Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under $500 : A Simple (But Complete) Guide

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It was considered that women’s mountain bikes are pink-colored or are a smaller version of the men’s bike – but now the time has changed.

There are various kinds of female-specific bikes available in the market so making the right choice might be a bit overwhelming at first.

Multiple brands are offering the best version of their female specific bikes, which are perfect in use. You can get different options, but choosing a mountain bike under $500 requires a bit of patience and knowledge.

So to look over some of the best women’s mountain bike options, you need a real & thorough guide – just like the one you can find down below. However, you’ll also find some of our best picks so your choice is as simple as it should be!

5 Women’s Mountain Bikes Under $500 – Review

1. Best Women’s Mountain Bike – Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s 26″

The Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s 26″ Wheel Mountain Bike is a perfect bike for women. It has an aluminum frame, powerful suspension fork, and hydro tubes that make it the first choice for females.

The 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters ensure its right gearing and quick shifting. Due to this rider can go best on any trail. This bike has strong but light alloy rims that give assurance of its durability.

It has 2.125″ tires that can roll over robust and sturdy surfaces: the front and v-rear brakes of this Mongoose Status 2.2 bike aid the rider in quick stops. Companies offer their handlebar with multiple colored end plugs. The size of this bike is 16″/teal.


The smooth gear makes the ride comfortable for females

It is a highly durable bike

The brakes and shifter works best

Highly responsive

It has great suspension


It comes with plastic pedals

Its seat is hard

2. Best for Outdoor Adventures – Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

This bike, with numerous features, wins the hearts of people, especially females. It is a lightweight bike with 24″ tires and 14″ frame. This purple-colored bike is best for females having ages between 12 and 19 and their height should be between 58″ and 70″.

The Kool 1200 suspension fork enables the rider to handle the bike on tough and sturdy trails perfectly. It has indexed SHIMANO TZ-31 rear and microshift twist shifter.

Due to which riders get 21 speeds that allow them to climb uphill and ride downhill. The rear derailleur guard is removable that makes the gear operation consistent. It has 24″ knobby tires, which enable the bike to move in dirt paths quickly.

Furthermore, it’s linear, and hand-pulled brakes give consistent and quick stops. Huffy summit ridge has an immediate alloy release. As a result, the rider can easily adjust the seat height.

Rider of this mountain bike is strain-free because of its handlebars. These slightly raised handlebars give upright riding to the biker.


The resin pedals provide a responsive feel

It gives a strain-free ride to the rider

It is best for young girls

It includes a kickstand

Available in multiple color


Need more work to make a gear system better

Its pedals are slightly hard

3. Best for Adult Riders – Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

This is an ideal bike to move over off-road trails. Its 17″ tensile steel frame and 26″ wheel makes it the best mountain bike. Its tires are suitable for all kinds of terrains.

The 7 speed Shimano drivetrain gives the best speed to the bike. Therefore, the rider can easily climb over hills. The twist shifter provides adjustable gears that make the ride smooth.

It has mechanical disc brakes, which helps in quick stops and lower safety risks. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike falls in the priority list of riders because of its threadless headset. Riders with different heights can easily adjust this headset.

Moreover, the lightweight but strong rims keep its performance and speed high. The rider can enjoy the journey with beach cruiser pedals.


It is available in different colors like red, navy blue and light blue

It does not require assembling

It is best for people having 5’6″ height

It’s disc brakes ensure the rider’s safety

It is best for all types of trails

It has impressive stability

It has a quality drivetrain


The smell of its tire is unpleasant

It is a slightly heavy bike

4. Full suspension – Dynacraft Slick Rock Trails 26″ Bike

This bike, with a full suspension frame, comes up with an extraordinary look. The small details in white, silver, and purple enhances its attraction for buyers. It’s 21-speed derailleur, and Shimano grip shifters give excellent speed and smooth ride to the rider.

The front and rear-v brakes enable the rider to control the speed with ease.

The rider can enjoy its seat post that gives a quick release. The padded saddle helps in managing the weight and keeps the rider relaxed during the ride.  These features make the bike ideal for adventure seekers and enable the rider to enjoy the journey for several hours. 


This bike gives several hours of enjoyment to the rider

It provides comfortable brakes.


It requires a lot of care while shifting gears

5. 26″ Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike

If you want the best bike for any trail or street, never leave this 26″ Women’s Kent KZR Mountain Bike. It includes all the features that remain best for females.

Its 21-speed Shimano drivetrain allows the rider to run a bike on rough and tough terrains. You can go up and down the hill with this amazing speed with a small twist and shift.

Its 21-speed Shimano drivetrain allows the rider to run a bike on rough and tough terrains. You can go up and down the hill with this amazing speed with a small twist and shift.


It comes within an affordable price

This bike is designed explicitly for hard trails

It has all the features that give comfort

It has a durable frame


It does not come in multiple sizes that become an issue for buyers of different heights and weights

How to Choose the Women’s Mountain Bike Under 500 – Buying Guide

When you visit a market or browse a website, you will see many mountain bikes that are under $500. These bikes are specially designed, but the question is what to consider before buying the best women’s mountain bike.

Do not panic; here is the guide that will show you all the factors which are necessary to consider before purchasing the best mountain bike for women. 

Get an Idea Of Bike and Adventure Type

If you are an adventure seeker, then you must have an idea of which terrain you want to ride a bike and which kind of bike will remain suitable there.

For a cross Country Mountain biking, you must know that the tracks are not very tough. This type of biking requires a rider’s strength and strategic handling. Riders should be ready for gravels and mud once in a path, but mostly they will encounter stretches, up-hill ascents, steep descents, and single track corners. For such kind of trails, the hardtail mountain bikes remain perfect. 

If you have a downhill mountain biking style, you will face rough tracks and obstacles.

In such track, you need such bikes that have an excellent brake that allows you to maintain the balance and keeps the speed accurate on the rough track. The full suspension bikes will remain best for such kinds of adventures. 

In free riding, riders go for dirt jumping and downhill biking. Riders mostly face several kinds of terrains in their journey. Therefore, they need full suspension mountain bikes.

If full suspension bikes featured with a strong aluminum frame are used, it will be much better for the rider for a smooth and relaxed journey.

Size of a bike

The second important thing while buying a mountain bike is its size. If you want to enjoy an optimal performance of a bike, then you must consider its size.

You can access the internet and search size chart for the mountain. You will get several charts and techniques to find the accurate size. However, carefully determine the size because multiple manufacturers have offered their products in the market.

Their sizing is different, so when you go for purchasing a mountain bike, you must get a guide that helps you in buying the right sized mountain bike. 

Female-specific needs

The most important thing while buying the best women mountain bike is to understand female-specific needs thoroughly.

Female bikes are designed by considering that they have shorter torsos and longer legs. These bikes are light in weights because it is easy for the female riders to ride. They weigh less males. 

So you must consider these features because if you do not choose the correct measured bike according to your height, weight, and gender that it will create discomfort for you.

Energy efficiency

When you want to buy a bike for adventures, then you must check its energy efficiency. If it does not deliver efficient energy, then it is just a waste of money.

Get knowledge of all components of the bike, thoroughly understand it, get guidance about it, and then go for purchasing. You should check its saddle position, pedals, handlebars angle, wheel size, and material of bike frame because they have a significant role in increasing the functionality of the bike. 

Many manufacturers offer different types of bike components; it depends on you how you can use them to increase the bike’s efficiency.

For a good mountain bike, you must have a good understanding of its features and compatibility of different parts that fulfill the needs of the rider. 

FAQs For Women’s Mountain Bike Under 500 Dollar

What is a decent mountain bike brand?

Everyone wants a perfect mountain bike under their budget. If you are looking for a women mountain bike under $500, then go for Huffy’s mountain bikes.

These are suitable for women. Huffy makes a bike for everyone. It provides durable, comfortable, and attractive bikes. These bikes make the journey pleasurable for a rider, and he can spend several hours of fun while riding. You can get a wide range of bikes in this brand.

It is the most suitable and affordable brand. It updates its product design and color every year

How much does a good mountain bike cost?

These above-mentioned bikes are very affordable. You can get them under $500. These bikes are specially designed for female riders that do not cost much. These provide you the best option to explore the various trails.

Are these bikes assembled?

No, these bikes are not in assembled form. It requires assembling. If you want an assembled bike, you need to inform the seller; he will charge you some extra bucks.

Besides this, you can make small adjustments by yourself or can get help from a bike shop. Thank you for asking the question we hope that this will be useful information for you.

What kinds of bikes are useful for cross Country Mountain biking?

For cross Country Mountain biking, rides need to get hardtail mountain bikes. These will remain perfect for them because in cross Country Mountain biking variation occurs in the path.

How to maintain the bikes?

It is essential to keep the maintenance of the bike properly. Before every ride, you should timely check tire pressure, brakes, shifting, pedals, etc.  Lubricate its drivetrain.
Bike maintenance requires time, but it is necessary, so never ignore it; otherwise, it will reduce the life of your bike.


Mountain bikes are specially designed by keeping in mind the male and female-specific needs.  Riders who are adventure seekers and want to go over off-road trails they should buy mountain bikes. 

However, if you do not get a measured bike, it will be highly stressful for you. You should consider a few things before buying a mountain bike.

 These include the type of adventure, size of bike, female-specific needs, etc. never forget its maintenance before every ride. It can save you from any harm as well as increase the lifespan of your bike.

Besides this, go through the options mentioned above and guide; you will get an idea for the best women mountain bike under $500.

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