How To Get Peloton App On Tv? (Samsung, Apple Tv Included)

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Peloton is a bike sharing service that allows people to rent bikes and ride them around their city. It’s been growing rapidly since its launch on January 3, 2012 and now has over 2 million members worldwide.

The company offers an app where cyclists can ride their bikes while watching live races. But now Peloton wants to expand its reach beyond the bike. It’s launching a new service called Peloton TV that lets people watch live races on their TVs.

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If you’re looking to try out Peloton, you’ll want to download the app onto your phone. The app lets you see where the nearest bikes are located, reserve a bike, track your rides and even pay for them using your credit card.

Do you think the pandemic has confined us to the house? To be honest, a few of us have always been living life like this for the past few years, decades, or even more. They were called introverts, unsocial, and by many other names. It seems they were not wrong all this time!

Now, with gyms having closed, people started to resort to apps and such online services that could fulfill these requirements. Peloton App and many more have come to the rescue. You can now enjoy a nice run in fields, take personalized spin classes, do virtual yoga, and more. If you want to know how to get peloton app on tv, then you must read this post till the end.

How To Get Peloton App On TV?

Technology has advanced so much that you will not feel lonely restrained into the four walls. This means applications like Peloton are there to make you feel the same as before. You can jog in the open, practice yoga, or can join a spin class with a trainer.

Peloton is a fitness app that helps you exercise at your convenience. You can get trainers and videos that help you train. That is to say, if you are unable to go out to the gym, then this is should be the way. You may also call it the “new normal” as that is the way to do it.

Moreover, these days you can turn on the television and watch training videos. Yes, it is possible to stream peloton app on tv. For this, you can cast your mobile device into your with the help of mirroring apps like Miracast or Chromecast.

Alternatively, you may also try to download the Peloton app into your TV and start with the classes. It is totally up to you, choose whichever way you are comfortable with as it is all that matters. Here is how you can install peloton app on smart tv and get on with your workout:

  • Click on the home button on your remote and this will take you to the list of apps your provider supports
  • Scroll till you get Peloton App or you can simply type in the search space – Peloton App
  • You will have to log into it
  • If you are a subscriber, then you can choose your class
  • If you are not, then you may have to opt for a paid subscription of $12.99 called digital membership to access their content and an all-access membership that costs $39 a month
  • The next thing is to select a class of your choice
  • Join the class

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How To Get Peloton App On Samsung TV?

If by peloton app on samsung tv you mean it is not a smart TV, then you may have a hard time doing it. This is an honest confession and assuming that everyone is not that high with technical skills, it may seem to be a tad difficult. Nonetheless, you have reached us and we promised to show you ways that can take you to new heights. So, sit tight and have a look at this discussion:

  • First of all, relax as this is no rocket science, it is very easy
  • Bring the USB cable of your phone or any other device (check if they are compatible, usually they are, but there is no harm in inspecting it)
  • Connect the micro USB to your phone (like you generally do while charging your phone)
  • Then join the USB cable of your phone to the TV’s HDMI port
  • Now you can click on tethering or sharing the media files, whatever shows up on your phone
  • This way you can start sharing the screen and begin your workout

How To Install Peloton App On Samsung Smart TV?

Okay, the saddest part is that Samsung TV does not use Android or iOS. Then the question is how to install peloton app on samsung tv? Don’t worry, as we have got you covered for this. Here is a detailed description of you can download the Peloton application on your Samsung smart TV.

  • Click the home button on your Samsung TV screen
  • You will be able to see all the apps on display
  • Now, scroll down till you reach Peloton app
  • Download it
  • Log in with your details, assuming you have a paid subscription as mentioned
  • Start by connecting to a class of your preference

That is it and there is nothing more to this. Don’t get worked up. Just enjoy the process and keep cool.

How To Get Peloton App On Apple TV?

The Peloton app is very much available in the Apple Store. So, if you ask how to get peloton app on tv, this is what you should do:

  • You can simply head for the store and type Peloton in the search bar
  • It will take you to the app and you can download it
  • It is free, but yes you know you need to subscribe to take on the classes 
  • Either you pay for the subscription or if you are already subscribed then
  • Key in your details into the app
  • Finally, start with a class of your selection

How To Stream Peloton To TV?

Peloton is an online streaming service that allows cyclists to live stream their rides. It was founded in 2012 by John Foley and Eric Lefkofsky. The company has raised $100 million in funding since its inception. Peloton currently offers two subscription options: a monthly membership and a yearly membership.

The monthly membership costs $19.99 per month and includes access to live streams of cycling classes, races, and other events. The yearly membership costs $399.99 and includes access to live streaming of cycling classes, races and other events.

If you are using the Peloton app, then here is an answer as to how to stream peloton to tv:

  • Go to the settings and tap on it
  • Find – Cast Screen option
  • As you click on it, you will get a lot of options of devices
  • Select the device you would like it to cast on and then you get going


Can I get the Peloton app on my smart TV?

Yes, you can get the Peloton app on any smart TV of your choice nowadays. You can get them on Amazon Fire TV, Roku TVs, Roku devices, Apple TV, Android TV, and Sky Q. The best part is either you can procure these gadgets or these come installed in the television sets. Of course, they turn into smart televisions once installed.

You can always get Peloton application on smart TVs at present. You just need to locate the app and then download it from the application list. This will further assist you to access it fast.

Can you get peloton app on playstation 4?

As of now the facility is limited to smart TVs, phones, laptops, computers, and tablet computers. It is very difficult to state if it is available on gaming consoles. You know for it is still in its early stages. We are sure that it is developing as we are speaking of it.

If you have a PS4, then you may contact Sony customer service to find out the exact situation about this. That can be of massive help and you will get the news from the horse’s mouth.

Is there a peloton app for Samsung TV?

There is a Peloton app on the Samsung TV just like you will find one Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV. You will not have any problems while downloading the app if you follow the instructions that we have provided in here. That is right, as we have discussed all that is required about how to download peloton app on samsung smart tv in this write-up.

We agree that Peloton has become very popular over the years and specifically over the past year. This explains the demand for this app and we want you to enjoy your workouts the way you want. Some like to exercise in private and others may like to do it in a group. Peloton is the best of both worlds and it is here to assist you. 

Can I add an app to my Vizio smart TV?

Smart TVs are a new addition to our list of gadgets and a few of us must have invested in them way back in 2008 or so. Nevertheless, these have become the latest device to complement our household. The logic behind their recognition is based on convenience.

That is correct, it works almost like a phone and the screen is bigger. Hence, the advent of these television sets was like fresh air. Now, you have a lot of varieties to choose from and the Vizio smart TV happens to be one of them.

In case, you want to know how to add any app in general to your Vizio TV, then you must press the “V” shaped button on the remote. Get into the app store and then select any application of your choice. That is it, and yes it is that easy!

Can you use peloton for TV?

You certainly can use Peloton for TV and we have disclosed all the information regarding that. You need to read this post thoroughly for that as we have answered all the possible queries pertaining to Peloton app downloads.

As of now, you can get peloton app on tv in almost any television set. It may take you some time to figure out how you can install the app. The reason for this is because Sony has a different user interface, the UI of Samsung is different than that of Sony and so is LG’s.

Other than this minor variance, you will not find much of a disparity. If you know how to download Peloton on your phone, the procedure to do it on your television will not be that different. Again, it may be easier for smart TVs as against non-smart TV.

Can I download the peloton app on my LG Smart TV?

We have recorded everything in this article about how to stream peloton to tv. One thing that describes the community at Peloton is unity. Yes, some may call it cult-like, but on a serious note, finding people of the same temperament could be challenging, especially while working out. It is true, if you find a buddy, stick to them. Just vibe with the class, the rest will follow.

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