How To Convert Hybrid Bike To Road Bike

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Are you trying to convert your hybrid bike to a road bike? Then you have reached the right place as we have discussed all this in detail in this post. Yes, we have addressed the burning question – how to convert hybrid bike to road bike too. 

We understand you may want to move to road bikes as they are low on maintenance. Their parts can be replaced easily and can be found without much difficulty. Factors like these may have helped take the call to move your hybrid to road bike. 

In this article, we will have a closer look at this topic and then you can decide further. What say?

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Can You Convert A Road Bike To A Hybrid?

Yes, you can totally convert a road bike to a hybrid and there are no second thoughts about it. Hybrid bikes are regarded to be suitable for pavements, hills, tracks, and cities. Hence, they can be used on almost all surfaces and are very much in demand these days. 

Be it the cruiser bike, urban bike, or hybrid comfort bike, you have a lot to choose from when it comes to hybrid bikes. All you need is to:

  • The first thing you need to change is the seat, which needs to be a wider road bike to a hybrid bike
  • The next thing would be to change the tires of your road bike into wider tires
  • Most importantly, change the brakes to rim brakes that have pads on the wheel rims and are more economical
  • Then you need to replace the handlebars of your road bike with the Comfort handlebars of a hybrid that are above the seat and this makes it very comfortable

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Should I Get A Road Bike Or Hybrid?

Should I Get A Road Bike Or Hybrid?

See, this will be very difficult to answer as we do not know what kind of terrain you will be riding the bike. Instead of answering whether you need a road or hybrid bike, we can tell you that both bikes have their inherent advantages. 

Road bikes are fast and efficient, whereas hybrid bikes are all about adaptability and comfort. Your riding experience, style, and needs should help you make the decision.


How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Road Bike To A Hybrid?

The truth is it may not be that cheap to convert a road bike into a hybrid one. That is true and we will not sugarcoat it by denying it. We say this from experience and if you are doing it for the first time, then all the more it may seem to be a costly affair. 

We had this Shimano Sora, the not-so-expensive kind. Who would have known that the road bike shifter would cost us a fortune? Then think about the brakes, handlebars, and tires. They certainly come for a price!

Yes, but what we can tell you is that if you do it yourself, then you can save up on a professional’s fee. Like you will not have to visit a bike shop and hire a mechanic. We say that it is definitely a pretty hefty amount to save.

Now, the cost will depend on the changes you want to bring to your bike. You can decide on that as per your immediate requirement. You can also fix a budget and stick to it to make it cost-effective. 

Can I Put Road Bike Handlebars On A Hybrid?

Yes, you can and you can make changes as long as the dimensions are in sync. For example, the width matches the groove, and the ends can be laid on the stems. That will take care of it all. 

Is A Road Bike Easier To Ride Than A Hybrid?

A road bike is aerodynamically more convenient owing to its seating position and is rather hard-hitting. The hybrid seems to be more comfortable and has this withdrawn geometric shape. This makes it easy to pedal a hybrid quite easily.  

On the other hand, a road bike moves faster on pavement. Its focus is on endurance and hence is considered to be a power-driven bike. This is one reason why most avid riders prefer them. 

Is A Hybrid Bike Good For Long-Distance?

Undoubtedly, you can ride a hybrid bike for long distances. Although, cyclists are using these bikes to travel short and medium distances, yet these bikes have proven their worth traveling long distances as well. These are a combination of a mountain and a road bike, therefore they bring the better of two worlds. 

Believe us when we say it has a design of a cyclocross bike. This means they are durable enough for a long ride. This is another reason why more and more riders are choosing them for commuting too. 

You can ride along hilly terrains because their tires offer you good grip and the upright seats are super comfy. So, riding for long is not at all a problem with a hybrid. Moreover, your weight and the load you carry also matters while riding. The same applies to hybrid bikes as well. 

It is believed that a rider with proportionate weight can ride up to 100 miles quite effortlessly. It is true that a hybrid has everything, better construction, quality brakes, and solace. Why will you not give it a thought? They are worth your time and effort for sure. 

These are good for recreational tours, are wonderful resolution for beginners, and for those that are looking for cost – low priced bikes. They have the feel of a mountain bike, wheels of a road bike, and the shape of a cyclocross. What more do you want?

A lot of people will tell you that it will cost you a bomb to do so. However, we say if you have taken that call then go for it. You can work on your budget and see what is costing you more. If you can handle it, then you should not think twice. 

We hope that we have answered everything about how to convert hybrid bike to road bike in here. Feel free to ask more questions via the comments section. Till then happy cycling!

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