How To Ship A Peloton Bike Overseas With Tracking Process

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Peloton is a popular high-tech indoor cycling studio that has been making waves in social media and in the news lately. As a result, its popularity is spreading rapidly in the world and people from different countries are also getting to know about its benefits and are interested in purchasing it.

Whether it is relocating or purchasing peloton products, the process can seem like a lot of work to get your bike shipped overseas and also seem daunting. So, if you are also looking to get your Peloton bike shipped overseas and wondering what the process is and how much it will cost, we can help you out. 

In this post, we’ll talk about everything from how to ship a peloton bike overseas to how much to ship a peloton and many more. So let’s get started.

Does Peloton Ship Internationally?

How To Ship A Peloton Bike Overseas
How To Ship A Peloton Bike Overseas

Yes, Peloton does ship its bike internationally and as per the peloton website, “Peloton is going GLOBAL.” Still, Peloton does not offer international shipping to every country. On the other side, the peloton sells its tread only in the USA.

However, if you are thinking of relocating your peloton bike overseas, can you ship a peloton bike? Well, in that case, you can contact a shipping or moving company, and you should check the shipping regulations of the country you’re shipping to.

What Countries Does Peloton Ship To?

According to the peloton’s main website, currently, the peloton bike is available for purchase and delivery to the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Note: Peloton does not deliver Peloton bikes by any freight forwarders. If you export bikes, your warranty will be void and in that case, Peloton will not provide any kind of support for bikes outside the above areas.

For further assistance, or if you want to make sure Peloton delivers to your specific area, you can Chat With the team.

How To Ship A Peloton Bike Overseas?

If you are purchasing the Peloton bike from the above-mentioned areas, then, your bike will be delivered to your home and set up by the peloton team.  

But, if you want to ship the peloton bike overseas, you need to go through some processes. So, here’s how to ship a peloton bike overseas.

Step 1: Contact An International Shipping Forwarder

You should contact or use a US/UK shipping, moving company, or freight forwarders to ship your item. They will then help you to ship your product to your international location.

Step 2: Purchase The Peloton Product

Once you are done with the procedures, like setting up your US or UK shipping address, you are good to go to make the purchase. Now, all you need to do is, go to the peloton main website and place your order.

Yes! It’s just a matter of two simple steps and your favorite peloton bike will be in your home within a few days.

But remember, many countries have strict laws about what can and cannot be shipped, so make sure your Peloton bike is compliant with those regulations. Additionally, make sure that your Peloton bike is packaged properly and that it’s not damaged during transit.

Peloton takes pride in providing a quality product, therefore it is suggested to remove the touchscreen, pedals, sweat guard, water bottle holder, and weight holders from your Peloton Bike or Bike+ to prevent any damage. Finally, be aware of customs charges and taxes that may apply when importing your Peloton bike into the country you’re shipping to.

How Do I Track My International Orders Of Peloton?

Now that you know how to ship a peloton bike across country, and make your order, now, it’s time to see how can you track your order.

How Do I Track My International Orders Of Peloton?

It’s simple! When you place the order, you can track the order by visiting After that, go to the top right corner of the page and select, “My Orders” from the drop-down menu.

On the other hand, you can also track the freight forwarders’ orders from your customer account on their specific website.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Peloton Bike?

In general, the delivery and set up cost of the Peloton bike and bike+ is $250. But, when it comes to shipping the bike overseas, the cost may vary depending on the international shipping provider you have chosen. Usually, the cost depends on the product weight and dimension.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does Peloton Ship Overseas?

Peloton is planning to ship its product globally. But currently, the peloton products are only available in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

How Do I Ship A Peloton Across The Country?

You can contract an international shipping provider company or freight forwarders to ship the peloton across the country where the peloton doesn’t ship its products.

How Heavy Is A Peloton Bike?

The total weight of the Peloton bike is 135 lbs, and the bike+ is 140 lbs. Whereas the weight of both bike and bike+’s frame is 125 lbs, the touchscreen weight of the bike is 10 lbs and bike+ is 15 lbs.

How Hard Is It To Transport A Peloton?

Well, it’s not that hard. All you need to make sure is to remove the touchscreen, pedals, sweat guard, water bottle holder, and weight holders from the bike frame and package them all safely to avoid any damage.

Can You Use Peloton In China?

Still now, the peloton is not available in China. But there are chances of launching the peloton in China.

Last Thoughts

Shipping a Peloton bike overseas can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. When shipping a Peloton bike overseas, it is important to know the appropriate shipping regulations for your destination. Also, ensure to take the necessary precautions so that your bike arrives in perfect condition and without any damage.

We hope that this how to ship a peloton bike overseas guide has given you the information you need to successfully ship your Peloton bike overseas. You can also contact the peloton team if you have any questions or concerns about transporting your Peloton bike overseas.

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