How To High Five On Peloton Bike?

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One of the big parts of Peloton’s success is the community they created. Peloton always ensures that this community is nurtured properly, even this brand allows the members of that community to communicate with each other in a variety of ways. And one of these ways is its high five feature.

The high five feature in Peloton allows users to interact with other members of the community during class. You can give a high five and also receive a high five from others. In fact, instructors can also send high-fives to you and other users to motivate you. But, how to high five on peloton app.

Well, you need to keep on reading this guide to get the answer to this question. So let’s not delay and see how to give high five on peloton.

Can You High Five On The Peloton App

Before getting into how to send high five on peloton or how do you high five on peloton, let’s know about the peloton how to high five feature. Yes, you can definitely high five on the peloton app. This high five feature is installed on the Peloton touchscreen and iOS app automatically.

So, there is no need to install or download this. It is a great way to stay connected with fellow users during a class. The maximum number of high-fives in a minute is limited, and it’s important to note that you can’t high-five more than once to a single member.

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How To Initiate A High Five To A Peloton Rider

Remember that the Peloton’s High Five feature can be initiated only when someone gives you a High Five or when you send it to someone. Also, you can do this by tapping on the screen of other Peloton usernames.

Here, you should make sure that there is a High Five option at the end of the Peloton screen. If you get the option, you can send High Five directly from the other users’ screens who are doing the same workout as you.

How To High Five On Peloton

A great feature of Peloton is that it allows you to inspire or cheer others while working out, with the High Five feature. Well, it’s not complicated at all, in fact, there are some simple ways to hive five on a peloton. So, let’s find out how to high five on peloton.

Method 1: High Five on Live Class

When you participate in Peloton’s live class, you see a leaderboard showing the progress of the other members. In that case, when you see on the leaderboard that someone else is doing a really great job and making progress, you can simply send a virtual message of appreciation through the high five. You just need to tap the username shown on the leaderboard and that’s it.

You can also scroll down or up to see more usernames and their progress reports and then send a high five. On the other hand, when you get the High Five, a notification will pop up at the bottom-left of your Peloton touchscreen. In that case, you can return the High Five to those people by tapping on the High Five notification in your feed.

Method 2: High Five on On-Demand Peloton Classes

Next, in the case of the on-demand classes, first, you need to filter the leaderboard settings to “Here Now.” This way, you can see which members are riding with you right now. Otherwise, you won’t see the other user’s name who is also riding with you in the same class. So, once you have done with the filtering, just tap any available username and the high five will be sent.

Note: You may know that on-demand classes are recorded, so those to whom you send High Five can access them at different times. Also, you cannot give or take more than one High Five per minute per member.

Note: As you may know that on-demand classes are recorded, so, members to whom you have sent high five, can access them at different times. Also, you cannot give a member more than one high five per minute and no one else can give you more than one high five per minute.

How To See High Fives On Peloton App

Now that you know how to high five peloton, let’s see how can you see it. In order to high-five a fellow peloton member, all you have to do is tap on the username from your peloton screen.

The app will then pop up a notification on that member’s peloton screen that you’ve sent him/her a high five, with the option to send you a high five back. So if they want, they can also give it back to you.

How Do I Fix High Five On Peloton?

If the peloton turn off high fives or this feature stop working, you need to check on the following-

  • Make sure, the high five notification option is not turned off mistakenly. If so, turn it on and give a high five to any user.
  • At first, you need to check the internet connection. If the connection is fine (a minimum of 10MBps), simply, restart the peloton touchscreen.
  • You can use Peloton’s hard reset option. To do this, you need to unplug the cord from the power and turn the touchscreen off. Once you have done with the unplugging, plug out all the connections on the bottom back of the peloton. Now, leave the Peloton off for a few minutes, then reconnect the cords and check if you can send or receive the High Five.
  • If this trick doesn’t work, you need to clean the cache. Remember, you need to clear the cache, not the clear data option. So, here’s the process. First select Settings > Apps > Peloton > Force Stop the application > Storage > Clear Cache. Once done, turn the power button off and restart it again


All in all, the high five feature of Peloton is quite interesting and inspiring as well. If you wish, you can send other Peloton users a high five to boost their confidence. Also, you will feel inspired when your Peloton instructors send high five to you after seeing the progress in your workout.

We think it is a very fun way to engage with other riders as well as the instructors, and also to inspire others and be. So, we have shared the steps to how to high five on peloton. We hope, now, you know how do you high-five someone on peloton.

So, have you tried giving a high five on peloton yet? You can share your experience and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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