Why Did Chase Tucker Leave Peloton? The Inside Story

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Chase tucker, was the former trade instructor at peloton. On March 12 of this year, he announced he was leaving Peloton. Naturally, his followers and those who loved attending his classes in Peloton daily were shocked and saddened after receiving this news.

But, why did chase tucker leave peloton?

Well, we will explore the reason behind this decision in this guide. So, if you are also a Chase Tucker peloton fan and want to know the exact reason behind his decision, keep on reading this guide.

When Did Chase Tucker Leave Peloton?

When Did Chase Tucker Leave Peloton

Chase did his last live class at Peloton on March 1. However, he didn’t look like he would have any final sendoff class on the live schedule.

Even then, with his notable absence from the schedule and with only two strength classes listed in the upcoming schedule (which were later moved), there was much speculation about his future in the peloton. Apart from all these, on March 11th Chase’s photo was replaced by Kirsten Ferguson’s picture to update Peloton’s “Outdoor” modality.

Why Did Chase Tucker Leave Peloton?

Chase Tucker, is a personal fitness trainer, lifestyle coach, and consultant who joined Peloton for the opening of the Tread Studio in 2018.

But, why did chase tucker quit peloton?

Actually, he didn’t reveal the actual reason, but this is how he shared the news of leaving the peloton on his Instagram handle on March 12.

Why Did Chase Tucker Leave Peloton?

Here’s what he said in his Instagram caption which may clear up why is chase tucker leaving peloton-

“My mission has always been to serve others in the pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves…

That is the purpose that drove me as a young man, that took me from Nashville to New York, and that brought me to @onepeloton, where I woke up every day inspired to push myself and to push you beyond our self-imposed limits.

You have reminded me how profoundly important the community is, from the queens of #BGM to my own #wolfpack to every new runner who stepped on the Tread and dared to get stronger.

I’ve spoken many times about doing the hard work of clarifying your goals and focusing your energy, and that work has led me to focus on adventures and opportunities outside of Peloton.

Our journey together has meant everything to me, and my support for every one of you is without end. I am, now and always, your #CoachChase, and stay tuned for what’s next. 👊🏿”

Chase Tucker

Who Is Replacing Chase Tucker?

Still now, there is no word on this matter. As soon as this information becomes available, we will update this section, until then, stay with us.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’S]

Is Chase Still A Peloton Instructor?

No, he is not. But according to Peloton’s social media, “Chase’s classes will continue to be available on-demand, barring our normal edits to the library”. That means you can still take Chase’s on-demand classes.

Who Was Fired From Peloton?

So far no instructor has been fired from the peloton. But Oliver Lee, Jennifer Jacobs, Irene Scholz, and Marina Andersen depart from the peloton.

Were Any Of The Peloton Instructors Laid Off?

No, nothing like that has been heard till now. But in 2019 instructors Oliver Lee and Jennifer Jacobs departed from the peloton. After that, Irene Scholz announced her departure in May 2021, and Marina Andersen, who had joined in September 2021, left the peloton in December of that year.


Despite Peloton’s extremely low instructor turnover rate, Chase is the fifth person to leave Peloton.

But for those who still want to take Chase’s classes in Peloton, the good news is that there are still Chase’s on-demand classes in Peloton, so you can access them and take classes if you want.

So, that’s all for this guide. We hope, now you know why did chase tucker leave peloton.

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