Can You Put 26 Inch Wheels On A 24 Inch Bike? Comprehensive Guide

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We often get asked this question that if 24-inch bike tires with 26-inch bikes. Our answer is – yes, you can, but we advise not to do it. We have discussed all this thoroughly in this post.

Yes, we agree that many people have done this, but we would request you to refrain from doing it. There are many reasons for it, and we will talk about all that in a while. So, if you have this, can you put 26-inch wheels on a 24-inch bike? Then you have to come to the right place. Just keep reading.

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What Is The Difference Between a 26 and 24 Bike Wheels?


By now, it must be clear to you what is meant by 26-inch Bike and 24-inch Bike. If you still have some doubts, then let us help you with that. These are the measurement of the bicycle wheel.  

That is correct, and different bikes have different wheels. A road bike will have distinctive tires than a mountain bike, for sure. Again bikes for kids, like the 24-inch bike will not be similar to adult bikes.  

A 26-inch bike makes a brilliant choice for mountain bikes as they can withstand a lot. The unstable drag, cruising through wet, loose, and dangerous terrains, makes it the unanimous choice. On the other hand, a 24-inch bike is ideal for kids’ bikes or, at the maximum, is apt for petite women.

I hope you get the point we are trying to make here. If you further have any queries about this, then do ask us via the comments section. We will be happy to help.

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Can You Put A 26 Inch Tube In A 24 Inch Tire?

In theory, yes, you can very much do it, but we will still advise you against it. We say this because bicycle frames come with their limitations, like weight, structure, and braking system. This determines the level of stress they are prepared to take. Imagine what happens if you over-stress it? What happens then?

The answer is not good because it compromises safety. We agree that people have altered bikes and replaced a 24-inch wheel with a 26-inch wheel with great success. Nevertheless, we ask you to abstain from this modification. It may not be suitable for all bikes and everyone.

Here are a few pointers that will make you understand what we are saying. Now, pay attention and read this section meticulously.


If you go ahead with modifications, the first thing you will face a problem with is the brakes. The brakes will not line up with the tires, and this can wreck-havoc. If you cannot stop your bike, it will be a dangerous ride, point-blank.

The Look

It will ruin the bike’s look as the wheels may have been altered, but the frame remains the same. It will look odd as the frame geometry will be transformed completely. We must also bring this to your notice that the rider will still find it hard to pedal.

Bicycle Wheel Sizes

These bikes are designed for small wheels only. Since the wheels are more prominent, they will not constantly knock against the 24-inch frame. This will make the wheels wear out faster, and:

  • Be ready for a bumpy ride
  • They will get caught often
  • This means it can toss you off when caught up severely

A few may try to install slimmer tires, but that will not solve the issue. Remember, wheel sizes are based on the rim and not on the tires. Overall, this will not be suitable to take the streets.

More Changes

You will have to make more changes to this bike that will be considered unnecessary. For example, you may have to replace the seat and even mount new pedals. Why go through all this mess when you have the option of procuring a new bike of your choice?

What Age Is 24 Inch Wheel Bike For?

A 24-inch wheel bike is ideal for kids aged between 8 years to 13 years. The right height is 4.1 inches (124 cms) to 4.9 inches (149.3 cms). Arguably, even adults that fit into this height category and that weigh less can ride these bikes. This means a tiny person can ride along with these bikes in general.

What Age Is A 26 Inch Wheel Bike For?

Kids that fit into this group can also ride it along with adults. For this, you can say someone more than ten years old can start using a 26-inch wheel bike.

What Height Does A 26 Inch Bike Fit?

To be precise, someone with a height of 5-foot (152.4 cms) to 5.7 inches (173.7 cms) can fit into a 26-inch wheel bike.

How To Convert 24 Inch To 26 Inch Bike?

You need to have plenty of room for clearance for starters, both in the front and the rear. This will help you convert a 24 inch to 26-inch bike with ease. You must also find out a few things before bringing this change, like:

Compatible Tires

It would be best to find the compatible tires proper 26-inch tires that fit into a 24-inch bike. Not all frames can be tuned in, so you should look for corresponding tires.

Caliper Brakes

Installing caliper or road brakes can help you solve the brake problems. Yes, you may have to cold set the frame for this. Alternatively, you may also use V-brake risers to lift the brake spots.


Look for something that has 650b-specific forks while trying to get a knife. This will give you the clearance you have been looking for the bigger tires when upgrading a 24-inch bike.

We have already explained that not converting a 24-inch bike to a 26-inch bike is sensible. Your life will be more accessible, and you will not have to face so many difficulties that involve this upgrade. In most cases, it is has been a blessing to invest in a new 26-inch bike instead of altering the 24 inches.

We are not saying it can’t be done, but we ask you to refrain from this idea. It is a complex and taxing process that you can stay away from otherwise. You are your boss and free to decide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I fit 26-inch wheels on a 24-inch frame and fork?

Condensed answer: Most 24-inch bikes are too small and narrow to accommodate a 26-inch wheel unless the model is specifically designed for multiple wheel sizes.

How do I know if the wheel is suitable for my bike?

To know with certainty, check the manufacturer’s website or measure the radius and width of the 26-inch wheel that you want to install and compare the findings to the clearance offered by the frame and fork.

What are the drawbacks of 26-inch wheels?

26-inch wheels will elevate the bottom bracket of the bike and potentially create instability issues.

What are the benefits of 24-inch bikes?

24-inch bikes are compact and have shorter cranks and frames.

How do I know if my wheel will fit?

To know if your current wheel will fit, measure the radius of the wheel and the width of the tire pumped to the desired air pressure.

How do you measure the distance between fork and frame?

Then, measure the fork and frame clearance as follows: Fork – measure the distance from the dropouts to the lower wall of the crown as well as the narrowest gap between the fork’s legs.

How do I use 24 wheels on a 26″ frame?

There are many 26″ frames that will work with 24″ wheels particularly if you use disk brakes and appropriate length (short) cranks (because the 24″ wheels will drop the bottom bracket height).

What frame size would you recommend?

If you are trying to limit the number of bikes to buy as your kid grows, I think an early 26 makes more sense.

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