The 7 Best Headphones for Peloton Workouts

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To keep yourself motivated and away from the worldly chaos you will need the ideal headphone in your peloton journey. Since the market is cluttered with cheaply-made headphones, it’s hard to find something that fits your standard.

But worry no more, I have discovered the 7 best headphones for Peloton that allow you to listen to your favorite tracks and trainers with a promising audio output.

Also, you can attend calls and communicate with your friends with the attached microphones while spinning on your peloton bike.

Worth mentoning, I have delved into the online marketplace for high-quality headphones that are compatible with Peloton bikes and both apple/android users. Hopfully, it will jazz up your boring and repetitive workout sessions and enhance your experience for once and for all.

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Types of Headphones for Peloton

Different types of headphones can be used for Peloton such as on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, etc. Let’s get into a little description of each of them.

On-Ear Headphones

As the name implies, these headphones sit just on top of your ear instead of all over the place. They are small and focus specifically on your ears with their concentrated design. Just the right and accurate fit to your actual ear.

Over-Ear Headphones

Unlike in-ear headphones, these are larger, and it surrounds a little extra place than just your ear. It rests on top of your head and focuses on sound isolation. They are widely known for their noise reduction feature as some users love an intimate connection between them and the music they are listening to.

In-Ear Headphones

These headphones go into your ear-holes without engulfing the whole ear and are proven to be the most versatile, portable, and convenient ones. They are ideal for indoor and ideal use both.


Earbuds feel like a mini version of a speaker placed in your ears. Instead of entering your ear canals, they just sit on the outer ear for better sound from the surroundings as well.

Bluetooth Headphones

These are basically wireless headphones that are paired via Bluetooth, and nowadays, these are the most popular ones after Apple AirPods.

So without any further ado, let’s get into the reviews.

7 Best Headphones for Peloton

The reviews below are backed by thorough research and evaluation so that you never go wrong, no matter what you choose from this list. And most importantly, all of them are flexible with the Peloton.

1. Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) | Best for Faster Connectivity and Comforable Fit

Wireless charging and faster pairing are the two fortes of Apple’s second-generation AirPods.

Apple users seem to be a little disappointed as it doesn’t exhibit any significant improvement against its predecessors, however, Peloton users find it game-changing for its excellent connectivity and “hey Siri” functionality.

When your objective is to increase your metabolic efficiency through music, you require an uninterrupted sound system with premium audio quality.

Apple Airpods do that religiously by offering you a clear, rich, and top-notch audio output with 24 hours of battery life.

You can now sync your moves with the beat of the music you are listening to. All you need to do is get them out of the charging case, wear them in your ears, and it will connect automatically as it has a sensor to detect when you put them on and off.

And it reacts just as it should, it plays the music on your ears and pauses when you remove them.

An effortless hands-free operation without any hassle of untangling the wires as it’s wireless. It’s compatible with all Apple devices. Just a simple “one-tap” setup and you are done for good.

No need to reconnect and disconnect. Put them on, play songs online from Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or any medium and enjoy your workout sessions.

In one single full charge, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of listening time. Why are you waiting then?


Rapid access, one-tap connectivity

Song-sharing capacity between two sets of AirPods

Feels comfortable against your ears

Automatically turns on/off through ear-detection sensor

24 hours of battery life with a charging case


Ear tips aren’t interchangeable


Even though you are an android user you can take advantage of these wireless air pods for their amazing sound quality. The price may be hefty but the hands-free operation and extended listening time are worth every penny.

2. Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds – Best for the Price and Personalized Audio Output

Here you have the true wireless Galaxy earbuds from Samsung. People can be all skeptical as they want yet I will tell you it does justice to the pricing.

For starters, the whimsical charging case will seize your attention with its luster and sleek avatar.

Then when you open it, you will see two earbuds with the “L R” label on them to inform you which one goes where so that you don’t mess up like me.

And regardless of the glossy exterior, it doesn’t slip from your hands as you may fear.

Now about the earbud build quality, since it’s entirely made with plastic material, it gives off the “cheap” vibe, yet it has its bounties. It’s lightweight, feels comfortable against your ears, and costs less.

With 6 hours of running time, it also incorporates extra seven hours from the charging case — meaning, you are getting up to 13 hours of overall battery life.

While exercising on your Peloton bike, all you have to do is pair it up, open your playlist, and hit the play button to dive into the musical euphoria.

It doesn’t feel harsh against your ears and fits perfectly to consume your mind with the melodies.

Also, in case you didn’t know, it offers an ambient sound mode as well that you can use while spinning on your Peloton bike.

While you are working out, you can also attend your calls as it has two onboard mics for each bud.

You can customize the audio output according to your preference by utilizing the Samsung app. It has five equalizer modes to personalize your listening experience. From now, craft your own sound quality that soothes your ears with these earbuds.


Ambient mode available

Perfect fit to your ears with 3 adjustable ear tips

Compatible with ios and android both

Water, spills, and sweat resistant

‘Find my earbuds” feature


No aptX support

No-auto resume playback

A combination of considerable bass and a wider range of sound with incredible battery life and other convenience; this is what you get on the table.

3. Bose SoundSport, Wireless Earbuds – Best For Sound-tracking Your workouts and Lightweight Noise-cancellation

There’s a difference between loud and noisy. You don’t want your music to be noisy but loud. Bose presents SoundSport wireless earbuds that offer balanced and clear audio output that doesn’t cause any hearing fatigue.

That’s one of the key reasons why Bose has such a profound fanbase.

You get completely sweat-proof and weather-resistance earbuds so that despite all the sweaty affairs due to your workout sessions, it doesn’t feel sloppy.

With the three sport-tips of different sizes, you can achieve.

The unparalleled duo of comfort and stability lets you work out in peace without having to tweak your earbuds now and then. Thanks to the pro ear tips that come in three different sizes to facilitate an ideal fit against your ears.

The earbuds attach to a thick cord that is flexible and sturdy for the most part.

What you only need is to pair it up through your Peloton Bluetooth connection. The advanced Bluetooth indicator will immediately ensure that you are all set to start.

Moreover, there are some LED indicators as well that inform you when you press the power button on, just on the right top of the earbuds.

It takes only two hours for one full charge and can run for straight 6 hours and 10 extra hours with the charging case without interruption.

One thing that can be a dealbreaker for you is the wire that wraps around your neck and rubs against your skin when you are involved in a lot of body movements. Apart from that, these earbuds are an absolute steal for the money.


Premium audio quality

No noise penetration in full volume

Easy Bluetooth connectivity

Sweatproof and weather-resistant

Comfortable fitting


Looks heavy

Could be more durable

An outstanding audio output minus the hefty price tag. The bulky look can be a downer for you; however, it doesn’t affect the sound quality at all. But yeah, if I am brutally honest, it should have been more durable given the price.

4. JBL Tune 120TWS – True Wireless in-Ear Headphone – Best for Maximum Battery Life and Fast Charging

Do you know JBL Tune 120 TWS was awarded the red dot award in 2019? Well, I can see the reasons why!

You get 16 hours( 4H playback + 12H for charging case) of running time – that too in less than 100 dollars. It has a glossy outlook complemented by a sleek exterior.

The slim design and ergonomic fit bags instant satisfaction from the users.

Thus, wireless in-ear headphone features SIRI and google assistant efficacy. Besides, it allows playback adjustments so that you can play, pause, attend calls and skip just by tapping on the earpieces.

The right earpiece will do all the audio output adjustments, including taking the call while the left one adjusts track skipping. For a comfortable and stable fit, you receive six pairs of ear tips.

Apart from that, a charging case, USB cable, and a manual also accompany the package. About the sound quality,

I won’t say it’s over the top but you can’t undermine it either. It has a solid low-end audio output with a bit of punch, in the mid, you will grasp the distinctness of the vocals carrying a tad bit of compression.

On the other hand, in the high-end audio output, the sound has an edge to it without the harshness derived from loudness.

The hand-free operation is right of the box as you get the true wireless feeling. No need to invest hours untangling the messy headphone wires, just put them on, activate SIRI or google assistant, and groove with your go-to Spotify playlist.


One hour playtime in 15 minutes charge

Google assistant and SIRI functionality

16 hours of listening time

Ergonomic fit

Adjustable playback facility


Bluetooth connectivity takes time sometimes

The earbuds case is too bulky

Clean and distortion-free sound with a decent bass response and 16 hours of overall listening time; for your everyday adrenaline rush while working out on the Peloton.

5. AfterShokz Air Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Best for Noise Isolation and Better Bass Response

One of the biggest reasons why AfterShokz headphones are famous is because they are the pioneer of the Bone Conduction technology.

It has the ability to send sound through your cheekbones. Unlike other plastic headphones, this one uses premium titanium with a 30-degree tilt design.

This ensures staving off the vibration so that you can experience a fatigue-free workout session.

Here the sturdy construction of the entire headphone can withstand extreme abuse and gives protection against potential damage.

When you wear it, you barely feel like you are wearing anything at all since it’s 30% smaller and 15% lighter than most wireless headphones.

Another reason why you should get this is the noise isolation that deters the ambient noise and lets you enjoy your playlist. It’s like putting your finger inside your ears (though earbuds feel more comfortable) where you block out some noise but not really it. You will be hearing your music while hearing the surrounding.

Also, poor noise isolating can deteriorate the bass response, which is not the case here, luckily.

Even if you are soaking wet in the downpour of sweat, the headphones won’t come off as it’s entirely sweat and waterproof.

Besides, you have control buttons for play pause, skip voice assistant, and attending calls.

Finally, you get reflective strips attached to it for safety in the dark. Connect it with any iOS or Android device through Bluetooth, and you are ready for a musical haven.


Better audio/video sync

Easy Bluetooth connectivity

Rich bass and audio output

Sweat and water-resistant

Lightweight, comfortable fit


Not enough battery life

No voice recognition command

With a flexible fit, effortless connectivity, and impactful bass response, you savor every minute of the Peloton workout routine. 6 hours of overall battery life won’t be enough if you are rooting for the whole day, but for one complete Peloton session, it will do just fine.

6. Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones – Best for a Stable Fit Against Your Ears

Except for stress relief and mental stimulation, you also want something that won’t disrupt your focus.

Jaybird’s True wireless headphones will give you just that! What makes the headphones ideal for exercising purposes are better sound quality and a secure fit.

And gladly, these two attributes reside in Jaybird RUN wireless headphones. It offers you an unmatched fitting regardless of the size and shape of your ears, including interchangeable tips and fins.

Moreover, you get out-of-the-box sound quality with a customization facility.

You can tailor your audio output just the way you prefer from mid, low, and high through a single press of a button. However, if you are rooting for some heavy bass output, then this may not work, it’s on the lighter side.

With the personalization of the audio output, you will be appeased for the most part (if not disappointed).

With quick reconnection functionality, you won’t ever miss out on your favorite lyrics. The overall pairing process is easy, although the left one can take time to sync sometimes, and in that case, you can repair it to troubleshoot the issue. This is not a common problem; however, some users have mentioned it in product feedback.

About the battery life, you are getting 12 hours of listening time; 4 hours of playtime, including an 8-hour charge case. For unstoppable Peloton spinning and break-free music, it does an impeccable job.

Also, let’s not forget that the Jaybird app can locate your earbuds, so you don’t wreak havoc in the house.


Comfortable and compatible with any ear shape and size

Adjustable sound customization

Sweat and waterproof

Includes a mic and one control button

Earbuds can be located through the Jaybird app


Left ear connection drops

Poor audio transmission to watch videos

Secure-fit, impressive battery life, durability, decent sound output, and audio customization; all these without costing an arm and a leg.

7. Sennheiser Consumer Audio CX 6.00 BT Wireless in-Ear Headphones – Best for Mid-Range Audio Output

Sennheiser is a renowned name among audiophiles because of its superior sound quality, slick design, and tested durability.

At first glance, after opening the plastic packaging, the earphones came in, what I noticed immediately was the distribution of control units.

The control units are not located on the cable like most conventional earphones but rather on the left and right sides of the earphones themselves.

I was rather worried about this design, but it turned out to be quite balanced in terms of weight distribution, all the while appearing quite unique.

Inside the packaging, there are earpieces in sizes ranging from XS to L, along with a USB charging cable and user documentation.

Interesting to note that the control units are both individually battery-powered, but the earphone still only provides enough juice to run for 6 hours continuously, which can be a turn-off for heavy users such as me.

However, there is a quick charge feature that provides two hours of runtime just from a quick 10-minute charging session.

There are three buttons on each control unit, and they are thankfully large enough, so no one should have any trouble navigating or pressing them.

Pairing the earphones was very easy, and the earbuds fit in my ears quite snugly.
These earphones save up to eight profiles, so you can easily pair them with a lot of devices, including your Peloton bike, and later switch between them without hassle.

I was most definitely impressed with the detail and clarity they provided for bass and mid-range sounds.


Lightweight and well-built

Wire doesn’t get in your way

Offers detailed mid-range sounds as well as strong bass

Two connections for easy swapping between devices

Three-way calling facility


No travel pouches

Sound quality is not up to Sennheiser standard

Battery life can be a problem for heavy users, but there’s a quick charge feature that can kind of mitigate that disadvantage. Overall, it’s easy to put on, offers a customized fit in your ear canals, and feel comfortable while delivering reasonable audio quality.

Features to Look for Before You Buy?

Listening to some music while spinning on your Peloton bike won’t only keep you distracted from the physical fatigue but also cheerful throughout the session.

But to determine the ideal earbuds for streamlining your Peloton journey you will need to consider some crucial facts before shopping.

Below I have curated a buying guide where all the necessary factors are mentioned so that you can buy smart and live smart.

Audio Output

First thing first, you must assess the overall sound quality. You don’t want the song to stutter or lag while you are working out. It not only ruins your vibe but also distracts you from the momentum.

High-quality audio output with effective bass response is all you need for utmost focus and maximum work time. Hence make sure you opt for better audio output before anything else.

Battery Life

The longer the listening time, the better, right? Who doesn’t fancy uninterrupted music? In this era, everyone consumes music as a vice. And to give you ample battery life, many headphone companies offer 6 to 12 hours of running time.

At least choose something that comes with 4 hours of battery life, excluding the charging case.

Ambient Sound

While the whole purpose of immersing in a musical affair is to escape from the outside chaos, it’s also true that you are living in a real world where people might be looking out for you.

I mean an apocalypse might be coming your way, and you would be still jamming with your headphones on. Ironic! That’s why you need ambient sound headphones that allow outside sound to enter but not to the point where it mingles with the audio or the lyrics.


Most wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth, and it’s one of the easiest, I believe.

However, there are some headphones with voice assistant functionality where you can do anything and everything hand-free. Siri and google assistant both are available in some of the top-rated headphones. Be it anything, just make sure it’s easy and convenient for you.


From playing the songs to pausing them, the adjustments should be easy to control. Also, some sound adjustments for personalized audio output go a long way.

Water and Sweatproof

You will be sweating like a pig when you are riding your Peloton bike. Thus, you must choose headphones that are resistant to sweat and water.


Some headphones are only compatible with android whereas most of them are compatible with android and iOS both. Choosing a headphone that goes with both android and iOS devices will be a sensible decision.

And you may want your headphones not only for the Peloton but also for watching movies. So for it to be compatible with other devices is important too.


A secure and comfortable fit; that’s what you need when you are listening to the trainer on your Peloton bike. Because a wobbly fit can cause a lot of distraction and eventually lead you to not exercise at all due to frustration, therefore make sure the headphone is comfortable on your ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compulsory to have headphones for the Peloton?

It’s not compulsory, but it’s necessary for you to achieve your fitness goals as it keeps you focused and reduces your stress. As exercising is repetitive, you get bored easily, and our subconscious mind always craves some sort of stimulation.
To cater to this purpose, most fitness freaks use headphones when they are exercising. Even in the gym, you will always find some loud music playing.

Do I need to pair my headphone with my phone?

No, you can connect your headphone directly via Peloton’s Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing your headphone with your phone or other devices is another topic; if you want to, then you are entitled to do so as these headphones are Peloton-compatible, not Peloton-focused.

Most of them can be paired with any iOS and Android device.

Can I play my own playlist on my Peloton bike?

Yes, you can. the new feature named “Track Love” lets you save the song you like during classes and add them to your playlist by tapping the “Heart” icon.

Can I play Spotify on Peloton?

Yes. You can play Spotify on your Peloton bike or any other exercising machine as Spotify and Apple music offer their streaming services to them.

What’s the process of connecting my air pods to the Peloton?

You need to press the “Settings” icon in the top right corner of your Peloton screen, then press on the Bluetooth Audio and once you are done, there’s a button behind the air pods that you need to press and hold until the white flash comes out.

Final Words

Honestly, it was quite a daunting process for me to find out the best headphones for Peloton because a headphone with top-notch audio output isn’t enough.

You will need something that can withstand sweat, perpetual body movements, and serious workout sessions.

I did it so that you don’t have to. Hope you find the ideal fit for you and achieve your fitness goals.

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