brake levers and V-brake to modulate the speed of the bike without any trouble. With alloy brakes levers, it helps in crisp and instant stopping. The BMX Hi-Ten fork is fabricated with taper lag and 1 1/8-inch threadless steerer. Its 8-inch race bar, 145 mm grips, and 50 mm stem are designed for great riding.

  • Durable design
  • Tectonic aluminum and racing design
  • Extra durable and lightweight
  • V-brake for easy stopping
  • The drivetrain and gearing system for smooth riding on each terrain
  • Difficult assembly

Review of Best BMX Bikes Brands

There are some BMX best bikes brands for your convenience. If you want an impressive product, feel free to try one of them.

4. Mongoose Legion BMX Freestyle Bike Line with Steel Frame

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle bike series is designed for professional-grade performance. It features Chromoly front 4130 triangle, mid-BB shell, detachable brake mounts, and a tapered headtube. Legion’s rise handlebar is 8.75” Chromoly 4130, and the stem is 50mm for accurate riding.

Moreover, you will get better durability and grip because of BMX 2.3” tires and 36H rims. The gearing 25x9T features 3-piece Chromoly tubular, bottom bracket (mid-sealed), and hollow 175mm spindle cranks for reliable and clean drivetrains.

The frame of L80 features 4130 ultra-durable Mongoose Chromoly front triangle and detachable brake mounts. Its wheelset features 2.35-inch x 20-inch tires mounted on a single wide wall made of aluminum.

Aluminum brake levers and U-brake offers precise control over speed. The handlebar 4130 Chromoly and fork made of hi-ten steel have a stem of 50mm. Moreover, a threadless sealed headset offers amazing steering performance.

  • The ultra-durable frame features a 4130 Chromoly front triangle
  • Aluminum brake levers and U-brake offer precise speed control
  • Great steering performance
  • High-quality bike
  • Precision speed control
  • The chain may be cheap

5. Dynacraft Air Zone BMX Freestyle Bike

Dynacraft is a famous brand for providing safe, fun, and quality products to its customers. They offer a fantastic fusion of design, technology, and innovation. The Air Zone 20” bike is specially designed for badlands.

Feel free to ride it on a wild side. With a solid frame and deluxe paint badlands branded finish, it is a durable and stylish bike. It features 48 durable spoke wheels. You can spin out smoothly in the wild with its rear and front pegs and a handlebar freestyle rotor.

Air zone bike features a chain guard that is fully covered, a handy kickstand, and rear U-brakes. You can confidently take this bike on the rough side. The bike features beautiful badland graphics to attract kids.

  • 48 spoke wheels
  • Deluxe, beautiful paint finish
  • Rear and front pegs
  • Rear and front u-brake
  • Freestyle rotor
  • May be difficult to assemble

6. Schwinn Predator 24 Freestyle Team BMX Bike for Men

Schwinn Predator 24 BMX team bike features 24-inch wheels. It brings adventure and style to your life. The new addition has aluminum alloy rims, a hi-tensile frame made of steel, wall tires (classic gum), and instinctual caliper brakes. You can enjoy a smooth ride on each terrain.

It is a revival of 1983’s classic models with all signature elements. You will find everything from authentic decals (chrome color), rattrap pedals, and glossy finish. This bike is an impressive fusion of a cruiser and a BMX bike.

You can maintain this bike easily for a comfortable ride. It is designed for older adults who need a dependable and fun bike to ride conveniently around. The 24” wheels come with beautiful steel axels to win a race on the dirt or pavement.

The rear and front braking system can keep you safe and secure. No doubt, it is an ideal BMX bike in the market, justifying its price.

  • Retro-styled best design as per your taste
  • Comfortable casual riding experience
  • Easy way to race on pavement or dirt
  • Versatile BMX bike for adults
  • Need minimal maintenance
  • Great for elderly, busy and tech people
  • May be expensive than others
  • The saddle may not offer maximum comfort during long rides

7. Mafiabikes 20 Inch Kush 2+ Justice BMX Bike

In the industry of BMX bike, Kush 2+ sets a new benchmark. It looks beautiful and fresh with its fantastic finish and high-quality components. The bike comes with fat crawler logos tires, internal headset (CNC machined), sealed mid-BB, and top load stem.

You can enjoy a comfortable ride with padded fixed seat, dual wall rims, stamped gussets, and Stay curved Bridge seat. This bike completely justifies its price. Similar to mafia BMX bikes, its geometry is perfectly lightweight and spot on with the super-smooth ride.

It is the best entry-level bike with a durable frame made of hi-tensile steel, 11.75” standover, and 9.5” headtube angle. This bike has a built-in seat clamp and sealed BB mid, and clean dropouts 14 mm and internal headset.

You can enjoy maximum control over your rides with U-brake, anti-scuff, soft clear pads, lagos 2.4” crawler tires, and top load stem. Moreover, it features Mafiabikes Kraton soft grips, dual wall rims, vinyl-covered seat, slim VP plastic pedals, and head tube badge.

  • Lightweight BMX bike with high specification
  • 29” big bars with a rise of 8.5”
  • Alloy wall double rear rim and front rim
  • 25/9 gearing
  • 2.4” crawler fat street tires, U-rake, and elongated fork legs
  • Aftermarket 6 grips adjustment
  • Can be expensive for some people
  • Difficult to assemble

8. Redline 20 Freestyle Bikes Rival BMX

Redline BMX bikes are suitable for regular riding. These bikes have something special for all ages. You can set this freestyler for urban style and cool rides with this beautiful Redline Rival. It is designed with a 19-inch short top tube for small riders.

It has some big-box 8-inch bars and a stem (top load) to assist wheelie. A padded saddle is enough for comfortable rides. This bike features freestyle 20 x 2.125-inch tires for shred neighborhood sessions.

You will find it suitable for your young riders to shred around the neighbor or the skate parks. The rider can safely get the front wheel off the ground. It features a monster padded seat for longer rides. Remember, this bike is available in different colors.

This bike is suitable for riders between 4’4” and 5’1”. Remember, these bikes come partially assembled. You will need professional assistance for the final assembly.

  • Great for young riders
  • Hi-ten steel redline 8-inch big box handlebars
  • Comfortably padded seat
  • 20 x 2.125-inch tires
  • Integrated pedals
  • Need professional assistance for final assembly

9. FITBIKECO BMX 2020 RHD Augie Chrome 20” Bike

The FitBikeCO BMX is an elegant and stylish bike in the market. It features a Chrome frame, forks, and bars along with several other components. This bike can stand out elegantly from the crowd of its competitors.

This bike features Cro-mo gull geometry and street fork, offset top tube and handlebar. The 13.11 stem fit its top load and 50mm headtube for a comfortable ride. You can enjoy a perfect grip with 71 Longtech bb, no flange, and a comfortable seat.

It features a fantastic brake system, straight gearing, and bottom bracket sealed bearing. For casual riders and beginners, it can be a classic bike. With its fantastic components, it is entirely secure to hit the road.

  • Sealed sprocket bearing 25t fit tri
  • Indented cranks fit
  • 990 rear brake and U-brake
  • Comfortable seat tube
  • Lever hinged brakes
  • Straight cable gearing 25/9
  • Assembly may require professional assistance
  • May be expensive for some people

Guide: How to choose the best BMX bike?

BMX bikes are famous for fun riding among both kids and adults. If you want to choose the best BMX bike, you have to highlight your needs, budget and essential details you need in a bike. In the market, you will find three basic types of bikes. Each bike has a different design, such as:
●      Freestyle BMX: Great for flatland street tricks and skateparks.
●      Classic BMX: Suitable to race on different dirt tracks.
●      Jumper BMX: Great for serious buyers to get serious air.
Make sure to choose the right size of the frame as per your body. The sizes of BMX bikes are grouped into different age ranges. The mini size (for 4 – 6 years old) is ideal for beginners; junior works well for 7 to 9 years old riders and expert frames are for 9 to 13 years of age.
Feel free to select an aluminum frame to avoid possible issues. Remember, aluminum frames can make bikes lightweight for racing. These are great for young children looking for easy to handle and lightweight bikes.
Make sure to choose suitable wheels to suit a riding style. The wheels of these bikes should be lightweight containing 32 spokes. To perform urban tricks, you will need a bike with 48 spokes and a solid wheel. Sometimes, a mag-style compact design can be suitable.

Set Your Budget

BMX bikes may be available in different price ranges. You can buy a bike from the market within your budget. Feel free to access different modems between $200 and $1,200 models as per your budget.
You will need a bike that can satisfy your riding style. Make sure to consider the price of extra accessories and a maintenance budget. Carefully set your budget and increase it efficiently to buy the best bike.

Consider Your Riding Style

Remember, all BMX bikes are suitable for a riding style or surface. Before selecting a bike, you have to clear your intentions. They may look similar at different surface levels.
Remember, each bike has different distinctions, such as brake setups, frame materials, wheels, etc. You can find different bikes based on whether you have to do racing, dirt jumping, and freestyling.

Construction Level

The best BMX bikes brands come pre-assembled for instant riding. Numerous bikes are easy to put together that enhance your riding style. Remember, building a bike from scratch may be a complicated and tricky choice.

Consider Your Skill-level

It is essential to consider your skill level to buy a BMX bike. Remember, entry-level bike riders can’t invest in a professional-grade bike. Make sure to buy a bike with ultralight performance components and design.
Best ingredients can improve your performance. Remember, expensive models may require you to replace and maintain parts. If you want to improve your riding, you have to consider your skill level.

Construction Materials

Frames of BMX bikes feature different construction types. Remember, the material of the bike can affect performance, cost, and ride quality. See some available options.
Chromoly: Remember, steel is an actual material. Chromoly is a common metal in the fabrication of BMX frames. This material is available in handlebars, forks, frames, and several other components. It features a good strength – weight ratio.
Alloy: For BMX bikes, aluminum is an ideal metal. This ultralight metal is strong and enables you to create new records in pump tracks. These frames may not bear the abusive impacts of big airs and street riding.
High-Tensile Steel: It is known as Hi-Ten, and this material is a durable and affordable option in the market.
Carbon Fiber: In the world of BMX bike, carbon frames are not common. They make an excellent debut in the racing scene. This material offers ultralight attributes of aluminum and sturdiness of steel. You will get a great combination of vibration absorption, strength, and speed.

Components of BMX Bikes

If you want to choose the BMX, you have to pay attention to the fine details. Some bikes have both back and front brakes. You may get steel tubes that stretch from the wheel axel. For freestyle riding, these bikes have pegs to grind on obstacles. These components are not necessary for racing or dirt jumping.


The weight of this bike is an essential factor that may influence your riding experience. For beginners, heavy bikes can be suitable for more stability and sturdiness. Several experienced riders may get better control on lightweight bikes.

BMX Bikes for Kids FAQ

What are the best brands of BMX bikes?

If you want to buy the best BMX bikes brands, you have to consider your riding style. There are several big players in the BMX industry. For instance, Mongoose has been a famous brand since the 1970s.
Mongoose is famous for creating amazing products for beginners at an affordable price. Before purchasing a bike, you should evaluate the credentials of a bike. Make sure to check reviews of previous customers.
It will help you to get a comprehensive picture or brand. Moreover, Dynacraft is another famous brand.

What are the best BMX bikes brands that are cheap?

The market has numerous cheap and best BMX brands, such as Schwinn, Mongoose, Dynacraft, and Mafiabikes. If you want to buy a BMX bike from cheap brands, you have to consider the right tires, a solid frame, rear, and front brake system and training wheels.

What is a good BMX bike for adults?

If you want the best BMX bikes for adults, you can buy Redline Bikes, Mongoose Legion, and Schwinn BMX bikes. These are available in different sizes. You can buy a bike with durable frames and an impressive gearing set.

What is a good BMX bike for kids?

To purchase the Best BMX bike for children, you have to consider their age, weight, and height. The Dynacraft Magna Boys MBX Gravel Blaster Dirt/Street Bike and Mongoose Freestyle Legion BMX Bike for Beginners are suitable for children. These bikes are designed for fun rides downhill.

What BMX bikes do pros ride?

Mongoose Legion BMX Freestyle Bike Line with Steel Frame is a professional-grade bike for pros. These bikes are designed with the top tube, durable tires, and special components to adjust maneuverability.


After reading this review, it will be easy for you to buy the best BMX bikes brands. You can find the top brands and the best bikes available in the market. For children, Mongoose Freestyle Legion BMX Bike is suitable.

Make sure to take a test ride before purchasing a bike. After reading the guide to buy the best BMX bikes, you can evaluate different bikes. The selection of the right bike depends on your smartness and experience. If you want to buy a bike for your children, make sure to consider their age and safety parts in a bike. Make sure to arrange guards, training wheels, and helmet for the safety of your children.

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