The Ultimate Guide To Converting Mountain Bike To Hybrid Bike

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The hybrid bike is a bicycle that has a motor attached to it. The motor functions as an electric assist to the rider’s power and is used to make the bike go faster, or in some cases, to get off the road.

If you like mountain biking but can’t stand the weight you have to put up with when commuting, or if you want to turn your bike into a hybrid but aren’t sure how, then you need to read this.

How to Choose a Hybrid Bike for Mountain Biking

The first step to choose a hybrid bike is to be clear about what you will use it for. Will it be used primarily off-road, or will it be used primarily on-road? (If you’re not sure, check out some off-road mountain biking tips and some off-road mountain biking equipment, as well as our guide to what you need to know when choosing a mountain bike.)

Next, you need to think about how much you will use it, and how often. If you will be using a hybrid bike for commuting, it will be worth spending a little more to get a better quality bike that will last longer.

We all know the benefits of a hybrid bike. They are comfortable, easy to handle, and can handle a variety of road and trail conditions. But, how do you pick the perfect hybrid bike? Do you go with the most expensive bike, or do you simply pick the lightest bike?

Which size do you choose, and what is the right gear ratio? This article will explain all of these things, as well as explain some factors you should consider when looking for your hybrid bike.

Hybrid Bike vs Mountain Bike Comparison

If you are looking to get into cycling – whether for exercise or for fun – you are probably wondering whether you should choose a hybrid bike or a mountain bike. Both have their benefits, and you need to know the pros and cons of each before you make your choice.

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How to Convert Mountain Bike To Hybrid Bike

#1: Installing New Bicycle Wheels

Installing bicycle wheels can be a very simple task to do. It requires a few tools, but the most important is the allen wrench. This wrench is a hexagon shape that is used to tighten the spokes on your bicycle.

The other tool that is needed is an adjustable wrench. This is used to loosen and tighten the nuts on the hub. It is also important that you use a rag to wipe the tire off before you take the wheel off.

Although it is important to use the correct size wrench when installing the wheel, it is also extremely important to make sure that the tire is off the bike. You need to take the tire off in order to match the size of the wheel to the size of the fork.

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#2: Installing New Bicycle Tires

You may have noticed that the tires on your bicycle are wearing out and need to be replaced. This is the perfect time to upgrade to a new tire set, since you are going to have to take the old tires off anyway.

There are several types of tires to choose from, and many types of rubber, but this guide will cover installing clincher tires on a mountain bike.

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#3: Increase Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is an important part of having a fast and safe ride. If you want to increase your speed, you’re going to have to reduce the surface area of the tire in contact with the ground.

The only way to do this is to increase the pressure of the air in the tire. Increasing the pressure in your tires can be a bit tricky, so remember to always check your tires before every ride for damage and wear.

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#4: Change the gearing

If you compare your mountain bike with the hybrid bike in the sense of gearing ratio, you can easily identify that the gearing ratio of a mountain bike is slow. As the gearing ratio is slow, it reduces the speed and makes the bike more resistant.

So, If you want to convert a mountain bike into a hybrid bike, you need to increase the gear ratio for more speed by adding more gears. The more gear ratio will help you to pedal easier way.

#5: Longer Handlebar

The longer handlebar is the name of the latest innovation in bicycle handlebars that is being adopted by many cyclists and bike manufacturers. It is designed to offer more comfort and control, since it raises the bar by about six inches (15 centimeters) and places it behind the rider’s seat instead of in front of the seat.

It is also designed to offer better control by positioning the handlebars further away from the rider’s legs, while also minimizing the risk of being kicked if someone comes up from behind. “Extension bars” have been used for many years, but it is the “longer handlebar” that has grabbed the spotlight in recent months.

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#6: Change The Seat

Hybrid bike seat is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. The seat is what you sit on, of course, but it is also a place to rest your rear end, store your stuff, and can be used as support.

The seat also has to be comfortable and adjustable so that you can get the best support during riding. One of the best parts about a bike seat is that the seat you choose should be made for the type of bike you own.

Every bike seat is made for different seats and they are all different so you will want to know what type you need before you run out to the store.

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#7: Change the Saddle Position

For years, it’s been thought that a saddle’s height and placement are the only two variables you can to play with. But, there’s another element that can’ve an impact: saddle position.

The position of the saddle, or more specifically, the distance it is from the center of the bottom bracket (also known as the crank or pedal axle) can have a big impact on how you feel during a ride. That’s because the saddle position is the most important of the three adjustment variables.

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#8: Install Lights and Reflectors

If you are a bicycle commuter, you know the importance of being seen by drivers on the road. Whether it is day or night, drivers need to know you are there. A hybrid bike is a great choice for commuting, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there.

By adding some lights, you will be safer and more visible to drivers. To add some lights and reflectors to your bike, here’s what you will need:

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A new set of reflectors
  • A good set of bike lights with a flashing mode
  • A computer to check the proper installation of the lights and reflectors

#9: Install Mud Flaps and Fenders

Installing mud flaps and fenders on your bike is a great way to protect it from road spray and pesky little rocks that get kicked up from other vehicles. Fenders, also called mud flaps, help keep water and mud from splashing up onto your back wheel and the rest of your bike. Fenders are often sold in pairs, although some brands sell them individually.

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#10: Change the Handlebar Design

The handlebar is the part of the bicycle where the rider holds on. The design of the handlebar controls how easy it is for the rider to hold on and also controls the range of motion that the rider can use.

Each cyclist is unique and has different needs to what they want out of a handlebar. The handlebar is the most important part of the bicycle, because it gives the rider a chance to control the bicycle.

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Before you turn the page

Before concluding this page, you should consider the the mountain bike features when you buy. Consider the features that you can change it later. Follow the above steps to convert mountain bike into hybrid bike. You can check the comparasion of mountain bike nad hybrid bike first.

Don’t forget to know your queries about both of the bikes. Hopefully, the following answers can meet your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert my MTB to hybrid?

Yes!! it’s possible by changing some elements like: seat, saddle, wheel and tires.

What do you think about the suspension lock out?

Many hybrids, start with a road bike (frame, forks, wheels gearset etc) And simply swap out the handlebars and shifters (brake and gear) The tyres (which will support a higher recommended PSI) and suspension lock out should make a big difference, a few members of our bike club use converted MTB with no problems at all.

What size tire should I buy?

If you do want more grip from your hybrid bike, you’re better off getting a wider tyre than going for one that’s the same size with knobs, as adhesive grip is more important than mechanical for this type of riding.

What are the best tires for a hybrid bike?

Due to the extra rolling resistance knobs add – and because hybrid bikes aren’t designed to be ploughed through the mud – slick or semi-slick tyres are what you’ll find on a hybrid bike.

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