7 Best Peloton Compatible Shoes for Men & Women

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Did you know the Peloton sales during the pandemic jumped so high it was difficult to believe? Well, I have to give credit to your unyielding motivation for not giving up on your health throughout the monotonous quarantine days.

Now it has become a good habit, but the standard Peloton shoes are not cutting out recently. It is not even about the gateway to eye-catching colors anymore.

You just need the best peloton compatible shoes to deal with the extra sweaty or wide/narrow feet size of yours. Besides, your feet are doing the pedaling for the body.

So, it is only fair to get the perfect pair of Peloton shoes, aka the seven duos mentioned below.

Top 6 Best Cycling Shoes for Peloton,

7 Best Peloton Shoes Review

I will make it simple and straight to point regarding the features. We all have enough off days to be patient with bragging anyway! But I have to say this – each pair of shoes are a favorite to many different Peloton users and health experts.

1. Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Ready Cycling Shoe – Most Comfortable Shoes for Cycling [Women]

Once you learn the main features right away, you will know why half the spinning class experts consider this pair the best peloton shoes of all. It is good news for the ladies out there!

The shoes comprise triple Velcro for easy strap up/adjustment and a reinforced toe box to protect your toes. It offers minimal style choice with breathable material to be on the bike longer than before.

Thanks to the breathable liner, ports, and mesh inserts, you will no longer have to deal with moisture and heat forming. Of course, if white is not your strong suit, you can stylize your choice with black, pink, or blue.

This indoor cycling compatible shoe set comes with pre-installed SPD cleats. However, the product supports Look Delta as well. 

In short, it is a highly recommended pair of shoes by Tommasso; the user reviews are the sole proof. The only drawback it has is the lack of width size.

While the shoes offer various sizes, people with wide feet may have to forego this model.


Sole is manufactured for better functionality

Outstanding performance at an amazing value

Comfortable with a breathable design

Velcro straps (triple) are easy to adjust

Pre-installed SPD cleats with Delta clip compatibility


It comes in standard width; wide models are unavailable


This out-of-the-box ready product allows long-term fast riding features with less fatigue experience. The stiff polyamide sole (fiberglass protected) is the perfect solution to attain superb power transfer!

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2.Venzo Bicycle Men’s Road Cycling Riding Shoes – Most Versatile for Men and Women

What is it that we seek in shoes for cycling? It is pretty basic – the shoes must be able to absorb moisture/sweat to make your feet less smelly.

This is one crucial point we always fail to achieve because most of us have no clue about the materials used. Thankfully, the Venzo offers nothing but high-end mesh, textile, and synthetic materials to ensure top-notch performance.

In short, the insides dry super quick, the shoes offer a low-cut design for swift fit and are amazingly flexible for men and women. But do you know why this pair is most favored?

The Delta Look cleat system turns it into a versatile set to use in Peloton bikes. You can detach them easily to transform into commuting, road riding, touting, etc., shoes.

You see, this is how a single pair is more than enough. Forget buying different models for distinctive occasions. It is a huge saving up too.

Moreover, the sole is super rigid to avert energy loss as you speed up the riding. Its insulated feature helps minimize generating heat from cleats friction.


Includes triple Velcro for quick adjustment

Top-grade material to increase workout performance

Quick-drying and breathable; removable sock liner

Highly durable and versatile for indoor and outdoor

Safe riding with quality cleats (Look Delta)


The materials have a flimsy appearance


All you have to do is pick your size – that is it! The pair is budget-friendly if you consider the light and breathable traits for heavy-duty indoor cycling. If you are worried about wide feet quandary, this product has got you covered.

3. TIEM Slipstream – Indoor Cycling Shoe – Best for Fashionable Cycling Shoes [Women]

It is a feminine characteristic to compliment the shoes with your preferred wardrobe. In fact, everyone – at some point, thinks deep about what to wear to go with the shoes bought.

It is no different with TIEM Slipstream either. This pair offers a simple, minimal look that goes with any getup you take for the spinning session! It is one less stress off your back.

They associate with SPD clips, ideal for any sort of cycling or spinning workouts. You can actually walk out of the class while still wearing these sneakers-like shoes.

The six-color availability allows you to pick a favorite to purchase. However, you have to be willing to replace the Peloton bike pedals, which is an additional expense on your shoulders, though.

On the contrary, they are lightweight and mesh designed to let your feet breathe better. While they may not cure the athlete’s foot issue, you can at the least prevent it from happening.

There is only a single strap to fasten the adjustment. Plus, the sole is made from a rubber material, an appreciative feature for regular cycling and walking. Remember that choosing the size is slightly different for TIEM.

The brand recommends opting for half size down the normal shoe size to gain a secure fit.


It offers six aesthetic colors in sneakers style

Simple slip-on design with a one-strap closure

Great for on and off-bike use

Supports SPD cleats



Requires Peloton bike pedal replacement if not dual clip compatible


You might have to spend a little more than planned to obtain this pair. But the outcome will be significantly convenient if you are a member of the spinning class. It is easy to walk around the studio wearing SPD compatible clips.

The rubber soles may not be rigid enough to work with Peloton bikes. Still, the replacement of the pedals might change that view.

4. Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Indoor Cycling Class Ready Bike Shoe – Best Dual Cleat Compatible Shoes

Tommaso is a well-known name that many indoor cyclists are familiar with. You can find quirky, premium, styled, lightweight, etc., many types to select from.

I have selected Tommaso Strada 100 because the hype is difficult to ignore for its durable design. Although the features are pretty similar to the first product mentioned in the list, this one has its inimitable perks.

For instance, you will receive pre-installed Look Delta clips with a free wrench in the package! The clips are compatible with a 2-hole system (SPD) as well. So, you can wear them not only for Peloton bike rides but also for on-road cycling.

This set is highly recommended for those suffering from sweaty, thus, smelly feet. The material construction ensures excellent ventilation ports, breathable mesh inserts, moisture-wicking liner, and so on.

It will not just improve your performance but also minimize energy exertion to feel exhausted too soon. You did not think a pair of shoes could do that, did you?

Besides, the triple Velcro makes the closure system highly convenient to slip in. You will not have to waste half your time in an attempt to tie the shoes. It is enough to demotivate the person to workout harder.

Plus, let us not forget the special toe box!


Dual-cleat compatible

Easy to put on with triple Velcro straps

Versatile use

Highly breathable and moisture absorbable

Fiberglass sole for ultra-stiffness


Difficulty switching from Look Delta to SPD cleats


At first, Tommaso Strada 100 may come off as regular sports shoes we see in markets. However, the opinion will alter itself the moment you start using them for indoor Peloton bikes.

They are ready right out of the box. The soles are stiff as rock to avoid slipping off the pedals. And you get all these benefits at a decent price point – I recommend it highly!

5. Tommaso Pista Aria Knit Women’s Indoor Cycling Class Ready Shoe – Best for Sneaker-Like Comfort [Women]

What is this – another Tommaso indoor cycling shoes item? You may think I am being biased here. Nonetheless, one cannot help but pick the best options out there for you.

Hence, hear me out before judging my obsession (based on thousands of user preferences). The Pista Aria Knit has become a favorite to many, only because it resembles the good old running shoes we are most comfortable with.

Each shoe comprises materials that are super durable as you increase the riding speed. The all cleat compatible option makes it all the more in demand (this product has the Look Delta clips). Do not worry; you will get a tiny wrench to adjust the clips, too.

The shoes have a lace-up system to provide a snug fit. Furthermore, the nylon knit allows your feet to breathe more than standard shoe models. There are little ports for decent ventilation – you can say goodbye to smelly, heated feet!


Includes pre-installed Look Delta clips

Allows maximum performance transfer

Compatible with all cleats

Traditional but sturdy lace for optimal fit

Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable


Cleats are not included


Did you know the low-cut design it offers bars the rubbing problem of inner ankle bones and the shoes? It will reduce the pressure points you did not even realize was holding.

So, lace up and get on to the Peloton bike wearing these Tommaso shoes. They will not let you down!

6. SHIMANO SH-IC500 High-Performance Indoor Cycling Shoe – Great for High Pedaling Performance [Women]

If Tommaso has the most versatile shoe options, Shimano is no less a competitor in this regard. The brand has versatile options for women, starting from color to type.

However, the SH-IC500 caught my eyes because of its sleek but breathable design that fits the feet snugly. As a result, you achieve maximum pedaling performance at nominal efforts.

In short, your body will experience a toned muscle outcome minus dealing with the sweaty feet conundrum in the process.

This pair of shoes will fit any cycling pedal that accepts 2-hole clips or SPD. Yes, it is sad news for the Peloton users, but an awesome choice for the spinning class.

The rubber grip sole will help you walk around amidst the session during breaks. In a way, you can walk in with the shoes and aim straight for cycling without changing into a different pair.


SPD or 2-hole cleat compatible

BOA dial strap for precise and fast adjustment

Excellent construction for stability and max performance

Stiff rubber sole to transfer power with minimal fatigue

Long-lasting, breathable materials for sweat/heat-free feet


Not ideal for Look Delta cleats


From affordability to peaked performing features, should you be staying idle knowing the existence of such powerful indoor cycling shoes? While it is packed with stunning conveniences, you have to watch out for the size chart before placing the order.

7. Unisex Men’s, Women’s Road Bike Cycling Shoes – Best for Convenient Design [Unisex]

The last pick from PQMN is often unheard of due to the commercial brands taking over the internet these days. But if you are tight on budget and still do not want to give up on all the perks, this might just be the one for you.

It offers low cut slip design with a triple Velcro system and needs just a second of your time to snug into the comfortable fit. The U-heel Cup, ergonomic insoles, and breathable mesh are examples of careful construction overall.

The product is suitable for men and women. Just make sure to pick the right size to avoid overtightening the wide feet shape.

On the other hand, the cycling shoes provide an all-cleat system, allowing them to be compatible with 2- and 3-hole cleats. So, whether the indoor bike you ride has the Look Delta, SPD-SL, or SPD, it will not matter at all.


Dual-cleat system for multipurpose

Suitable for outdoor and indoor cycle riding

Breathable and comfortable

Non-slip nylon sole

Lightweight to wear



Difficulty fitting with Peloton pedals


Basically, you will love the way these shoes feel – secured, fresh, and cool. They are best for both outdoor and indoor cycling.

Do you know what makes it a personal favorite? The PQMN Unisex shoes will provide you with everything, including the cleats! You will not have to purchase anything separately.

Can You Use Any Cycling Shoes with Peloton?

Honestly, the mental debate is exhausting, so here is the reality.

Peloton pedals are unique; you cannot even consider utilizing them barefoot. Hence, the Peloton-compatible shoes liberate your feet from energy loss.

Now what you have to check is the bottom of the shoes of the outer region.

Many of us are too lazy to obtain the specific Peloton shoes and end up continuing with the regular cycling ones. Let me tell you that it is okay to use them!

However, at one point, you will have to switch them afterward. It is all about the cleats accompanied by the bike. If your shoes are cleat compatible, cycling or Peloton, you are more than encouraged to use them for secure pedaling.

Are you wondering about the cleats now? You can learn about them in detail in the next section.

SPD vs. Delta Clips for Peloton Bikes


This is how you can differentiate between the two clip types visually. Let the information sink in!


  • There are two-cleat holes
  • Some SPD shoes offer recessed cleats, convenient for short walks
  • Great for spinning studios
  • Requires Peloton bike pedal switch to work with SPD shoes
  • Efficient and faster cycling with spinning bikes
  • It offers less power in the Peloton bike

Look Delta

  • There are three cleat holes in triangular form
  • Shoes with delta clips have no recessed cleat plate yet
  • Delta clips are made primarily for Peloton bikes
  • Delivers impressive power due to rigid outsole design

Try to avoid switching from Delta to SPD cleats unless the shoes offer a dual-cleat facility. On the other hand, both options are suitable for clipless pedals.

How to Loosen Peloton Shoes

Not everyone has the same riding technique. Some prefer heel backpedal, while others aim for toe forward.

On occasion, we tend to change the riding style to gain better stability. In that case, one has to know how to loosen the standard Peloton shoes.

  1. Remove your foot from the bike; pull up the toe-end as the heel twists downward. Then release.
  2. Locate the tiny metal loop inside, hidden in a side compartment near the end of the area that you twisted open.
  3. Use pliers (large) to grab it. Twist clockwise then, counterclockwise till the loop is out of the compartment.
  4. Now use the same tool to twist at an angle of 45. This is to ensure the damage-free release of the shoe from the pedal. Repeat the whole process with the other shoe for all sides.

How to Adjust Strap on Peloton Shoes

So, is the buckle giving you a headache? There are two closure systems Peloton compatible shoes offer – Velcro straps and buckle.

The buckle deems intricacy because of the button-end with big straps. This is how you can adjust it:

  1. Do you see that button that locks the strap? You will locate it to the right on the right shoe and left on the left shoe.
  2. Click it to let the strap loose.
  3. Now allow yourself to slide it on/off a little to adjust the tightness. It depends on your comfortability for the feet to breathe better.
  4. Now tighten the buckle by pulling the button up. Next, release it using little pressure to secure the strap.

Things to Consider When Buying Peloton Compatible Shoes

Surely, there are way too many factors to think of, but the six discussed below are the core of the topic. They pretty much cover the rest of the features without thinking out loud.


Do you know in what order we generally process a product selection? We often consider a handful of features without checking if the current budget covers it all.

Based on personal experience, setting a price scale beforehand is best to narrow down to the proper Peloton compatible shoes.


Men and women have different feet size. This is a piece of basic information but vital when choosing a suitable pair. The various brands offer feminine designs in terms of color and other materials.

So, make sure to check the layout and size before placing an order.


The more rigid the sole, the better stability you gain. As a result, your performance will achieve higher power transfer during the workout. This guarantees minimal fatigue as well.

Clip Type

See how versatile the shoes are. Does it have two-hole or three-hole cleats? Or does the design allow both?

Having both options are efficient but may be costly. There are a few shoe brands that offer additional cleats with Peloton compatible shoes.

This might come at a higher price, but it is budget effective in the long run!


Can your feet breathe well once you tighten the straps? Remember that pedaling at great speed means sweaty skin, intensified heat, etc. Your feet deserve an airy compartment to feel comfortable despite the energy loss.

The upper material should be of premium grade to allow aeration.


There is no point in spending your money – no matter how low the cost is – on cheap quality Peloton bike shoes. I mean, if it does not last long enough, you will have to buy it again.

Does that not equate to an over-the-budget situation anyway? So, seek out reputable brands that offer quality like none other. Not worrying about frail materials for years is like a luxury these days. You deserve to own it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SoulCycle Shoes work on Peloton?

Frankly, they are one of the most compatible pairs in the markets. SoulCycle uses SPD-SL and Look Delta cleat systems in their shoes, which is the ultimate pedal function in a Peloton bike.

What Peloton shoes should I get?

You will have to weigh in the size factor alongside comfort fitting and durability. Of course, the style also plays a major role depending on gender because Peloton shoes have different designs for males and females.

Most of all, be sure to find something that is not discomforting to your feet.

Are the Peloton shoes worth it?

Yes! They provide further feet-to-body power transfer than regular shoes. Since they fit tightly with excellent breathing quality, you will not feel heat building up too often around the feet when pedaling fast.
Peloton shoes offer superior balance and eliminate accidental injuries of slip-ups.

Do Peloton shoes matter?

It is not technically necessary, but the choice significantly enhances the workout performance. The main key is to be able to clip the shoes with the pedals. It lets the feet remain in one place, optimizing the pedaling effort.

Is Peloton SPD or Delta?

The Peloton bike has pedals with Look Delta cleats. Therefore, look for shoes that have Delta clips for perfect suitability.

Final Words

Are you all set to break your record with pedaling? The best peloton compatible shoes will take you further as if in a competition right at the comfort of your home.
Be confident and keep up the healthy, toned shape you have achieved. Buckle up and get ready!

Hi! My name is Dario Lemut and I am the Founder of Bikepurusits.com. Cycling fanatic with over two decades of experience on all types of terrain. From long-distance races to rugged mountains. Sharing my experiences and knowledge on my popular cycling website, I'm helping fellow riders to discover new routes and adventures.

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