Peloton Vs Orangetheory: Which One To Choose?

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Seems likes fitness enthusiasts have found a new elixir. They have discovered fitness boutiques that have been very accommodating. Both Peloton and Orangetheory are similar app-based workout programs. These have kept everyone going during these distressing times.

Their popularity made us compose this peloton vs orangetheory post. We will like to share some more details about the two. So, keep reading to know more.

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What Is The Main Difference Between Peloton Vs Orangetheory?

Peloton Vs Orangetheory: Which One to Choose?
Peloton Vs Orangetheory: Which Is The Best Effective?

You will be surprised to know that Peloton has over 24,000 on-demand classes and 13 different workout categories. Whereas, the Orangetheory Fitness has limited online classes that are free to use. This means the basic difference between OTF and Peloton lies in their upfront costs, real coaches against app-based virtual sessions, and convenience.

What Are Peloton And Orangetheory?

There is a lot of noise about the Peloton and Orangetheory Fitness that you may be wondering what are they. Here is an account of these two fitness programs:


In case you have been living under the rock, you may not have heard about brand Peloton. It is a prevalent fitness company that offers you treadmills like the Peloton Tread, Peloton bikes, and more along with Demand Classes.

This app-based program can be availed for a measly monthly fee of $12.99 right after a free trial. You may also opt for the All-Access Membership that gives access to a whole new world of content. It also comes with Special Pricing plans for students, veterans, law enforcement, teachers, and the military.


On the other hand, Orangetheory is no less, as it provides you with in-person as well as a bit of online experience. It is a complete fitness group workout place that blends technology and scientific methods in one. This is a “coach-inspired” fitness shop that pushes you to achieve your goals.

This program also balances exercises and life for you. It is a result-oriented platform that makes you more confident.

Specification Chart

In case you want to have a look at the Orangetheory Fitness and Peloton in a tabular form, then here is it:

EquipmentYour own or even Peloton machinesOwned by Orangetheory studio
Price1. Initial Cost of Bike is : $1495 2. Bike + is: $2495 3. Tread is: $2495 4. Tread + is: $4295There is no initial cost to bear
Free TrialYou get one month’s free trial1 day only
Cost Of MembershipAs explained, Digital App will you $12.99 and the unlimited All-Access Membership will cost $391. One class costs $28 2. Basic Package is available for $59 (of 4 sessions) 3. Elite Package is for $99 a month (8 sessions) 4. Elite Package unlimited sessions can be availed for $159 5. 10 session cost $199 6. 20 sessions cost $359 7. 30 sessions cost $499
Cardio ExercisesYes availableYes available
Strength ExercisesYes availableYes available
Heart Rate MonitorAnt+ HRM or BluetoothApple Watch and Orangetheory
MetricsBy resistance and cadenceWith the help of Heart Rate only

Peloton And Orangetheory Comparison

If this still does not answer your query or you want to know, then we have an elaborated discussion in this section about Orangetheory Fitness and Peloton. We know this will help you finalize your decision.

peloton vs orangetheory

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Honestly, there is a lot that has been said about Peloton and its pricing. However, if you don’t want to purchase Bike and Peloton Tread, you can avail their app independently as well. Otherwise, the monthly drops to $12.99 or $39 per month as per your need.

OTF, on the contrary, does not have an initial cost, but its sessions are no less expensive. The best thing is to get in touch with their customer service to get a proper understanding if you are that interested.


Both platforms have the strength and cardio exercise sessions in place. OTF is more about lengthy HIIT workouts and Peloton has it all. Yes, they have HIIT sessions for Bootcamps. There are no doubts about the fact that Peloton has more options starting from yoga, ride-along, and spinning classes. There is no end to what content you like to watch or regime you want to adhere to with Peloton.

Orangetheory Fitness gives you that in-person classes and the regular studio feel. Hence, you can directly talk to people around and socialize too. So, it is like real-time conversation and live humans to workout with!


Peloton thrives on its online community of fitness aficionados. This is the point that makes Peloton different as you can interact with your virtual co-exercisers as well.


As far as convenience is concerned, we must say that Orangetheory Fitness already has an arrangement for you. You just need to bring yourself, a towel, and water to an Orangetheory class. There is a trainer that is at your service and always ready to help.

Nonetheless, an in-home experience cannot be beaten. Peloton wins over every app in this aspect and with that many classes in its library, it will always be one-of-a-kind.

Weight Loss

One may not find much of a difference in the weight loss area. This is because both programs very effective at burning calories and increasing your metabolic rate. We all know these two factors are the most important part of losing weight.

Mention has to be made about Peloton’s recovery sessions that take it to another level of fitness. This recovery plan is all about soothing your sore muscles and stress reduction due to high-intensity workouts. In fact, this differentiates Peloton from others and this once again proves their contribution to holistic fitness.

Our Verdict On Peloton And Orangetheory

Looks like this argument about the peloton vs orangetheory will continue for some time. If you ask us which one is better, then will say you decide. It all boils down to your requirements and we have explained the two programs, now you decide.

If you are not worried about the starting costs and equipment, then Peloton can be an ideal match for you. Your friends and family can share the All-Access Membership for just $39 a month. Orangetheory is good for those that prefer lengthy HIIT classes and in-person interactive sessions. Then what, decisions, decisions!

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