8 Best Bike to Use With Peloton App (Upright, Recumbent & Indoor Bikes)

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The popularity of indoor cycling bikes soared back in 2020 when a lockdown was imposed due to Covid-19.

Interestingly enough, that popularity spike didn’t decline post-covid as people realized the amount of convenience and saved time these bikes were begetting.

Now, with apps like Peloton, you can partake in ample amounts of classes from instructors worldwide and sync your bike with it for effective home workout sessions.

It’s awesome that other than opulent Peloton bikes, there are plenty of affordable bikes in the market which is still compatible with the app.

To find you the best bike to use with Peloton app, I’ve done tiresome research for the last couple of days, and come up with this list of 8 picks based on crucial factors like weight limit, resistance mechanism, and comfortability.

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8 Best Bike to Use with Peloton App

I’ve discussed my top 8 picks of exercise bikes in the list below, keeping people of all sorts of income in mind. Frugal to opulent, you’ll find the bests of both worlds in this list.

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1. XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike

Want to get a light but solid indoor bike that won’t take up much space in the house? Then this X frame, foldable bike from XTERRA is probably the one you’re looking for. 

This bike is made of light but sturdy solid steel tube and weighs only 32 lbs., which makes it easier to move. When folded, it only takes up an 18.1”x18.1” area, so storage space is never an issue.

A 3.3 lbs. flywheel with magnetic resistance gives out exceptionally quiet, balanced, and smooth performance as there’s no friction involved and no need to worry about any parts wearing off.

The resistance has 8 levels of intensity that you can control with the knob provided beneath the handlebar. An LCD monitor shows your RPM, speed, time, pulse, and other stats.

Take any class from your Peloton collection and easily match your rhythm of workout with the instructor by monitoring your stats and adjusting resistance accordingly.

It comes with a belt drive system, which is why it’s quieter. A large, comfortable, and vertically adjustable saddle and a multi-position paddled handlebar let you find your sweet spot before riding. Pedals come with an adjustable strap for good control, although it can get stiff sometimes.

One sad thing is the bike is not that comfortable for tall people. It starts losing its compatibility around 5’8”-5’10”. Adding height to the saddle by any means might abate this discomfort.


Foldable and compact with a sturdy frame

Magnetic resistance provides decayless and smooth performance

8 level resistance provides adjustability for various workout routines

Cozy and adjustable saddle and handlebar

LCD window shows pulse, RPM, and other stats


Not that comfortable for people over 5’10”

The pedal can get stiff sometimes

Great purchase for balanced, smooth performance in a lightweight and compact product. It’s a good value for its price and is highly compatible with Peloton or other online fitness programs.


2. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Bike

This bike from Sunny Health & Fitness is comparatively heavier than the last product we discussed, almost 113 lbs., and it takes up more space too. So, where does it shine?

Its strong suit is its sturdiness and huge weight-withstanding capability, up to 275 lbs. So, no matter how heavy you are, with intensive workout sessions, this bike can get you back to shape.

With a 43 lbs. flywheel with leather pad friction resistance, this bike is equipped for the most extreme workout routines you can find in your Peloton app. It’s a shame that the leather pad will wear off after a certain period, but replacing the pad is cheap, and it’ll take a long time to wear off anyway.

Even though it comes with friction resistance and is heavyweight, the machine is surprisingly quiet and smooth. The use of a leather belt drive system instead of a chain makes it smoother.

With its 4-way adjustable seat and vertically adjustable nonslip handlebar, you’ll easily find a comfortable and healthy cycling posture. An emergency brake system is also installed if you need to stop immediately for any urgency.

A small LCD monitor shows some important workout stats, not much, like RPM, distance, etc. Although these few stats are enough to track your progress and match it according to your online classes. One sad part is that the bike is not suitable for people shorter than 5’1”.


Exceptional weight tolerance up to 275 lbs.

Smooth belt drive system

49 lbs. heavy flywheel with leather resistance for heavy workout routines

Highly adjustable saddle and handlebar

Emergency brake system for urgent stopping


The friction resistance system is prone to decay

Not suitable for short people

If you need a bike that can tolerate strenuous weight and workout routines, then this beast is a fantastic choice for you. With the Peloton app, the bike shows adequate compatibility.


3. Cyclace Exercise Bike

If you want an exercise bike that’s even stronger and sturdier than the previously discussed one, but is also lightweight and cheaper, then this bike from Cycalce is just what you need.

So, what’s the catch? Why does it have a higher weight tolerance of 330 lbs., sturdier steel build, and still cost less? It’s because of the wool pad resistance on a 36 lbs. flywheel this bike comes with.

Don’t worry, a wool pad resistance may require repeated maintenance and change, but other than that the bike is a very good value deal for its price. It also has a lot of other strong suits that make it stand out among the other products on this list.

Even with the wool pad resistance, the bike has a good number of adjustable resistance levels to match your routine with the instructions. Also, an extra wool pad is given with the packaging beforehand.

4-way saddle and 2-way handlebar adjustment allow you to find a comfortable setup for your workout. To adjust resistance, you won’t have to reach out for any knob and turn it over and over; a simple push-button is there just in your hand’s reach for that. Push the button long enough, and it prompts an emergency break.

The bike’s flexible adjustability makes it great for people ranging from 5’-6’5” in height. To secure your leg while pedaling, the pedals are made with a cage design.

Transportation wheels let you move the bike anywhere easily. A phone holder also lets you enjoy music or other content while working out.

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Superior weight to tolerance ratio

Robust, made of thickened steel

Convenient push button to adjust the resistance

Great saddle and handlebar adjustability

Offers good number of resistance levels


It gets noisier with more resistance

A great value deal if you want to be frugal. This bike will meet your needs, and handle strenuous workout sessions just fine while costing less. You just can’t lose with this product.


4. Schwinn Fitness Exercise Bike

We’ve been talking about good value deals so far. So, why not look at a luxury product now? One won’t hurt, right? This bike from Schwinn will give you the next-level workout experience that only money can buy.

The bike weighs 106 lbs. and can tolerate heavyweight up to 330 lbs. Now, this is rather standard. What’s really incredible about the bike is its resistance system. The bike comes with a 40 lbs. flywheel with an efficient magnetic resistance system.

With frictionless resistance and belt drive, the bike is liable to provide the quietest and smoothest performance. Also, the bike has 100-level resistance adjustability! Can you imagine the level of precision it can bring into your workout routines?

Because of the various luxurious features of the bike, it’s very compatible with different online workout programs like Peloton, zwift, JRNY, etc.

With Bluetooth connectivity technology, you can connect your bike to your phone, smart TV, or tablet to maintain an account on these workout apps and enjoy their features.

The bike even comes with a one-year paid subscription to JRNY, which has various online workout classes from skilled instructors across the world. Comfort is another strong suit of this bike because of its 4-way adjustable, comfortable seat and urethane-dipped handlebar.

Wall adapter powers a large LCD monitor that shows various stats like pulses, heartbeat rate, etc., to keep your health condition under check as well.

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Exceptional weight limit of 330 lbs.

Friction-free magnetic resistance enables smooth performance

100 level resistance regulation for precise adjustment

Ergonomic design and full-scale adjustability of seat and handlebars

Bluetooth connectivity and a large monitor allow great compatibility with workout apps


A bit expensive

A product that’ll provide you top-notch service and comfort if you can afford it. The exceptional workout experience it provides is worth every penny — that I can tell you.


5. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Indoor Bike

We’ll discuss another product from Sunny Health & Fitness that made our list. In comparison with the previous one, this bike’s build is a little heavier, sturdier, and has a greater weight tolerance level of 300 lbs.

This bike is built for more intense workout sessions with smoother and quieter performance; no wonder why it costs more than the other one. But the most important difference between these two is the resistance system.

Equipped with a friction-free magnetic resistance alongside a 44 lbs. heavyweight flywheel, the bike provides balanced and continuous performance without requiring maintenance. The belt drive system makes the bike operation further quieter.

Having both vertical and horizontal adjustments available, the seat and the handlebars won’t show any lacking in the comfort area. This great adjustability also makes the bike approachable to users within a vast height range.

A knob allows you to maintain your required resistance precisely to match your online workout classes.

The bike supports cadence sensors and heartrate monitors of different gadgets and shows good compatibility with the Peloton and other similar apps. Sadly, no monitor is available with the bike to check out your stats.

For a more convenient and fun workout experience, the bike has a phone holder so that you can enjoy music or other content while working out and also a water bottle holder to let you hydrate whenever necessary. An emergency brake allows you to stop your routine immediately if anything urgent comes up suddenly.



Great wight tolerance of up to 300 lbs.

Belt drive ensures long-lasting and quieter operation

Magnetic resistance enables smooth and stable performance

Built heavy and sturdy for intense workout sessions

Comfortable design and vast adjustment settings are available


No monitor available

Bit expensive

A machine that’ll bring you unmatched comfort if you’re willing to pay the price. Very suitable both as a home and gym equipment as it’s built for intense workout sessions.


6. Echelon Smart Connect Fitness Bike

Before getting into it, I want to appreciate the looks on this bike first! It’s really impressive, but that’s not all. This compact and stylish bike will be a great addition to your home workout collection for many other different reasons besides its looks.

Made of premium alloy steel, the bike has a robust body that is built for intense workout sessions. It can withstand weight up to 300 lbs. but only weighs 104 lbs. itself.

The bike’s magnetic resistance system and belt drive system allows it to provide the smoothest performance and almost absolutely noise-free operation. A knob lets you control the resistance in between 32 levels so that you can pinpoint the exact amount of resistance you need for your routines.

What’s really awesome about the bike is the connectivity and compatibility it provides with various online workout apps like a Peloton. Echelon has a fitness app service itself, and you’ll get a month of free subscription upon purchase.

The large LCD monitor shows various important metrics that’ll help you understand the current condition of your physique and what should you do next. You can connect the bike with your phone, tab, or TV, sync your metrics with the app and determine your progress, next class, bike settings, etc.

In case of comfort, the bike does okay. With a 6” lever you can fit the seat vertically only, and the same adjustment limitation goes to the handlebars as well. The seat cushions are large and cozy. For pedals, the bike has caged SPD pedals on both sides to give you a secure pedaling experience.


Compact, stylish, and robust build

Very smooth performance due to magnetic resistance

32 level precise resistance regulation

Exceptional compatibility with apps like Peloton

Quieter operation due to belt drive


Less adjustment flexibility of seat and handlebars

A really good option for enjoying full connectivity and features of various online workout apps. Convenient and can handle heavyweight cardio actions if you manage to find a comfortable position.


7. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

What I’m going to discuss now is the most expensive product on this list, and there are legit reasons behind that. First of all, you’re not getting only a bike, this is rather a bundle from Keiser that includes a media tray, floor mat, computer-connected display, and stretch pads along with the stylish M3i bike.

This bike has an unmatched weight to tolerable weight ratio of 84 lbs.: 350 lbs. With its robust V-shaped frame, the bike can handle the most extreme cardio routines out there.

Paying such a price, it’s no doubt you’ll get a smooth working magnetic resistance system with the bike. The resistance regulation is computer-controlled, and it’s exceptionally convenient to use. You won’t need any level count because the resistance can be set precisely.

The bike is literally noise-free. It’s the quietest product on this list. The compatibility with the Peloton and similar sorts of apps is unmatched too. With smart connectivity and computer control, enjoy the full features of any app to obtain the most efficient output of your work.

Get the utmost comfort and convenience with the bike’s multi-directional adjustable saddle and handlebars. The saddle has a large cushion to keep your tush warm and pleased. SPD caged pedals on both sides of the bike will allow you secured pedaling.


Largest weight to tolerable weight ratio in the list

The superior weight tolerance level of 350 lbs.

Sturdy steel build with a stable V-shaped frame

Magnetic resistance provides the smoothest performance

Computer-controlled resistance system for precise setting


Very expensive

Less adjustment settings for seat and handlebars

If you can afford the bike, the service it’ll provide will be unparalleled. No other bike in this list will be as compatible with Peloton-like apps as this one.


8. EFITMENT Indoor Cycle Bike

The last bike I’ll give you an insight into is a stylish product from renowned exercise bike vendor EFTIMENT. This bike can withstand a maximum weight of 275 lbs. and weighs 104 lbs. itself which is very good for its price.

A 40 lbs. chrome flywheel comes with the bike with an installed magnetic resistance system to give out a quieter and smoother ride experience. The belt drive system also makes no unnecessary noise to interfere with your mood.

The robust build of the bike allows you to perform extensive cardio workout sessions without much to worry about. To precisely match your required resistance level according to any class you’re following, the bike’s resistance system has micro-adjustability.

With the bike’s 4-way adjustable seat and 2-way adjustable nonslip handlebar, you’ll find your workout sweet spot effortlessly. The bike also includes a digital monitor that can show you your workout metrics and pulse using the pulse sensor.

You can match your metrics with any workout app like Peloton for the betterment of your routine. Unfortunately, there’s no wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity available with the bike, but it does come with a device holder to watch workout videos or listen to music while pedaling.

The bike also has a water-bottle holder so that you can hydrate yourself frequently.


Great weight tolerance of up to 275 lbs.

Magnetic resistance allows quieter and smoother performance

Quieter pedaling with belt drive

Micro adjustability of the resistance system allows precise setting

Great seat and handlebar adjustability for exceptional comfort


No wireless or Bluetooth connectivity is available

Exceptionally good midrange option for home workout sessions with your Peloton app — a comfortable, balanced and affordable product overall.


How to Choose the Best Exercise Bike?

As the world is advancing, stationary exercise bikes are getting more tech-aggressive and featureful day by day. Nowadays, while buying a stationary bike, it’s easier to get puzzled by floods of not-so-necessary features and buzzwords.

And we often keep strongly focusing on these trivial aspects and end up buying a specious product that brings great discomfort later on. So, rather than getting distracted by shiny features, take note of the points I’m about to discuss below.

I’ll also discuss how to find bikes that will be compatible with the Peloton app or other similar online fitness programs.

Saddle and Handlebars

No matter the number of features and amenities it comes with, the first priority while choosing a stationary bike should always be comfort and convenience. The bike seat, which is also called a saddle, and the handlebars play a key role in that.

Try to get a bike that has both adjustable saddle and handlebars. You should be able to move both of them vertically and horizontally. Adjustability on both of these features will let you find your sweet spot of utmost comfort.

It’d be optimal if you could check how the seat cushion feels before buying, but that isn’t possible when ordering online. But it won’t be much of a problem as you can get a more comfortable seat cushion any time, additionally, from different vendors.

Resistance Mechanism and Control

Resistance is the feeling of pedaling an actual bike while riding a stationary bike, that the manufacturers try to simulate via some other measures. Contemporarily, two types of resistances are more prevalent in bikes, mechanical, and electromagnetic.

Although there’s a third kind that is essentially just a strap attached to the flywheel. You’ll only find this type in lower-end bikes. Though they’re less sustainable and slightly uncomfortable, they can be exceptionally frugal choices.

Mechanical resistance-installed bikes are not really a good choice as they’re loud, susceptible to decay, and require sporadic maintenance sessions. But they can get your job done at a relatively lower price.

But if you’re actually enthusiastic about your workout and have the money, I’ll strongly suggest you go for electromagnetic resistance as they’re not susceptible to decay and provide the smoothest performance.

Besides choosing a bike with a good resistance system, you should also check out how many levels of resistance control the bike provides. More adjustment options will give you increased flexibility.

Other Features

After making sure that your bike is stable, comfortable to operate, and compatible with your needs, you can focus on additional features that’ll make your workout routine fun and innovative.

Amenities like a display, a water bottle holder, wi-fi connectivity, smart control, and a music player will greatly motivate your workout routine. To link your bike with the Peloton app, an online connection and a display would suffice.

Don’t just trust buzzwords like ergonomic, comfortable, or smooth. Try to get a vivid idea of the product first, especially if you’re ordering online. Also, remember a bike having more amenities will cost more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flywheel of a stationary bike?

A flywheel is a circular rotating mass that is placed where the pedals are. As the user rotates the pedals, the flywheel rotates with it. Manufacturers install different sorts of mechanisms that provide an opposing force when the flywheel rotates.

This opposing force is called resistance, and it simulates the feel of riding an actual bike for the user. 

How does electromagnetic resistance work?

In an electromagnetic resistance system, the flywheel has two magnets on either side, close but not touched. As the user pedals the bike, he feels resistance due to the opposing force the magnets apply to the flywheel.

The closer the magnets come to the flywheel, the more opposing force they apply. An electromagnetic resistance system doesn’t depend on friction at all, and that’s why they perform smoothly and requires very little maintenance.

Will I need a Peloton bike to get value out of Peloton app?

Absolutely not. Peloton app is an excellent platform to enhance your fitness plan and maintain regularity in that. With only $12.99 per month, you can access thousands of live or recorded workout classes from skilled instructors worldwide.

These workout classes are very diverse so that you can access the most suitable type of workout routine for you. Yes, having a Peloton bike will give you uncanny compatibility, but it’s no news how pricey Peloton bikes are.

And you can find other cheaper bikes in the market that are compatible with the Peloton app or other online workout programs.

How well do exercise bikes help for losing weight?

Exceptionally well, but you’ll have to maintain a particular workout pattern and a fitting diet. A 30-minute ride on a bike will burn almost 260 calories for an average person. Beware, if you overdo your exercise, it’ll be rather harmful than healthy for you.

What’s the proper way to clean indoor bikes?

Indoor bikes should be cleaned regularly as they’re often exposed to dust and sweat, which leads to germs and bacteria. Simply use a wet wipe or cloth soaked in a mild antiseptic solution to clean your bike.
Only clean the outer body part and keep in mind that no liquid should enter the inside of the bike. Clean your display often with a glass cleaner to keep it conspicuous and dust-free.


I hope my shared knowledge helped you find the best bike to use with Peloton app that is actually in your price range. Remember, your primary goal is to stay fit, so you really won’t need to spend a handful of money on an indoor bike.

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