The 7 Best Toe Cages For Peloton Bikes: Secure Your Ride

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Suppose the whole family uses the Peloton bike or the spinning bike in the house; who would want to go into the affair of buying each member the cleats and shoes?

This is a total waste of money that you can invest somewhere else, but once you acquire the best toe cages for peloton & spinning bikes, the expenses will decrease, and you will gain better results!

Besides, people are not that enthusiastic about going to a gym/fitness center these days. So, why not bring the comfort and maximum muscle toning facility right in your safe zone?
Scroll down and find everything you need to know about this little mechanism.

Benefits of Toe Cages

First, let me impress you with the advantageous factors you will achieve after setting them up.

  • They are adjustable to fit snugly
  • Your feet will be safer on pedals
  • There is zero chance of the foot slipping/falling off the pedal
  • You can wear regular shoes
  • Toe cages are versatile, with numerous shoe types
  • More than one person can use the same toe cages
  • You will not require to purchase extra cleats or special shoes for Peloton/spinning bike
  • They aid in achieving better stability
  • You can gain speed to reform your endurance
  • They increase the number of pedal rotations by 30 minutes

As you can see, the benefits outweigh the price you pay for the pair. It’s why I am one of the loyal toe cage users who have gained nothing but the optimal outcome in the process.

The tricky side to these toe cages is the installation method. It’s easier to follow a video instead of reading the instructions because some might find it confusing.

I could not understand a thing at first but got the hang of it once everything became clear. You can find the simpler version of the toe cage installation in this guide below.

Peloton Toe Cage Installation

7 Best Peloton Toe Cage

Let’s skip past the pleasantries and show you the seven detailed toe cages reviews below:

1. BV Bike Shimano SPD Compatible 9/16″ Pedals with Toe Clips – Compatible with SPD/Casual Shoes

If I could give a brand more than five stars for supreme products, this would have been it. Everything I have from Shimano is still new and functional – as though bought just yesterday!

So, the best peloton toe cage pair should also be from a company we approve of at all times. You just can’t ignore the innovative creation they convey.

The moment you see the feature ‘9/16-inch pedal’, you should know that it is perfectly compatible with Peloton bikes. It is the spindle thread fitment.

Yes, you will have to replace the original pedals for these to work, but the toe cages have a dual function! This is for the SPD cleat users – you can now use casual, or SPD-clipped shoes without any fuss.

Although the cost is slightly above expectation, it is understandable, considering the overall quality. Each toe cage is made from a highly durable aluminum body with ED-pain coated.

The nylon straps are equally robust and are removable like the toe clips. This is greatly appreciated when you want superb power transfer using SPD cleats. You will find the toe cages pre-installed right out of the box.

If you are concerned about damaging the pedal section by removing it, don’t worry since this is an effortless task. Simply keep a 6mm Allen key or a 15mm wrench (open end).


Includes pre-installed toe-cages on one side

SPD clip shoes compatible on the other side of the pedal

The toe cage platform has an anti-slip surface

Suitable for various bikes with 9/16-inch pedals

Easy to function and have impressive quality


Needs removal of original Peloton pedals


One side will accommodate the toe cages for everyone in the family to use, while the other side will have the SPD cleats for the specific shoes. It’s a win-win situation for all!

2. Venzo Bike Bicycle Toe Clips Cage Indoor Exercise Spin Bike Pedal Adapters – Great for Look Delta Compatible Peloton/Spin Bikes

If you are team Look Delta and unwilling to replace the genuine pedals from your Peloton, this accessory might save you from a tight spot.

The users rarely face qualms regarding Venzo Bike toe cages, which indicates how effective the product is at this price.

We all know that the Peloton bikes use Look Delta cleats, and buying compatible shoes for even a single person involves additional expense. These toe cages will simply eliminate such a notion and help you continue to transfer optimal energy.

It is without a question the heavy-duty cages are engineered from top-grade plastic (platforms) and nylon (straps); you can even adjust the cage position at your convenience.

As a result, the product is always preferred where several people/family members share the one Peloton bike. The maximum adjustment range is about 15mm, so you are all good despite having longer or wider feet.

Just remember that the dual function here works a little differently. First, you can spin with efficiency wearing clipless (Look Delta) Peloton shoes. Second, convert them to clipped pedals to wear any type of shoes during spinning.

Remember, they are NOT for Look Keo or SPD-SL!

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Ideal for Look Delta pedals only

Offers dual functions – regular shoes or clip-in shoes

Reliable material quality

Rigid and wider platform for a slip-free balance

The Toe cage is adjustable up to 15mm


Not compatible with SPD and Look Keo pedals


The best news is that the dual functioning toe cages can benefit big to small feet without compromising the power transfer. I recommend it to all Peloton bike users out there.

3. YBEKI SPD Pedals – Hybrid Pedal with Toe Clip and Straps – Specifically Made for Spin Bikes/Peloton Pedals

Could the toe cages get any better? Yes, it could, all thanks to the YBEKI SPD pedals! Firstly, this brand is distinguished for budget-friendly bicycle accessories that retain quality even after years of use.

Secondly, the mentioned toe cages with pedals may seem complex at first glance, but installing those takes around 5 minutes only! You have nothing to worry about, given that you have the tools ready in hand.

The SPD clip lovers will benefit from it greatly, as they can simply replace the spin/Peloton bike pedal with these and get ready to transfer maximum power.

Each pedal comprises a 19mm long, 9/16-inch spindle – standard compatibility that is easy to maneuver with.

Next, do you know why the product is popular in the market now? The straps to the platform material speak of certain robustness. Additionally, the dual functionality allows you to have various shoe-wearing feasibility aside from SPD-compatible ones.

Furthermore, they are big to suit feet with wide/long frames. The person will not have to worry about awkward riding posture anymore. On the same note, the platform offers exceptional grip.

Riding the spin bikes with no fear of slipping off the pedals is possible here despite the intensity of the workout level. The brand assures the toe cages, and the pedals are a flawless accessory to go with the Shimano SPD system.

And everyone in the family can use it!


Best for spin bikes or Peloton pedal replacement

Stirs remarkable confidence during spinning

It comes with dual functionality

Wide design to accommodate any feet size/shape

Unyielding construction with high-quality materials


Squeaking noise when pedaling; requires oiling


Pedals integrated means that Peloton Look Delta-style pedals will have to go. If you are okay with that, these toe cages can turn out to be the best decision ever made! Besides, they look great with the SPD shoes too.

4. Wellgo WPD-E003 Shimano SPD Compatible Indoor Bike Pedals – Perfect for Peloton Bikes [SPD Compatible]

There is something unique yet incredibly familiar about the Wellgo WPD-E003 SPD bike pedals. All I know is that you can use them for indoor and outdoor cycling.

It comes with everything you need to install, so you will only have to obtain an Allen key to begin the pedal replacement. Apart from that, the SPD system allows you to set it up for shoes with SPD clips.

Or, are you tired of wearing those shoes? Turn over the pedal, and the toe cages will aid you with other shoe types! Grab your favorite sneakers and be in your comfort zone when maximizing the power transfer.

Basically, you will not have to worry about the shoe part at all; the dual function will take care of everything.

Now, is the durability as impressive as how the brand claims to be? I wouldn’t have included the product in this list if it weren’t 100% true. The overall design delivers extra heavy-duty resilience no matter how hard you pedal.

The power transfer will be optimized once you strap your feet in due to the slip-free fast operation. Alternatively, the cleats allow the SPD-compatible shoes to stay locked in as long as you are on the bike.

Although the toe cages are alright for outdoor biking, they deliver better outcomes with Peloton/spin bikes. Let’s stick to that to avoid unwanted incidents.


The toe cages and pedals have heavy-duty construction

Allows excellent calf muscle exercise

Compatible with casual or SPD shoes

Easy installation

Offers good grip with strap adjustability


Needs existing pedal removal to install them


Just go for these pedals with dual functionalities – you will enjoy every moment of the indoor spinning workout. It’s what we all wish to achieve amidst the hard work – right?

5. Venzo Fitness Exercise Indoor Bike Compatible with Shimano SPD Pedals with Toe Clips – Best for All Indoor Exercise Bikes

Do you see another Venzo toe cage accessory? That’s because it deserves the praises showered by the loyal users. Let me tell you right here – they are incredibly durable!

Moreover, these pedals fit pretty much on any spin, smart, or Peloton bike. There are so many possibilities with them.

Just make sure you are ready for SPD compatibility. Do not worry; you can also try out your favorite casual shoes, thanks to the strong toe cage structure. Admittedly, they are probably the best I have seen so far.

If durability, toughness, and sturdy build had an image, these Venzo pedals would be on top of the tier. Plus, SPD or toe clips – each pedal rotation by your feet will result in efficient power transfer without feeling fatigued too soon.

They are fitting for the Shimano SPD system, which means removing the existing pedals of your spin or Peloton bike. It is totally worth the 5-minute hassle.


Includes dual function of SPD cleats and toe cages

Strong and sturdy axle and pedal platform

The pedals are easy to install

Provides cleat tension adjustment

Ability to achieve better stability


Difficulty adjusting to SPD system for the Look Delta cleat users


You do not have to get anything at all. Everything is available in the package, including the Allen key. So, get these pedals and never look back!

6. AbraFit 9/16-Inch Resin ATB Mountain Bicycle Pedals w/Toe Clip & Straps – Ideal for Outdoor/Indoor Bike Pedals

You may be asking why I have included this product here when the discussion is regarding indoor exercise bike toe cages. The point is all about compatibility that does not damage the expensive equipment.

Therefore, behold the AbraFit bicycle pedals that seamlessly fit the Peloton bikes. The standard 9/16-inch spindle is the sole reason for this fitment.

Now, you can use them for indoor or outdoor cycling without fear of slipping. The strap grip has made sure of that. My favorite part is the toe room, which is pretty spacious for any feet size to accommodate and tighten the strap.

Remember that being a mountain bike pedal, it has no dual operation like the rest mentioned above. Still, if you are more about wearing casual shoes than relying on Look Delta/SPD systems, you are on the right track.

Plus, each toe cage material speaks highly of durability you can depend on for intense cycling/spinning. That’s all that matters!


Heavy-duty resin toe cages

Sturdy nylon straps; adjustable

Comes pre-installed

Works for both indoor and outdoor bikes

It lasts long even after heavy abuse


Risk of the cage hitting the ground when using the pedal side


Do you want a single pair of toe cage pedals that works with outdoor and indoor bikes? Then look no further and obtain these by the AbraFit at an affordable rate -you will not be disappointed.

7. YBEKI Bike Pedals with Clips and Straps – Great for Versatile Use

Let’s conclude the list with another reliable Ybeki bike pedal pair that the users have been raving about. The recent popularity of the product has had me wonder if I should replace mine with these or not.

On a serious note, do not get fooled by its minimalistic appearance! The pair is capable of operating with exercise bikes, spin bikes, and outdoor bicycles. You can see how the trio advantages let you broaden the activity level.

Plus, the 9/16-inch spindle offers easy fitting while the resin/alloy construction conveys robust engineering. Your feet will remain secured in the cage so long you tighten the straps accordingly.

Consequently, there will be higher energy transfer without exhausting you earlier than expected. Each pedal has L and R marked so that you install them confidently, eliminating any rookie mistake.


Amazing buy for the price

Ideal for outdoor/indoor bikes

Made from high-quality materials

Offers super control; anti-slip grip

Includes an additional pedal strap


Requires bike pedal wrench ready


You have landed on the right spot if a multipurpose toe cage pedal pair is what you seek. From easy use to outstanding performance – what else do we need to improve our cardio activity? I give it a contented thumbs up!

Before You Buy What to Look for

Are you overwhelmed about which to choose? That was my experience, too, so why don’t you categorize the products from ‘I need that’ to ‘not today’ using the factors below?

Go for the Best Quality!

Spinning is quite a tough exercise; you have to admit that. All the pedaling in Peloton or spinning bike takes the toll on the toe cages.

Just imagine the flimsy strap tearing down in the middle of intense biking; hence, a quality check should be your main priority. Make sure the material of the straps is capable of handling pressure.

Go with credible products with a long list of positive comments.

Pedals: How Great Are They?

The material grade extends to pedals attached to the straps. It better holds your pressure as you increase the stress. The metal has to be strong and the platform large as well.

All in all, the toe cage pedals must have high durability as the main feature.

Compatible Or Not?

Next up is the compatibility with the Peloton or the spinning bikes. Aim for the specific pedals when choosing from different brands; this ensures positive suitability.

Remember that pedals for Peloton bike alone should have 9/16 spindle thread.

Those Feet Need Comfort Too

Have you used toe cages before? Were they narrow for your feet? That must have been torture during pedaling!

Some of us often use these cages for outdoor biking as well. The lack of comfort may turn the adventure into a disaster in a matter of minutes. So, you have to consider all-around convenience.

It’s you who will do the riding; the toe cage should have a wider platform to fit the shoes you wear. The overall structure must also be compatible with indoor bikes for optimal output with minimal effort.

Boost Your Performance!

Now, is the toe cage product you chose impressive enough to move forward? Double-check the features and user reviews before confirming your purchase.

They should be able to instill such confidence that you can secure the feet on the pedal effortlessly and say, ‘let’s get this over with’! Yes, even a little instrument like toe cages can be the source of an enthusiastic workout session.

Splash Splash

What I mean is the water-resisting feature is something you should consider in the long run. Do you want to know why?

Suppose you detach them from your spinning bike and install them on the mountain bike. The terrains are surreptitious, with dust, dirt, water particles rushing past you as you pick up the speed.

Plus, what if you pedal through puddles, rain, etc., for your daily commute? If you are looking for multipurpose toe cages, make sure to tick the weatherproof/waterproof feature off the list.

However, it is entirely optional if the toe cages are solely for the Peloton in your house (or the spinning bike).

Check Your Budget

Finally, crosscheck the selected products with the price and narrow down the potential nominees. You will find the best toe cages that are suitable for your spinning or Peloton bike!

Peloton Toe Cages vs. Cleats

This is how I was able to distinguish the advantages between the Peloton toe cages and cleats:

1. Cost

You will have to purchase the cleats since Peloton pedals are clipless and do not include them during the bike purchase.

Once you buy the toe cages, that’s it. Some might require pedal purchase.

2. Shoe Type

Cleats come in Look Delta or SPD-SL for Peloton. You will have to find shoes of such specific clips.

Nevertheless, you can wear any shoe with toe cages so long it fits the straps.

3. Power Transfer

Cleats offer optimal power transfer while experiencing less fatigue due to locked pedals. The toe cages have a similar outcome but with slightly low power transfer in comparison.

4. Practicality with Injuries

Cleated shoes are better for Peloton users with leg/foot injury recovery; on the contrary, toe cages are great for sore leg/foot as you can wear shoes of your choice.

How to Set Up the Toe Cage for Peloton Bike

There are two button hole-like spaces on both sides of the cage base and top section. Next, the metal catch you see with the strap has a roller and teeth to tighten the loop.

Now you are ready for the steps:

Step 1: Toe Cage and Straps Attachment

You have to buckle the straps to the toe cage. So, start by inserting the strap (the plain side) from the left base hole to the right. Move and thread it through the top loop (the right side) and have it meet the left cage side.

By now, the plain strap point should meet the other end that includes the metal catch. Pinch it open and insert the plain end strap between the teeth and roller. Pull up the strap for sufficient tightening to fit your shoe.

Step 2: Loosening of Pedal Bolts

Head back to your Peloton bike; turn the pedal upside down. The cleated section should be at the base now.

You will notice four/three bolts on the plate – remove them.

Step 3: Attaching the Toe Cages to the Pedals

Facing the toe cage to the front, place it on the pedal. Use the four bolts that came with the product and tighten the cage to the pedal.

Step 4: Toe Cage Installation on Pedal Cleats

If the toe cages have a single bolt, this means you can install the device directly to the front pedal.

Turn over the Peloton bike pedal. There is another singular bolt apart from the four. It is known as an adjustment bolt, loosen it but do not remove it.

Flip the pedal back where the cleated section is visible. Attach the toe cage into it with slight force. A creaking sound will confirm a successful setup. Now tighten the bolt at the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are toe cages good for Peloton?

Yes, if the Peloton bike is shared among family members or you have trouble adjusting to the Look Delta clips. Plus, adolescents will not need yearly special shoe replacements for fitment.

Can I use toe clips on the Peloton?

Toe clips are another term used to describe toe cages. Therefore, you can use the toe clips so long the product delivers compatible features.

How do you get into the Peloton toe cage?

It is as simple as riding a regular bike. Place your feet (shoes on) inside the toe cages, tighten the straps to avoid slipping/injury, and pedal away!

What kind of toe clips does the Peloton use?

Since the Peloton has the Look Delta system, the toe clips compatible with such a mechanism are recommended. However, you can attach different types too, which necessitates pedal replacement.

Can you wear regular sneakers on a Peloton bike?

You can install toe cages to the Peloton bike to resume wearing regular sneakers.

Final Words

To tell you the truth – the Peloton brand has their own toe cages, but they are pretty pricy. Then, there’s the issue of compatibility with other makes.

Hence, I have done all the groundwork for you so that it is simpler to obtain the best toe cages for peloton & spinning bike sitting in your home. So, forget about sifting through pages feeling indecisive.

Happy spinning, folks!

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