Hybrid Bikes Vs Gravel Bikes: Which Will Be More Fitted for You?

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Hybrid bikes and gravel bikes are the greater innovation of road and mountain bikes in a broader sense although their designs and features are different from each other.

Gravel bikes can be ridden in anywhere of the world and hybrid bikes will provide you commuting facility. Let’s make an exploration on both gravel bikes and hybrid bikes shortly.

Both of the bikes are multi-functional for adventure, recreation and touring. Hybrid Bikes are comfortable for daily commuting and gravel Bikes are ideal for competition.

What is Hybrid Bike?


Hybrid Bike is one kind of cross-bike designed with a road bike and mountain bike for the purpose of touring, daily commuting, weekend trips, and long-distance adventure travel. This bicycle is blended with different designs and features.

Specifically, Upright sitting position and wide handlebars have made the hybrid bike more comfortable among the riders.

What is gravel bike?

A gravel bike is very similitude with a road bike and it’s perfect for off-road riding. You can ride on different terrain with various cycle. But it may not satisfy you or make you comfortable. If you want to get easiness and comfort on gravel or dirt road, you just need a Gravel Bike.

A gravel Bike designed with drop bars that give the capacity to ride on any surface. Comparative to hybrid Bikes, a gravel bike is more oriented to long-distance off-road touring. You can go anywhere with gravel bikes.

Crucial differences between hybrid and gravel bikes

There are some significant differences between the two bikes. let’s try to explore their differences.

Bike TypeGravel BikeHybrid Bike
GeometryComfort and EnduranceComfort and Commute
AccessoriesMudguard, Racks, Bottle HolderBottle holder, pannier


Geometry is a crucial factor if you want to choose a new cycle. Different bikes are designed with different geometry. Hybrid and gravel bikes are designed with different geometries as well. 

Hybrid bikes are versatile bikes that are designed with comfortable features like upright sitting position. Visibility from the hybrid bike is remarkably clear and outstanding. Apart from, it’s also better for cargo and racks. 

On the other hand, a gravel bike is designed with aggressive features because it tends more competitive. A gravel bike is suitable for higher speed and a little bit longer. You need a bit of time to get accustomed but it can be easy within a short time if you struggle perfectly. 


Normally, Aluminum is commonly used for frames. A Hybrid bike is made with Aluminum but you can choose a frame made with Carbon fiber which is lighter and stronger. Hybrid bike has steeper head angle. On the contrary, gravel bike has shallower head angle. The hybrid bike has fewer components than gravel bike.


A Gravel bike is likely faster compared to hybrid bikes on different surfaces but the hybrid bikes have sound speed on the pavement. A gravel bike is much more efficient and faster on rough road and it’s lighter than mountain bikes. Both of the bikes are effective for commuting.


Hybrid bikes are made for daily commuting and Gravel bikes are used for competition. So, their weights are different from each other. The gravel bikes are heavier than hybrid bikes although Aluminum frame is used commonly in both bikes. Cargo and racks may make burden both of the bikes.


Usually, disc brakes are used in both of the bikes because disc brakes are easier to make controlled. V-brakes may be used for the cheaper bikes. Another brakes named cable-operated bikes are used widely for cheaper hybrid and gravel bikes.

Wheels and Tires

In gravel bikes, 650-700c are popular but 700c are used widely. A hybrid bike is comfortable with 700c wheel.

Both the hybrid bikes and gravel bikes can be fitted with the various range of tire sizes.  These tires are wider than those of road bikes but not from mountain bikes. Gravel bikes have narrower tires than hybrid bikes.


The recent trend among the people is short-travel gravel bikes but gravel bikes are made with hard frames. 

Some hybrid bikes may use a short-travel suspension fork but it’s not effective and comfortable as long-travel suspension forks. So, it’s up to you what you want to choose. If you increase your budget, your suspension may be improved. 


Hybrid bikes are built with straight handlebars because straight handlebars give upright and comfortable riding positions. The straight handlebars are convenient in controlling system. 

On the other hand, drop bars are used in gravel bikes. Drop bars can be life saviors or you may face challenges to use. The riders are intimated to drop bars because people are not accustomed to it. Drop bars are more aggressive than flat bars. So, people feel uneasy with drop bars.


To avoid complexity and to lessen maintenance costs, hybrid bikes use simple gearing system. Oppositely, gravel bikes suggest greater range of gear to tackle the looser terrain and steeper surfaces. There have been using many gearing system like a freewheel, fixed gear, hub gear, derailleur, etc.

Carrying Capacity

Hybrid bikes are lighter than gravel bikes. So, its carrying capacity isn’t much than gravel bikes. The gravel bikes are more effective for carrying cargo, and racks as it’s made for long-distance touring. The frame of the gravel bike is enough strong for baggage. 


Some components make the riding more comfortable but the wheelbase is more mentionable. Hybrid bikes are more comfortable, have better tracking and effective suspension because hybrid bikes have 4-5cm wheelbase than gravel bikes. 


Typically, hybrid bikes are less expensive than gravel bikes. Hybrid bikes are purposed for daily commuting and simple touring. But gravel bikes are used for specialized for rough terrain. So, its price rate is higher than hybrid bikes. Comparatively, hybrid Bikes are considered simple and cheaper bikes. Usually, a hybrid bike may cost from 1200-6000 USD and a racial gravel bike may cost 12000USD.

What is the right choice for you?

The choice of bikes depends on the purpose of using of bikes and riders. Both bikes are awesome and great choice if you want to enjoy your riding. Normally, hybrid bikes are made for daily commuting, fitness riding and city trips. If you consider yourself this type of rider, you can choose hybrid bikes candidly.

On the contrary, Gravel bikes are used for the competition, long-distance touring, dirt and rough terrain. Don’t make any hesitation to enjoy any competitions through choosing gravel bikes

Let’s make a decision on your riding purpose!  

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