The 9 Best Road Bikes Under $500: Hit The Road On A Budget

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Affordable road bikes experience a massive increase in demand after explosive popularity and health benefits of road cycling. Riders typically focus on the best road bikes under 500 because of their limited budget. No doubt, road bikes with advanced features are more expensive than others.

If you want to buy a bike within your budget, you have to make some compromises. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy a cheap and substandard bike. Luckily, you can pick the best bike within your budget. For this reason, you have to pay attention to the price of the bike and riding objectives.

You may need a bike for training, commuting or riding. There are several good models to support your cycling journey. It is essential to focus on the durability and design of road bikes. These things will help you to buy an affordable bike within your budget. We have shortlisted the top 9 best road bikes under 500 for your convenience.  

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Top 9 Road Bikes Under $500

Whether you need a road bike for a sports event, health training or regular commute, here is a list of the top 9 best road bikes under 500 dollars.

1. Vilano Shadow Road Bike 2.0 – Built-in STI Shifters

Quick Summary

Age Range: adult

Brand: Vilano

Shimano sti integrated brake lever/shifters offer precise and controllable braking and shifting in a convenient single unit designed for the road

6061 double-butted aluminum aero frame w/ integrated headset

The Vilano Shadow Road Bike is an affordable model for group rides and interval training. With the efforts of STI Shimano shifters, you can get braking and shifting functions simultaneously in one unit. This lightweight road bike features maximum comfort and safety.

Remember, Shadow 2.0 is designed to entertain everyone. You can get different sizes of frames, such as 49, 53 & 57 centimeters. These sizes are enough to accommodate riders between 5’ and 6’ in height.

Vilano Shadow 2.0 is equipped with an STI A070 shifter and a built-in brake lever. With this lever, you can manage control of your bike while cranking, shifting, or braking, leaving a double point of contact. The sides offer a smooth surface to assist in aerodynamics and braking.

Shadow 2.0 comes with CNS dual walled rims 700c x 25c CST tires. These are durable for gravel and road instead of downhills, mountain, or trail biking. It helps you to lean into corners without worrying about speed.



Shimano shifter to maintain control

Drop handles to manage speed on the road

Internal cable routing for aerodynamics


Non Adjustable handlebars

2. Tommaso Forcella Aluminum Endurance Road Bike

Quick Summary

Bike Type: Road Bike

Tommaso 6061 Sla Aluminum Frame

Tommaso Hct Carbon Fiber Fork

Shimano R2000 Claris Derailleurs

Tommaso road bike comes with numerous impressive features. With its lightweight, carbon fork and aluminum frame, there is no need to worry about extra distance. It is suitable for entry-level cyclists for advanced features. You can get the advantage of weight savings and vibration-reducing qualities.

The SLA premium aluminum frame features technologically superior and stylish tubing. This cycle comes with a lightweight and sturdy frame. With a compact geometry on Forcella, you will get power transfer and comfort for grueling rides.

It is suitable for every size with its laser-measured frame. You can optimize everything for your size, such as stem length, the width of the handlebar to the arm length of the crank. Their frames are drilled for different accessories, fenders, and racks.


Lifetime warranty

Sora groupset Shimano

Carbon fiber lightweight fork

24 gears and Italian design


Tricky assembly

3. Vilano Commuter R2 Aluminum Bike 700c 21 Speed

Quick Summary

This no-nonsense road bike has 21 speeds facilitated by the Shimano A050 thumb rear indexed 7-speed and front friction 3-speed shifters.

The Aluminum Road Bike has mount points on the frame for a water bottle, making it an excellent commuter bike.

Bike Type: Road Bike

6061 Double Butted Aluminum Frame – Lightweight

It is one of the best road bikes under 500 with a dual butter aluminum frame. For regular riders, it can be an ideal road bike. If you want a bike for your commutes or cycling adventures, buy a Vilano R2 bike. Money-conscious people will like the features of this bike.

You will get this bike with different frames as per your size. To travel with a water bottle, this bike has a built-in bottle holder. It is necessary to keep you hydrated during your riding. This bike comes with a 21-speed drivetrain and 3-speed shifters.

Vilano commuters come with different color options to suit your preference. You can upgrade the components of this bike, such as handlebars, saddle, pedals, etc.


Lightweight aluminum frame

Available in different colors

Integrated water bottle holder

Reliable braking system

Platform pedals


Bike lacks Allen wrenches

4. Eurobike Road EURXC550 54cm Frame, 21 Speed Double Disc Brake Cycle

Quick Summary

Specific Uses For Product: Gravel

Suspension Type: Rigid

Special Feature: Lightweight

Number of Speeds: 21

The XC550 Road Bike Eurobike is designed for satiating riding experience. You can get sufficient control on speed and stability. EURXC550 comes with a rigid, strong frame constructed from robust steel.

This bike features a robust 49cm frame for riders up to 5’7”. Its top athletic handlebar can put a rider in a comfortable position. The handlebar complements the ergonomic seat to offer the best posture to riders. Feel free to adjust its seat as per your height.

With a 21-speed shifting system, it delivers exceptional power. You can get the advantage of convenient gear shifting. This bike is designed to funnel additional strength to its braking system. The 700 x 28c tires give extra grip on the road.


Double brake system for trustworthy stopping power

Manual instruction for assembly

Durable and strong steel frame

Extra grip with tires

Attractive design


Not suitable for taller riders over 6’1”

5. Schwinn Adult Volare Hybrid 28-inch Wheel Road Bike

Quick Summary

Hybrid bike with aluminum rigid fitness frame and rigid fork. 700c wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall

21-speed trigger shifters offer a wide gear range and smooth shifts

Alloy, high profile double-wall rims provide lightweight strength

Schwinn sport saddle offers comfort without weighing you down

Schwinn Volare Hybrid can be the best choice to address your bicycling passion. It is an ideal road bike for multipurpose rides. You can use it for a workout to adventurous commute. With this athlete training bike, this bike is suitable for sports events.

Volare comes with an ability to absorb the surface’s imperfections. For this reason, you can confidently carry it on uneven roads without any trouble. The comfort saddle, handlebar, raised Seatpost and attractive design make it a perfect aerodynamic bike.

For beginners, it is an authentic road bike with great components, design, and price. If you want to hit the road within your limited budget, it can be the right choice. Schwinn Volare uses durable aluminum fork and frame.


Stiff and light design with fantastic materials

Optimized with top-quality components

Caliper brakes for maximum efficiency

Stylish and attractive

Easy to assemble


Tubed tires are not good for rough surface

6. Vilano 3.0 Shadow Road Bike with Built-in STI Shifters

Quick Summary

Bike Type: Road Bike

Age Range: Adult

Brand: Vilano

Specific Uses: Road

Vilano is a famous name by an Italian-inspired manufacturer. These bikes offer a durable frame to road riders. If you need a recreational or commuter bike, you can buy a Vilano 3.0 road bike. It is not suitable for racing events.

The whole drivetrain of Shimano offers a great set of shifters, cassettes, cranks, and derailleurs. With a 7-speed cassette, dual crank, and 14 speeds, it is one of the best entry-level bikes. This road bike comes with dual-pivot-type traditional brakes.

This bike is available in different colors. You can get the advantage of longevity and excellent grip with this durable bike. It needs routine maintenance and regular safety checks. The manufacturer offers a stable frame to beginners for a smooth ride.



Numerous climbing speeds

Stable and smooth feel

Durable for beginners

Relaxing riding stance

Disc brakes


Alloy rims CNC

Can be heavy

7. Fixed 6KU Gear Urban Single Speed Fixie Road Bike

Quick Summary

Comfortable Steel Frame

Reliable Front and Rear Brakes

Fixed or Freewheel with a Flip-Flop Hub

Easy Maintenance and Upkeep

With a comfortable and stylish design, this bike is suitable for small commutes. At an affordable price, you can buy a durable road bike. Its user-friendly manual makes it easy for you to make essential adjustments. The back and front brakes of this bike are detachable.

Feel free to choose your favorite color from white, celeste, burgundy, navy, and black. Owners can get the advantage of a hassle-free warranty. The comfortable saddle and handlebar grip make it convenient for city rides.

The dual wall amalgam wheels and ductile steel frame make it a durable and sturdy bike. It is suitable for people from 4’10” to 6’6”. With a flip-flop hub, this bike is a cinch to ride in urban settings.


Appropriately lubricated chain and bolt

Handlebar grip tape with some squish

High-quality visual appearance

Well calibrated brakes

High-quality welds


Wobbly wheel reflectors

8. Trinx 700C TEMPO1.0 Road Bike 21 Speed Bicycle

Quick Summary

Shimano 21 Speed Road Bike, 25lbs Net Weight;

Cst 700C*25C Colorful Tires

700C*(53cm or 56cm) Hydroformed AI6061 Aluminium Alloy Frame

Shimano A050 Shifter, Shimano TZ500 Front and TZ500 Rear Derailleur

For beginners, Trinx TEMPO1.0 is an affordable, entry-level bike. It is manufactured in Italy and assembled in China. Feel free to select it in blue and black or green and black. To increase your convenience, it is available in two sizes, such as 53 cm and 56 cm.

It is a lightweight road bike for regular use. Ties are fully inflated at the time of assembly. This bike weighs only 25 pounds. Several Shimano parts and a steel (Hi-Ten) fork make it an affordable choice.

This bike comes with a C50 KMC Chain and Winzip Alloy Brakes. With its colors tires and responsive design, it looks very stylish on the roads.


Lightweight and durable fork and frame

Gearing components of Shimano

Braking system (entry-level)

Affordable bike


Entry-level components and simple design

9. Tommaso Endurance Imola Aluminum Bike 24 Speeds

Quick Summary

Tommaso 6061 Sla Lightweight Aluminum Compact Road Frame

Tommaso Sst Steel W/ 6061 Sla Aluminum Steerer Tube Fork

Shimano R2000 Claris Derailleurs

Shimano R2000 Claris 30/39/50t Triple Crankset

It can be the best road bike under 500 for entry-level riders. This road bike is famous for its aluminum 6061 SLA frame. The frame of this bike is available in white, burnt orange, and black color. You may be able to access optimized stem length, handlebar width, and crank arm length as per your size.

Tommaso offers a combination of 3×8 gears to hit the road without any trouble. You can use numerous gear combinations for uphill riding. Remember, Shimano Claris’s road bikes are incomplete without derailleurs.

This bike has TC-20 Tommaso Corsa wheels instead of an aerodynamic shape. With 20 spokes on the front wheel and 24 spokes on the back wheel, it can perfectly support your weight. You will find mid-level brake calipers in this model.


Best components of Shimano Claris

Aluminum frame light 6061

Comfortable with upgrading

6 sizes, 3 colors


Need professional assembly

Heavy rims

What should I Look for When Buying First Road Bike?

When you decide to buy the best road bike, you will see a range of components, materials, and type options. Things can be bewildering for both beginners and experts. Here are some essential things to consider to buy the best road bikes under 500.


In the first step, you have to do your research after setting a budget. You can’t just walk out to buy a road bike without cash. If you have sufficient money to spend, you will need some time to research the most worthy investment.

Type of Road Bikes

Road bikes are good for different purposes, such as recreational, racing, casual ride, etc. It is necessary to outline your objectives to buy a road bike. As a result, you will be able to choose the best type of bike.

Sportive and Endurance Road Bikes

These are ideal for all-day riding with loafer geometry to put the riders in an upright position. It comes with disc brakes and wide tires.

Aero Road Bikes

If you need efficient and stiff race machines, you can buy aero road bikes. These feature a hostile geometry and put a rider in a low and extended position. It comes with internal cable routing, integrated stem and hidden brakes.

Lightweight and Road Race Bikes

These bikes are suitable for racing on the road with an aggressive geometry. You can enjoy better compliance with these lighter aero bikes.

Some other types are entry-level road bikes, adventure and gravel road bikes, flat bar women’s road bikes, and women’s bikes.

Frame Materials

Remember, a frame is an essential consideration for a road bike. It can determine the durability of a bike. Frames come in different materials, such as carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, and steel.

  • Aluminum: It is common in several expensive road bikes to build light and stiff frames. Aluminum frames can boast advanced design touches and features in a bike. The best aluminum frames have butted tubes.
  • Steel: It is a dominant material for the frames of a road bike. It is comfortable and heavy than aluminum. For race bikes, ultra-high-strength tubes of stainless steel are suitable.
  • Titanium: It is an exotic material for bicycles. With its corrosion-resistance qualities, it is suitable for road bikes. It is durable than steel and lightweight, similar to aluminum.
  • Carbon Fiber: This coveted road bike frame material is an ultra-expensive selection. It is available in costly bikes. Make sure to discriminate between expensive and cheap carbon fiber.

Size of the Road Bike

To select a comfortable bike, you must check the size of a road bike. Avoid purchasing a too small or extra-large bike. Carefully check the dimensions and height of a bike before investing money. You may find it challenging to choose the right size.

Sizes are available in centimeters and vary between constructors. A few manufacturers offer three standard sizes while others offer ten sizes with small increments. Consider your body shape and size before purchasing a road bike.

For your convenience, you can check a size chart on the website of the manufacturer. There must be a few centimeters of space between the top tube and you. Ask for expert advice and try to fit on the road bike before purchasing it. Some sellers offer this service to make their customers happy.

A Good Fit Service

With an excellent fit service, you can change different components of a bike. The fore-after position and height of a saddle may be adjusted. The handlebars must be lowered or raised with spacers on a steerer tube.

Stems are available with 10mm increments. A road bike should offer a comfortable position because you have to spend maximum time in a position. Spending maximum time in a wrong posture may increase the chances of aches and pains or other injuries. With the right position, you can decrease the risk.


The components of a bike are essential to determine its durability. Collections of gear and brake parts are critical for function, design, and quality. Shimano, Trinx, and Tommaso are major manufacturers. These manufacturers combine gear and brake levers.

Standard, Compact and Triple Chainrings

You can get chainrings and chainsets in different sizes. An entry-level road bike comes with a compact dual chainset, 34 and 50-tooth chainrings. Racing cyclists prefer one standard dual chainset. Triples are ideal for steep hills, carrying luggage and riding in the mountains.

Wheels are Important for Bike

The tires and wheels are essential areas of a road bike. Remember, wheels can influence the bike’s feels, responses, and rides. Lighters wheels are quick to spin up. You can get the real speed from aerodynamic rims deep-section.

Faster and lighter tires are responsive. The width of standard tires is 23mm for beginners. Pro riders can buy road bikes with 25mm to 26mm tires for faster rolling.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes and rim brakes are common on mountain bikes. Rim brakes are aerodynamic and lighter. You can get better modulation and power with disc brakes. Bad weather can’t affect these brakes.      

Concluding Remarks

If you want to buy the best road bikes under 500, you can check this list of top 9 road bikes. It can be challenging to determine the best bike for everyone. You have to consider your personal needs and riding goals.

Make sure to invest in the right bike with professional fitting. Consider the size of the bike, the material, and durability of the frame, and measurements to set the height of the seat. Body angle on the road bike is essential to consider because it can increase or decrease pains and aches.

Tommaso Endurance Imola Aluminum Bike 24 Speeds and Schwinn Adult Volare Hybrid 28-inch Wheel Road Bike are good for passionate riders. Compare other road bikes on this list before spending your valuable money.

FAQ’s Road Bikes under 500 Dollars

  1. What’s The Best Road Bike For Beginners?

    To buy the best road bike for beginners, you have to check quality forks and frames. Other vital components are tires and wheels. For beginners, Tommaso Imola ​is an excellent choice for its frame design and components.

  2. Does Cycling Give You A Flat Stomach?

    Stomach fat is an essential issue between men and women. If you are struggling to shed this fat, you can try cycling. With aerobic exercises, you can burn almost 465 calories at a modest speed. With frequent cycling, you can burn calories and get a flat stomach gradually.

  3. How Much Should I Spend On A Good Bike?

    If you need a high-end bike, you can spend between $1,000 and $2,000. It can be a considerable amount, but you will get the best bike with amazing features. For occasional riding, feel free to spend less than $1,000 on your road bike.

    Before purchasing a bike, check its return policy. It must have a user-friendly system to claim warranty. You will need a bike that should last for almost 5 to 10 years. Moreover, you will need a sufficient amount for the maintenance of a road bike for its longevity.

  4. Should I Get A Road Bike Or Gravel Bike?

    Gravel bikes are more durable than road bikes and mountain bikes. As compared to road bikes, gravel bikes come with wider tires or gravel tires. These offer relaxed geometry and endurance than road bikes. You can’t take road bikes to gravel trails and roads.

    A road bike is suitable to ride on common roads. A gravel road bike is a fusion of a cyclocross bike and a road bike. You can ride these types of bikes on crisscrossed and mellow single tracks, tarmac, crushed cobblestones and gravel.

  5. How Many Speeds Should A Road Bike Have?

    Road bikes are available at different speeds. You may get more speed options on an expensive bike. These may vary between 11-speed and 22-speed. With many speed options, you will be able to change gears and increase the speed of your road bike.

  6. What Is A Decent Road Bike?

    A decent road bike may have an aluminum or steel frame. Carbon is another material that has limited resistance to cracks. Make sure to buy a road bike with a lightweight and solid structure. Tommaso, Trinx and Vilano are some famous brands for affordable road bikes.

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