6 Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet of 2022

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Even if you are familiar with Peloton bike riding, did you ever try to avoid it in the gym? Trust me when I tell you, many of you felt embarrassed about your wide feet hassles.

It went to a point where the person, despite wishing to ride the bike, decided to walk past it. Some of us even purchase the equipment at home to feel more confident.

However, the dispute should not be with the machine but the shoes you pick. Once you choose the best peloton shoes for wide feet, you will never have to face discomfort during exercise.

Check out the list given to find your favorite!

6 Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

Don’t just look at the names, though. Sit or lie back for a minute and read the whole thing. Understanding the concepts of each shoe review may benefit you broadly in the long run.

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1. SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling ShoeBest for All-Round Performance

SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Cycling Shoe

Has SHIMANO ever let you down? As far as I know, anyone who has bought something from the brand was never dissatisfied with the quality.

Even when you ask your workout buddies, they will tell you, “Get SHIMANO shoes!”, straight away. Also, I have never encountered a shoe model in plain black that emanates such power.

Each shoe is constructed from ultra-durable materials so that you can wear them for a long time. The upper has synthetic leather with mesh texture for a comfortable feel.

Plus, the heels offer reflective print – a clever feature for you to find the shoes in low light conditions. Despite the lightweight design, the soles are super stiff with fiberglass.

This lets the user pedal with optimal efficiency and flexibility while obtaining maximum power transfer. The dual Velcro straps assure secure fitment that is adjustable to your preference.

In case you are wondering, the SHIMANO SH-RP1 has dual cleat functionality. It means you can utilize them for SPD or Look Delta with perfect ease.


Suitable for 2-hole and 3-hole cleats

Simple to put on and get pedaling easily

High performing with synthetic, stiff soles

Lightweight and durable

Eliminates clogged toe problems


Difficulty comprehending the shoe size


Overall, it is an all-rounder pair of peloton shoes for wide feet. It surpasses almost all the other brands regarding performance, compatibility, and snug-fitting.

You will be free from the wide feet ordeal once you wear these. More than thousands of users recommend them!

2. Sidi Men’s Scarpe Genius 7 Mega Cycling ScapeBest Fit for Wide Feet

Sidi Men's Scarpe Genius 7 Mega Cycling Scape

Before you get excited about all the stunning features of the Sidi peloton shoes, are you ready to invest in them?

That’s right, it is one of the priciest ones on the list – for a good reason, without a doubt. In a way, the pair offers better value regarding the quality and design.

The Genius 7 provides mega sizes for women and men, expanding the comfort level for those who cannot wear just about any shoes. As a result, each shoe is made with meticulous care and high-end materials.

Shall we see what they are? The upper mesh is reinforced with Microtech Microfiber. It will let your feet attain greater aeration and breathability.

The material additionally provides ample stability when riding. Did you know the mesh is also water-repellent? You did not imagine a common material to be this invincible – correct?

This is why many users wear them for outdoor cycling aside from peloton bike rides too! Moreover, the shoes are perfectly convenient throughout the exercise, thanks to the double stitch seams with heel cup.

No matter how long you work out, these shoes will not disappoint you in the slightest. Let me inform you that the vent and non-slipping heel pad are replaceable as well.

Lastly, the pair features two closure systems – a caliper buckle and an extremely secured Velcro. Therefore, the instep closure mechanism will keep your feet snug while ensuring optimal power transfer.


Ideal for indoor/outdoor riding

Excellent aeration

Offers amazing power transfer

Snug-fitting; comfortable wear even after long hours of spinning sessions

Accessible for men/women both




I will recommend this product to any peloton user with a pinch of outdoor cycling eagerness, regardless of the price tag. Genius 7 is one of those peloton shoes for wide feet that ensures confidence throughout your workout session.

3. Tommaso Strada 200 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike, Touring, Indoor Cycling Shoe with BuckleBest for Peloton Bike Ride [Wide Feet – Dual Cleat]

Tommaso Strada 200 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike, Touring, Indoor Cycling Shoe with Buckle

If there is another brand that fitness experts always lean towards, it would be the Tommaso. More importantly, the Strada 200 by Tommaso is the talk of the town.

Why is that? A spinning shoe that is designed with a dual cleat system and actually works is worth your money a hundred times over! So, you can put on the shoes for outdoor biking, spinning studios (2-hole cleat), or peloton bike riding (3-hole cleat).

And they have wide-feet specifications to convey optimal comfort during exercise too! It is one of the main reasons why peloton users are big fans of the shoes.

The purposeful structure with reliable quality grade ensures extensive durability to handle strenuous peloton workouts. Besides, you will not even have to purchase Look Delta (3-hole) cleats separately at all.

Each shoe consists of a leather upper that exceeds your expectation of robustness. You will feel the comfortable snugging with minimal sweat and heat buildup if you have wide/big feet.

This is due to the mesh patches with the perforated layout for your feet to breathe better. You can say hello to the intense workouts without stressing over the clogged toe.

On the other hand, the double Velcro straps, with the addition of a buckle top, provide equal fitting without compromising the ergonomic fit.

I haven’t forgotten the stiff soles because the shoes will be obsolete against the rough pedaling on a peloton bike without them. The fiberglass soles here make sure to increase the energy transfer efficiency without straining too fast.


Versatile use; indoor/outdoor compatibility

Suitable for 2-hole/3-hole cleat systems

Superb aeration and durability with top-grade materials

Comprises secure closure system

Impressive power transfer for wide feet


Impossible to walk with due to the cleat system


So, push your limits to the point you no longer worry about trivial things like sweaty feet/wide feet anymore. It is possible with Tommaso Strada 200 – an enigmatic pair that maximizes power transfer and allows versatile riding capabilities!

4. Sidi Men’s Alba 2 MegaBest Design and Durability

Sidi Men's Alba 2 Mega

Do you know what’s so great about this product aside from its incredible quality?

The stiff soles accompany the pair, which has millennium 4 carbon composite injected into molded carbon fiber. Then, there is the matrix nylon addition that forms a significantly rigid and lighter sole for you to pedal with.

If this is how the soles are constructed, imagine the rest of the shoe quality Sidi has composed to deliver you the best.

While the exact materials are unclear, I relied on the numerous users with honest comments. Everyone remarked how the shoes fit snugly to their wide feet, leaving plenty of room for breathability.

The Sidi Alba 2 has Politex upper with intricate overlapping layers. It is eco-friendly and supports a comfortable feel without pressure points.

Plus, they last long – you will not have to worry about replacing them for many years.

I love how the Velcro straps are adjustable on top of being suitable for large feet. You will notice the top part of the shoe comes with dial system locking that combines with 3 strap structures by Soft Instep.

It’s an impeccable closure mechanism to avoid slips as the strapping adjustment envelopes your feet when tightened. The rear section of the shoe includes a heel cup – a signature feature of the brand that inhibits shoe deformation upon prolonged use.

Also, it retains the shoe shape as long as possible, making the pair look just as new!


Efficiency in power transfer

Fantastic craftsmanship; appealing design

Highly comfortable; breathable

Secure closure system

Stiff outsoles for great pedal performance


A bit pricy


Although the product employs a 3-hole cleat system, you will have to purchase the cleats separately. Or, use pedals that already have the cleats set up.

Otherwise, this is a one-in-a-million shoe that people with wide feet will benefit from. Go for it if it’s within the budget.

5. Venzo Bicycle Men’s or Women’s Road Cycling Indoor Riding Shoes – 3 StrapsBest for Superb Fit [Wider Feet]

Venzo Bicycle Men's or Women's Road Cycling Indoor Riding Shoes - 3 Straps

This company is another renowned brand in the sports/fitness shoe markets. I should make a little confession here – it’s my favorite. Picture a dead-serious expression here that will never butter up the truth.

Furthermore, it fits all cleat systems, allowing it to be versatile for all! However, my preference to lie right here is for a different cause.

This pair checks all the boxes for high-quality features. Better still, they come at a surprisingly affordable rate. It’s like a birthday present you give yourself that doesn’t even cost much.

So the shoes facilitate excellent aeration, which offers a mesh upper that dries super quick. It’s further incorporated into fine synthetic material for robust function. There is a sock line on the inside; it is removable.

Plus, the textile lining allows additional comfort from the moment you put on the shoes throughout the intense peloton bike riding. Your wide or large feet will never have to suffer from sweaty/tight-fitting uneasiness once you start wearing these.

The shoes come with Look Delta cleats to save you from the extra cost and package hassles. They deliver a 9-degree float system to prevent joint and knee pain via lateral movement. You can always adjust the floating resistance later.



Incorporates Look Delta cleats for peloton bikes

Impressive aeration

Easy triple Velcro strap closure system

Sturdy and comfortable


Outsoles are less stiff; minimizes power transfer


You already know what’s on my mind. If you have wider feet and other shoes don’t count, grab these out of the package and forget your troubles instantly.

6. Lake Men’s Cx238 Shoes Cx238-xBest for 3-Hole Cleat System Pedals

Lake Men's Cx238 Shoes Cx238-x

I try my best to introduce unique and robust shoe products to the peloton users so that they have broader options. While this pair leaves quite an impression with the price factor, they are equally competent with functionalities.

So, be prepared to spend a handful before narrowing down your search to this product. It comes in four different colors to go with your theme. However, the excitement lies elsewhere.

The main features include stiff soles and the Boa closures. The stiff carbon fiber outsoles reassure your faith in optimal power transfer. You will love the feel the moment they touch the pedals, and you begin the fast rotation.

Next, most shoes reveal a single Boa dial with Velcro straps, but the Cx238 reveals dual Boa closure system and that’s all! They combine the seamless adjusting and snug-fitting at one go.

However, you cannot enjoy the comfort of the shoes unless the interior delivers corresponding superiority; hence comes the mesh upper comprising supple leather that is popular in demand for premium aeration.

Both materials allow the area to be breathable for your big feet to accommodate with ease. Though, my disappointment was apparent (to a slight notion) when the cleats were not included with the shoes, given the price tag.

Nevertheless, it assures you to install the Look/SPD-SL cleats that you already own. Compatibility with the peloton bike is more important than what comes free within the package.


Compatible with a 3-hole cleat system

Highly durable

Powerful soles with incredible stiffness

Maximizes power transfer with excellent fitting

Dual Boa dial closure mechanism; highly adjustable




Lake Men’s Cx238 is a spontaneous pair that complements both outdoor and indoor cycling pedals. It’d be as if the feet that you thought fit nowhere suddenly find the paramount comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers Guide FAQ

Do peloton cycling shoes fit wide feet?

The brand itself does not provide wide feet shoes, but the different shoe brands offer plenty of options for you to choose from.

Are peloton shoes supposed to be tight?

Well, the term ‘tight’ does not necessarily mean fitting to the point that your toes feel clogged. Any Delta cleated shoes you own must have sufficient space for toes to wiggle but should also be snug. This is to avoid your heels from slipping in/out of the shoes when pedaling.

Do any cycling shoes work with a peloton?

If you install toe cages with compatible pedals, you can ride the peloton bike wearing casual shoes without minimizing the energy transfer. Some toe cages support Look Delta cleats so that you do not require pedal replacement.

Are peloton shoes comfortable?

Yes, nevertheless, only the user can tell if the size is close-fitting or not. Due to the buckled/Velcro closure, the peloton shoes help heal muscle soreness.

Should I wear socks with peloton shoes?

You should, they will cushion your feet from the rough texture that’s experienced with new shoes. Be sure to wear thin, light, and breathable socks as the peloton shoes tend to have a snug fit.

Final Words

That didn’t take too long, I assume? So have you made up your mind yet? Take your time because you deserve the best peloton shoes for wide feet to stop the suffering your feet feel.
These shoes, whichever you select, will definitely help regain your workout motivation.

Good luck, fellows!

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