The 8 Best Bikes For College Students: Cycle in Style

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Traveling toward college on your bike can be a great idea because this transportation method is cheap, fun, and healthy. No doubt, having a car sounds cool, but you can’t forget about charges of fuel, parking problems, and several other challenges.

Moreover, numerous colleges don’t allow students to keep cars on campus. In this situation, you can choose the bikes. These are reliable and affordable to travel to your college and other places.

To make things easy, we have prepared a list of the best bikes for college students. These bikes can make your travel comfortable and healthy.

TOP 8 Bikes for College Students Review

In this article, we are going to review some best and most affordable bikes for college students. You will find the particular factors that are necessary for a good bike.

1. Pure Fix Single Speed Original Fixed Gear Fixie Bike

Pure Fix single-speed bike offers a fusion of style, affordability and speed. Riding this bike can be fun because of its stylish geometry frame designed from high tensile durable steel. Classic bikes feature a flip-flop back hub to increase flexibility to ride a free or fixed wheel.

Riding fixed gear bike offers the feeling of connectedness to the road, the bike and perfect pedal strokes. With freewheel riding, you can get the advantage of cruise and coast. The standard brakes in front will enable you to stop easily.

Riders can enjoy a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer on frames and on-year warranty on components. If you want to activate a warranty, prefer professional assembly. You are free to choose a cornucopia of colors, elements, compatible accessories and styles.

Compatible accessories include handlebars in different styles, water bottle cages, saddles, foot straps, etc. This lightweight bike weighs between 22 and 24 lbs. The bike features Kenda 700x28c tires and different color options. Pure Fixed gear bike comes 90% assembled and available in 7 sizes.


Lightweight, stylish and single-speed bike

A variety of frame sizes and color options

Flip-flop back wheel hub to change

Good looking bike

Front brakes


Warranty is limited and available with professional assembly only

2. Vilano 3.0 Diverse Performance Hybrid Bike Disc Brakes

The Vilano 3.0 diverse performance hybrid bike is fantastic for weekend fun and regular riding. With this disc bike, you can enjoy maximum stopping power and control in diverse conditions. It is a highly-rated hybrid bike with Shimano derailleurs and shifters, mechanical disc brakes and frame made of aluminum alloy.

For college students, this bike can be a suitable choice because of its affordability. It can handle different terrains, such as a hilly campus and a smooth road. This bike features updated matte black and silver decals.

This lightweight bike weighs only 24 pounds. Tires are detachable for easy storage. The bike features an easy-to-fix cable and long-lasting brakes. With a hard bike frame, you can use it for longer rides without any tune-up.

You will get this affordable bike with three pieces of crankset and cheaper pedals. It is easy to remove the components for cleaning. For city zones and concrete, you will find its tires amazing. Riders can adjust the seat and handlebars as per their height. 


Easy to ride and assemble

Upright handlebar for easy management on hills

Can be optimized for 5’9” to 6’3” tall people

Matte paint are good to avoid slippery territory in the rain

Disc brakes for better stopping power


Handlebars can’t be adjusted

Can be a little heavy

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Single Speed Cruiser Hybrid Bike

This simple and beautiful bike features a matte frame and blacked-out elements. The EVRYJourney looks similar to a modern, sleek showpiece. With this classic hybrid cruiser, you can get the advantage of upright riding posture and 7-speed gearing Shimano.

It is suitable to ride on hills, trails and streets. EVRYJourney features a forward pedaling design permits you to stay upright and maintain leg extension. The frontward pedaling geometry of the frame enables you to put your foot flat on the ground.

EVRY’s bike is suitable for every adult. It is good for people between 5’ and 6’4” tall. It is possible to keep cruise in ease and gears low. Its cockpit may get snug and make riding a bit uncomfortable. Remember, this issue will not affect lots of people.

A comfortable saddle is made of synthetic leather and grips feature classic stitching. It has 2-inch semi-slick tires for a stable ride, a cushion and excellent roll. This bike is the most comfortable and stylish. Structure of this frame offers a fantastic turnover with 2” semi-slick tires.


Effortless movement with lightweight aluminum frame

Bicycles come in 24 to 26 inches (0.66 meters)

Best pedal and seat position for riders

Ease and comfort for rider

Comes in dissimilar speeds

Speedy release seat

35lbs weight


Bike can be heavy than others

Doesn’t come assembled

4. Firmstrong Bruiser Seven Speed Man Cruiser Beach Bicycle

Firmstrong offers a smooth riding experience for a modern feel. The Bruiser comes with a thick tube design and a lengthy frame to give a contemporary feel. It is excellent for afternoon riding with friends. This bike is free from hanging off cables or complex gear systems.

It is possible to maintain a consistent speed between 3 and 15 MPH. For a recreational cruiser, this bike offers a smooth ride out. You can use it for a fun ride because it is available in one, three and seven speeds. This bike enables you to travel comfortably for different activities and terrains.

The single- and three-speed model comes with back coaster brakes. It features seven-speed rear and front handbrakes for additional versatility. Its wide seat and comfortable seat feature dual coil springs. This bike has a grippy whitewall, and 2.125-inch wide tires to absorb bumps.

If you need a bike for effortless riding, buy this model for adventurous journeys. With a steel frame of 19-inch, you can get the advantage of arm extension. For a relaxed and upright riding position, you will need this bike.


Tires are great to promise smooth riding and absorb bumps

Available in different colors

Balloon tires with a cushioned ride

Relaxed and upright riding position

Oversized seat for comfortable riding

Rear and front handbrakes


21-speed gearing is not good for rocky and far journeys

Fenders sold separately

5. Columba Folding SP26S-BLU Bike 26 inch

Compared to traditional road bikes, it is easy to store and manage. You will find it great to ride on uphill, slopes and city roads. It features a steel frame, alloy rim, and 26” tires. For this reason, its wheels are durable to bear challenging terrain.

This bike is available with 18 speed Shimano derailleur and shifter. You can quickly move it from one place to another because it weighs only 33 lbs. Its folding mechanism features a single-latch, simple design. Columba bike has rear and front V-brakes to control its speed and stop it immediately.

Riders can adjust and remove its handle stem as per his/her comfort. This bike has a black bell with a silver cap. Remember, high-quality PVC gives it a competitive advantage. It comes with a kickstand made of steel and can bear almost 200 pounds of weight.

The SP26S Columba features 18 speeds that give excellent control and power to students to manage possible obstacles during their commute. This bike can safely and efficiently handle these challenges. You will find it safe for uneven sidewalks and sewer grates.

It has a longer wheelbase and larger tires as compared to traditional bikes. You can enjoy a sturdy and smooth ride in the city. As compared to small bikes, it is more bulky and difficult to carry on stairs. Remove its handlebars to fit it into small spaces. 


The long wheelbase and full-size tires

18 speeds

Durable folding cycles

Integrated bell

Amazing quality


The brakes handle is designed with plastic

6. Sixthreezero Beach Cruise Bicycle 17 Frame/ 26” Wheels

In terms of sophistication and style, Sixthreezero cruiser bike can be an excellent choice. Sixthreezero beach cruiser bike can make your journey comfortable and great. It comes with numerous comfort features and a sophisticated style.

If you need a bike for upright riding, it can be a suitable choice. It is suitable to ride in every situation, such as sunshine and rain, city and beach. You can get the advantage of an upright riding style and chrome-plated cruiser-wide handlebars for ideal positioning.

It can keep your back, arm and shoulders comfortable and relaxed. Handlebars are designed to curve the contours of a rider perfectly. With its 1-speed version, it is ideal for recreational and casual riding on flat terrain.

A 3-speed version comes with an internal hub of Shimano with shifter from Nexus. This version offers extra gears for long rides and hill climbing. If you want maximum versatility, you can buy a 7-speed version with seven-speed gear-shifting-system of Shimano.

With its advanced seven-speed gear system, you can enjoy intense ridings and go to farther distances. The efficient and reliable bike features finest crankset configuration increase convenience in pedaling. Its back and front fenders give an amazing touch and protect you from puddles.

You can purchase it in different colors and sizes. Passionate riders will like this bike for regular and recreational uses.


Rear and front fenders for extra protection

Suitable for every type of road

Extra-wide comfort saddle and balloon tires

Seat is available in different colors

Durable frame


May not work well for long distance rides

Chain needs oiling

7. SAVADECK Road Bike 700C Warwinds 3.0 Bicycle

With TORAY fork, seat post, and carbon fiber frame, it is a stiff and lightweight road bike. It weighs only 20.6 pounds. SAVADECK bike features SHIMANO 2×9 SORA speed, shifter lever, rear derailleur and front derailleur. For clean airflow over the bike, it has inner cable routing.

It features 6061 oval concepts 40MM Alloy wheelset and a 25C Dynamic MICHELIN Dynamic Sport Tire. Factory-direct accessories and bicycles, offering factory-direct industry and industry-leading products. T800 carbon fiber frame, seat post and fork of TORAY are distinctive features.

The seat tube, seat post and stays of this bike are aerodynamically contoured. Bike’s head tube tapered strengthens the rotation rigidity. It gives better handling to riders. SORA SHIMANO enables you to enjoy better control of each ride. Feel free to take it to different trails.


T800 TORAY carbon fiber fork, seat post and frame

Lightweight bike

SHIMANO SORA speed control

Aerodynamic contoured for seat tube and seat post

Available in different sizes

20-speed options to optimize each ride

700 x 25c high-quality tires


Need more time to assemble

Maybe expensive for a few people

8. Firmstrong Lady Beach Urban Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong lady beach bicycle is excellent for smooth and simple riding experience. You will find it great for casual riding. Feel free to ride it in different environments, such as paved path, around town, and beaches. People find it great for afternoon rides with friends.

It is free from hanging off cables and complicated gear system. You can maintain a steady speed between 3 and 15 MPH. This bike features a smooth ride and comfortable pedaling. Riders can get the advantage of variable speeds, such as 1, 3, 7 or 21 speeds. As a result, it will be easy for you to select the right bike.

You can choose it in 13 colors and modern design. With dual coil springs on its cushioned seat, each ride can be smooth on the trails. Moreover, it is an affordable bike with lots of modern features. This bike is suitable to enjoy a ride on the beach, trails and neighborhood.

Wide cruiser handlebars of this bike are made of synthetic leather grips, tread tires (slick wafer) and one guard for protection of pant cuffs. You will get almost 80% assembled bike. 


Classic curvy cruiser beach design

Single-speed bike for relaxed and easy riding

Over-sized seat and double springs for extra comfort

Foam grips and wide handlebars


Assembly can be difficult

Can be heavy

Elements to Consider While Buying Bikes for College Students

If you want the best bike, you have to consider style, reliability and affordability. It can be a real challenge to choose the best bike. Here are some essential elements to consider.

Best Bikes for College Students

Type of Bike

In the first step, you have to consider the kind of bike. Make sure to consider your interests and activities. You will need a bike that must accompany you with all the significant events. You can choose between hybrid bikes, comfort bikes, trail bikes and mountain bikes.

Frame of Bike

The durability of the frame is an important feature to consider. The material of bike’s frame determines the life of your bicycle. Frames usually made from titanium, carbon, steel and aluminum. Remember, steel is affordable, durable and stylish, but can’t bear harsh weather.

Carbon frames don’t display weaknesses intrinsic in other frames. For this reason, this material is legendary. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and fashionable. It has resistance against rust. Titanium is different in styles and finishes. Moreover, it is rust-resistant and durable.


Saddle of your bike should be comfortable with making your journey pleasant. You have to be careful while purchasing a new bike because its leather can be of inferior quality. Some road bikes have a small saddle that can be comfortable in reality. Before buying a bike, you must try different saddles and buy the one as per your comfort.

Size and Style of Frame

College students often wish to travel in style. For this reason, bikes are available in different styles and sizes. You can consider the best frame style before buying a bike. Make sure to choose a bike that offers both style and comfort.

To get a perfect balance, you have to check the length of legs and the size of the torso. In numerous cases, bicycle shops can configure details of your bike to achieve comfort level as per your desire. Sometimes, you can take services of an expert for desired adjustments in the size of the frame.

Luggage Holder

You can’t leave for school without a backpack. For this reason, your bike must have extra space, such as racks/panniers, to increase convenience in your life. Fenders prove useful in places with lots of mud and rain.

Consider the Best Fit

It is essential to check if the bike fits perfectly as per your body. Remember, it will help you to avoid possible injuries. With the wrong bike, your body will be subjected to several hours of discomfort.

Riders between the height of 4’10” and 5’2” may feel more comfortable with a bike having almost 18 inches of the frame. Remember, a frame of 19 inches is available for people between 5’2” and 5’6”. People with 5’9” to 6’0” height will need a 22-inch bike.

Remember, 23-inch, and 24-inch frames are also available for taller students. Make sure to consider a perfect fit as per your body to get sufficient room.

Type of Handlebar

Type of a handlebar will help you to determine how hard or easy it may be to travel on a bike. Their height above the bike’s seat can evaluate your level of comfort. Remember, higher stretching of the handlebar may require you to use more power in pedaling.

Common types available are mustache bar (hybrid and road bikes), drop bar (road bikes), rise bar (mountain bikes), and flat bar (mountain and hybrid bikes).

Smart Design

For a student, looks are an essential part of their life. To select a smart bike for your college, you have to consider design and color. A bike must not cramp your original style noticeably. Fortunately, different colors and styles are available to match your taste and style.

Consider Your Terrain

Each bike is designed for a particular terrain. For this reason, you have to consider this factor while purchasing a bike. Mountain bikes are suitable for rocky terrain. If you need a bike for regular commutes, you will need a hybrid bike or a road bike.

A comfort or a cruiser bike proves ideal for college students. As compared to mountain bikes, these bikes are comfortable to ride on the road. If you want an upright position, you can buy a comfortable bike.

Keep in mind that the comfort bike has thick cushioning seats. There is no need to struggle with them to bike uphill. Cushioned seats prove useful for students to increase their comfort. If you need an affordable bike, a comfort bike can be the right choice.


Gearing is essential for people living in hilly areas. If you want to commute on a flat road, you can choose a bicycle with some gears or select a fixie. Lower gears are useful to climb hills with fewer struggles.

Miscellaneous Considerations

Remember, you will not need a bike to conquer different terrain; therefore, you should not worry about wheels. A good bike comes with 700c standard-sized wheels. If you find them too big, feel free to choose 650c smaller wheels.

To ride in a natural position, you will like flat handlebars. These bars will give a smooth and easy ride to college students. If you want to increase your safety, make sure to wear the necessary gear.


What type of gearing does a student need?

Remember, gears may depend on the location of your college campus. If your campus is located after the mountainous area, you should have the ability to pedal uphill. In this situation, you will need multiple gears.

Several bikes are available single- and triple-chairing options along with 7-, 8- and 21-speed cassettes. For a college in a flat town, you can buy a single-speed bike or a 3-speed model. For a hilly, sprawling campus, you will need an e-bike.

It is necessary to wear helmets?

Yes, a helmet is necessary for your safety. You can’t jeopardize your life by ignoring the importance of a helmet. If you don’t have a helmet, immediately buy one.

Do a bike needs reflectors and lights?

Lights and reflectors are essential for a bike. It doesn’t mean front light only, but you will need reflecting add-ons and indicators. Make sure to pack a raincoat, reflective coat and other vital gears for safety from severe elements.

How to increase the security of my bike?

With a bike lock, you can increase the security of your bicycle. You should not worry about the cost of security locks because it is crucial to protect your bike from thieves. An unlocked bike has a massive potential of getting stolen.
To increase the security of your bike, you can spend extra on some add-ons, including beeping gadgets and anti-theft skewers.

Do I need to carry some tools and spare parts?

Yes, you don’t know when your bike needs them. For this reason, keep yourself prepared for unusual incidents. You can carry a wrench set (Allen), a pump, a patch kit and a spare tube. Feel free to keep essential tools both at school and at home.

What is the importance of racks and fenders?   

For winter storms and rainy-day computers, fenders play a vital role. To shop fenders, you have to check the size of your wheel and width of tires. It will help you to buy the perfect set.
Racks are essential to carry a pile of books. Make sure to strap them to a back or front carrier instead of increasing the weight of your backpack.

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