How to Move a Peloton Bike to Another House?

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Are you relocating to a new house? Planning to move a Peloton bike from one place or from for that matter one room to another? Then we must tell you that it is not very difficult. There are many ways by which you can move the bike without much of a problem.

If you are planning to move your Peloton bike, then you must read this post till the end. Don’t worry as we have got you covered for and explained in detail how to move a peloton bike. Why don’t you give it a read?

how to move a peloton bike

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Yes, How To Move A Peloton Bike

It is not only about moving a Peloton from one location to another, but you may also want to shift it to another room. Regardless, of all this, you must know that there are some basic steps to be followed to keep your bike safe.

We have made different sections for this discussion in this post. We urge you to pay attention and read them.

How To Move A Peloton Bike From Room To Room?

If you are planning to move the bike from one room to another, then you must remember that the bike has front wheels and stabilizers. You can always grab the handles and push it to another room. Yes, but there are a few things that need to be taken care of for this.

#1: Unplug Your Peloton Bike

The first thing to do is to unplug the bike from the connection. This is an important part of the procedure and you must keep this in mind. Secure the plug and then keep it aside.

This will ensure that you stay safe from getting an electrical shock when you will be handling the touchscreen. Hence, this is an imperative that should not skip your mind.

#2: Take Out The Touchscreen

The next thing is to get a screwdriver to unscrew the touchscreen. The foremost thing that you need to do is to take apart the square panel which houses the touchscreen. You do not need a tool for this as you can slowly pull it out.

The second thing is to unscrew the bolts, but you must hold on to the monitor arms. If possible you may seek help from someone that may hold the monitor while you detach the screws. Once you have finished unbolting the four screws, you will remove the screen from the monitor arm with ease.

#3: Transfer The Bike

As you finish uninstalling the touchscreen, you can now hold your Peloton bike by the stabilizers. Then push it to the room you intend to keep it in and see how easy it is to transport it from one room to another.

#4: Re-install

The final thing is to install the touchscreen back into its place. This is way safer than keeping it anywhere else. Besides, you will not be wasting time and will be able to join the next session. Hey, don’t forget to plug it in! What say?

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How To Move A Peloton Bike When You Are Relocating?

If you are moving to a new location, then you will have to do a bit more than what we explained in the above segment. No worries, as we are here to help you with all that. So, without any more time, let us get to the point.

Take Out The Touchscreen

We have already discussed in the above-mentioned subsection how you can do this. You just need to follow the same procedure and unplug the system first to keep yourself electrical safe.

Take Out The Pedals

This is going to take some time and you must not hurry through this. The reason being the pedals of a Peloton bike is the most substantial part. You surely cannot let them get dented. Yes, you have to take them out as they may get damaged while transferring.

In order to remove the pedals, you need a 15mm Allen wrench. To begin with, you must turn the resistance right as this will stop movement of the pedals. If you miss this step, then the pedals may start moving owing to the movement of the resistance knob. Whereas the pedals need to be static while you will be working on them.

The pedal has bolts that can be uncorked by anti-clockwise movement. On the other hand, the bolts of the left pedal can be unscrewed clockwise drive. You will be surprised to know that the left pedal of a Peloton bike is reversely installed. Hence, the difference and you must keep the bolts safe in one place.

Bring Out The Bottle Holder

Once, you have the pedals removed, now focus on the bottle holder. Get the screwdriver and start unbolting the holder frame. As you are done, slowly take the holder out with your hands and keep all attachments together.

Pull Out The Weight Holders

In the same way, you will have to detach the weight holders that stick to the seat post. In total there are four screws that to be disconnected. The holder tends to fall off as it gets separated. You may have to support it with your hands to make them safe.

Pull Down The Seat And Handlebars

That is right, all you have to do is to lower the seat post and the handlebars to the lowest setting. This means they are strongest in this position and there are fewer chances of them getting wrecked.

Pick It Up

You will need help from another person for this. You can hold the handlebars and guide the other person to hold the rear stabilizers. Move slowly, once you reach the truck put it down and rest for a while.

Then you may lift the bike into the truck and use ratchet straps or any other tool to tie it to keep it stable. You may have to constantly talk to your companion while doing so. Ask the driver to be careful while driving and avoid bumpy roads if possible.

Take It Down At Your Destination

As you reach your destination, you need to untie the bike. You can take the handlebar and ask the helper to take the rear stabilizers. Then dismount from the truck slowly and bring it to your new place.

That is all there is to say, but you have to be super vigilant while transporting a Peloton bike. You may also watch a few videos to get a better idea. Rest assured, you need to keep a watch to bring it to the new place in one piece.

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Can Peloton move their own bike?

Now, that you know so much about how to move a peloton bike, you must also be told that Peloton can help you shift. That is correct, as they have a team of trained professionals that can take the bike apart and then restore it.

Of course, some charges will be incurred. You need to find that out by contacting Peloton customer care. Trust them, as they have moved a lot and they know what is right.

What happens to the warranty if you do it on your own?

If you dismantle the bike by yourself, there are high chances of you damaging it. In case you do so, the warranty will become void which may be a big concern.

What about getting insured?

Peloton highly recommends that you choose a mover that has insurance. This will aid to cover some costs if something goes wrong.

What is the Peloton service area?

If you remember it, Peloton has a coverage area that it caters to. If you reside out of this boundary, then you may have to pay extra charges for maintenance.

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Hire A Trusted Mover

Look, we know you are eager to shift your base, but you have to be wise when you are dealing with a premium bike like Peloton. You must be able to put your trust into your mover and this could come only if you hire the right people.

You must get someone that has insurance and understands Peloton’s policy. Disassembling and installing bikes need expertise which is better for Peloton only. This way you will be able to relocate worry-free. Think about it.

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