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Hybrid bikes are generally used for leisure riding or commuting. They sometimes incorporate the MTB styling with narrower and smoother tires.

Also, they might look like some usual road bikes with flat handlebars. While getting your hybrid bicycle, it is good to see whether you would be riding mainly off or on-road.

Here is more information about hybrid bike size chart; you might also find more knowledge in this buying guide.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

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Hybrid bikes have been invented for years and are conceived to fall in between a road bike and a mountain bike, combining the ruggedness and durability of the latter with the light frame of the former. Stockier than the road bicycle, they also perform well on the light off-road trails.

Also, they cannot handle extreme terrain & weather conditions such as the mountain bicycle or ride as nimble and fast as some smart-tired road bicycle.

Hybrid bikes are a perfect choice for people who do not have ample room or the money to afford one commuter & one recreational bike. You can go to your work smoothly and quickly on a hybrid bike during the whole week, and let you enjoy some off-road fun as well on the weekend.

What Size of a Hybrid Bike Should I Need?

For working out the suitable hybrid bike size for yourself, you want to measure:

  • Length of your inside leg
  • Your height

You can use the following size charts to match your own measurements to a bike maker’s suggested frame size

Men’s Hybrid Bike Size Chart

The following handy chart must show you the same size as a hybrid bike that you want, depending on your height. You can measure your height exactly and check out the manufacturer’s measurements as well.

Also, you can visit a bike store in order to speak to a professional staff member. Always ensure you can stand over the bike frame with the minimum two-centimeter gap between the top tube and you.

HeightInside legMen’s hybrid bike size
147cm-152cm /’10”-5’0″66cm / 26″13”, 14″ (X Small)
152cm-160cm / 5’0″-5’3″69cm / 27″14”, 15” (X Small, Small)
160cm-170cm / 5’3″-5’7″71cm / 28″15”, 16″ (Small)
170cm-175cm / 5’7″-5’9″76cm / 30″17″, 18” (Medium)
175cm-180cm / ’9″-5’11”79cm / 31″19”, 20″ (Large)
180cm-188cm / 5’11”-6’2″81cm / 32″20″, 21” (Large, X Large)
188cm-196cm / 6’2″-6’5″86cm / 34″21”, 22” (Large, X Large)
196cm+ / 6’5″+91cm / 36″23″, 24” (XX Large)
Men’s Hybrid Bike Size Chart

Women’s Bike Size Chart

Hybrid bikes for women vary to male or unisex hybrid bikes. They are usually short in length, along with narrow handlebars and small frame sizes. Also, they might even have one step through the frame where a top tube typically drops down and meets the seat tube lower. While in other cases, a unisex or male hybrid bike might suit you more.

HeightInside legWomen’s hybrid bike size
147cm to 155cm / 4’10” to 5’1″66cm / 26″13” to 14″ (X Small)
155cm to 160cm / 5’1″ to 5’369cm / 27″14” to 15” (X Small, Small)
160cm to 165cm / 5’3″ to 5’5″71cm / 28″15” to 16″ (Small)
165cm to 172cm / 5’5″ to 5’8″76cm / 30″17″ to 18” (Medium)
172cm+ / 5′ 8″+79cm / 31″19″ (Large)

Kids’ Bike Size Chart

You can easily measure kids’ hybrid bikes by the wheel size. Sizing is crucial with a kid’s bike as if it’s too small or big, and your kid would have a tough time balancing exactly.

HeightAgeBike Wheel Size
3’1” to 3’3” (90-100 cm)3 to 412”
3’3” to 3’7” (100-110 cm)4 to 514”
3’7” to 4’0” (110-120 cm)5 to 816” to 18”
4’0” to 4’5” (120-135 cm)7 to 920”
4’5” to 4’9” (135-145 cm)8 to 1124”

What To Look For The Right Hybrid Bike Size

There are certain things that would influence the kind of hybrid bicycle size that you’ll go for. And the most important ones are below.

Price of a Bike

You typically need what you could afford. The cost might force you to jumps from a perfect sports hybrid bicycle to a male/unisex design.

Use of a Bike

Hybrid bike usages

In case you have to enjoy the beautiful scenery, then you do not need to go to the sports hybrid bicycle. A unisex bike would do. However, if you’re the bike racer, you would surely need a sports hybrid bike.

Size of a Rider

You might be a man but who is short. A perfect ride for you might be the female’s hybrid bike with the straight frame & vice versa.

Type of Riders

Elderly or senior people do not need to see gender. An elderly male biker will be quite comfortable on the female’s hybrid bike for easy bike mounting.

Different Tastes

Preferences and tastes of every rider differ. Some bikers want high and more comfortable performance from the joints, so that they can customize their hybrid bikes in the proper measurements.

Significance of Fit

Bike riding is the best way to stay in proper shape. However, there are many people who give up even after some rides.

Their hands might fall asleep, or they have shooting pains in the shoulders, neck, and back. If this occurs, an improper fit hybrid bike might be the major cause. That is because bikes aren’t like one-size-fits-all. Every person’s body is totally different. People who are the same in weight and height would have some differences in leg lengths, arm, and torso.

That is why it is important to become fit for the correct-sized hybrid bike. It would prevent injuries and numbness. It would also decrease rider fatigue and make sure of a productive and comfortable ride.

Measuring Hybrid Bikes

Like most bikes, you can measure hybrid bicycles by their frame size. It’s the distance measured in inches from the middle of the bicycle crank to its top frame. The hybrid bike sizing can be compared to the sizing of a mountain bike that means they would run a few inches less than the comparable road bicycle.

Plus, knowing your inseam and height measurements, all the required information that you have to determine is the right frame size fit for the hybrid bike.

The inseam is a more crucial measurement as leg length is quite relevant as compared to torso size. Surely, the ultimate testing of the hybrid bike’s fit and size is an essential practice ride—most shops would let you take the comparably sized “loaner” house for some test rides.

What Size A Hybrid Bike Must I Get If I’m Between Sizes?

A bike sizing calculator would sometimes suggest two sizing options. It does mean that the smaller and larger sizes suggested would be appropriate for you.

And, which one you select comes down to your personal choice but, if you’re not sure, then the rule of thumb is simply going for the small size.

This is so because it’s easier to make the smaller bike big (by raising your bike’s saddle height or fitting the long stem) than it’s to make the larger bike small. But, on the hybrid bike, when you feel a bit stretched, then you might shorten its stem without affecting the bike’s handling.

Hybrid Bike Size Chart (FAQ’S)

How’re hybrid bikes measured?

Every hybrid bike combines features of mountain and road bikes. You can measure them in inches (such as mountain bicycles), centimeters (that include road bikes), and using the L/M/S system.

You can measure the hybrid bicycle frame size by sizing the length of a seat tube, from its middle of the front chainring to its top tube (where your seat post is). Sizes of bikes might differ a bit between bike makers.

I am between sizes – which bike size must I get?

In case your measurement suggests that there are two different hybrid bike sizes that suit you, then it is totally up to you. However, the general rule of thumb is you should buy the smaller bike size. That is because it’s quite possible to make the small hybrid frame big.

Are hybrid bike frame sizes varying for female-specific hybrid bicycles?

Yup – for instance, the Medium female’s hybrid bike would be a bit smaller than the Medium male’s hybrid bike. But, the bike sizing itself is measured in a similar way. Hence a 17inch man’s & woman’s bicycle has a similar frame size.


In this guide, we have already outlined a large array of different sizing charts on what size hybrid bike you want. Above all, you can use the hybrid bike size chart according to your requirements so you might find a great bike ride.

Whether you’re attempting to calculate a male hybrid bicycle, female bike, or children’s bike, the above-mentioned charts will surely be beneficial for you. You need to keep in mind, having the right bike size is very crucial so you can enjoy a fulfilling and comfortable ride.

If you’re ordering your bike online or getting it from the bike shop, then this bike sizing guide would undoubtedly be helpful.

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