Look Keo Vs Delta: Which Is Better For Your Cycling Shoes?

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Are you looking for a pair of new cleats? With so many options you may find it difficult to choose the right one for you. We understand the predicament especially, when you talk about look keo vs delta, as you want to get the best one for you.

We have created this post to help you in regards to this. We urge you to read this post thoroughly to get a fair idea about this.

The Difference – Look Keo Vs Delta

The difference between Keo and Delta lies in their design as well as use. Keo is smaller and sleeker than Delta which is big and broader. If you have to choose between the two, then we must remind you to delve into your requisites.

If you are into road bikes, then Keo is the right choice for you. Otherwise, if you are into spin bikes, then Delta should be your go-to cleats.

What is Look Keo?

LOOK is a French sports gear manufacturing enterprise. It is a 71 years old company that knows how to do things right. Hence, their products like Keo and Delta are meant to be flawless cleats.

They most definitely are and there are no doubts about that. We have explained what they are and the main differences between the two are alike. Have a LOOK!

What is Delta?

LOOK Delta wedges have gained much prominence owing to their compatibility with Peloton bikes. For delta compatible clip in pedals are very suitable for Peloton bikes. Of course, there is SPD-SL that are another pair of braces that go with Peloton bikes.

The Delta supports the rotational movement of the foot, which is a must for cyclists. Nonetheless, these lugs correspond to spin bikes and this is one reason they are so comfortable. These fasteners have a memory positioner that makes changing or replacing cleats seamless.

The red has the highest degree of float which is like 9 degrees and the black has the minimum which is 0 degrees. There is no need to mention that more rotation means more flexibility.

What is Keo?

LOOK says they created these clipless wedges exclusively for road cycling. These supportive pairs have extra precision which is imperative for cycling on the road. The reliability on top only makes them relaxing while your cycle.

Like the Delta, these studs also come with high technical designing with the same 3-hole configuration. These can also float for 9 degrees, the red one has the highest float, the grey has a moderate float with 4.5 degrees and the black has 0 degrees of float.

The memory positioner ensures that you do not lose your foot placement. This certainly tells you how technologically advanced LOOK cleats are actually are. One of the most important questions is – do look keo cleats work with peloton? We hate to break this news to you, no they don’t.

Delta vs Look keo: Comparison Table

If the discussion about look delta vs look keo gets confusing, then we have formatted a table that will wipe out all the misperceptions. Have a look.

PointsLook DeltaLook Keo
MaterialUses Polyacetal and PTFE, which make them durableEven Keo uses Polyacetal and PTFE that increase the lifespan of the spikes as well
WeightIt weighs 75 gramsThis weighs 68 grams
FloatThe black has 0 degrees float and the red one comes with 9 degrees of floatKeo offers you black with 0 degrees float, grey is 4.5 degrees of float, and red has 9 degrees of float
Memory PositionerLOOK’s innovative memory positioner takes it to another level as this makes replacement of cleats easyYes, even Keo cleats accompany memory positioner
Hole sizeThese spikes go along with 3 holes and are big in sizeThese lugs too complement 3 bolt bolts, but are small in size

Look Delta Vs Keo – A Comparative Study

Just remember one thing that look delta pedals and Keo are not interchangeable. The main similarity lies in their being made out of durable materials. These materials ensure that your ride remains to be smoother and quieter.

This means LOOK does not differentiate what purpose their products serve, as they make all their equipment of equally high quality.

We have found some more differences between LOOK Delta and Keo. We have recorded all that in here for you.


The point is spikes are of two types and they fit into different specific pedals only. This is the bottom line and they are clearly made for different resolves. This is why the Delta is broader, while the Keo is sleeker.


You know what delta compatible cleats have universal compatibility. These spikes are compatible with Soul Cycle, Peloton, and Flywheel. While Keo is apt for road bikes of your choice. Not to forget that LOOK Keo pedals are attuned to Keo cleats.


Delta offers you 2 floating options, which implies that it allows unified rotational movement of the foot. This mechanism helps the foot to move inside or outside for disengagement. This phenomenon keeps the rider safe and steady. The Keo has a minimalist design with 3 bolts pattern.


We mentioned earlier as well and we still say that they operate in two distinct ways. Delta fits into spin bikes and Keo is good for road bikes. As for usage, you can simply take this reference and then invest in the right one for you.


Delta is available in 2 colors – red and black. Whereas, Keo is obtainable in grey, red, and black. This is the versatility of LOOK for sure. They know how to keep their patrons happy, which is why such variances are a requirement. After all, variety is the essence of life. Isn’t it?

The truth, both Keo and Delta are made from sturdy materials. This makes them last longer and they hail from a reliable brand. All this makes these spikes very dependable. They are safe and the manufacturer has made sure of that.

They are popular daps that need no further saying. It is all up to you to choose and we believe either of these will be a good choice.


Can I use Look Keo on Peloton?

It is advisable that you don’t use Keo with Peloton as their pedals are clipless. Moreover, Delta has 3 hole-cleats like SPD-SL. We are enlightening you about the whole thing in a comprehensive way, as this will facilitate you with an educated buying decision.

Are Delta cleats compatible with Keo?

No Delta and Keo are not compatible, as Delta has 3 bolts pattern that can be used with Peloton, Soul Cycle, and Flywheel. This is some helpful information that can assist you to make a decision without a doubt.

Is Look Keo the same as look Delta?

In spite of the fact that they are manufactured by the same company, called LOOK, but the two are different. Keo lugs are small and narrow as compared to look delta cleat that are big and wide.

Our Verdict

The bottom line in this look delta vs keo argument is that both are good fasteners. They are even manufactured by the same company. However, there is a big difference, as the Delta is compatible with Peloton and other spin bikes. Whereas, Keo is most suitable for road bikes.


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