Are Peloton Shoes True to Size? (Peloton Shoes Sizing Guide)

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The shoes you choose for your workout session have a great impact on your performance. You must need a pair of perfectly fitted shoes to have a productive cycling session and comfortable experience. 

Especially, when it comes to using peloton bikes, getting the right peloton shoe size is a must. To make sure you get the most out of your Peloton experience, it’s important to know how do peloton shoes fit. 
So, this Peloton shoe sizing guide will walk you through how to adjust peloton shoes, peloton shoes sizing chart, and all other required details, so you can find the perfect fit for you. So let’s see how should peloton shoes fit and how it works.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Peloton

Yes, you require special shoes for the peloton bike. And here with the word “special,” what we mean to say is a pair of peloton bike compatible shoes. The peloton bike comes with a Delta cleat, and your shoes should have a cleat or clip on the bottom to attach with the pedal cleat. 

So, if you want to cycle with clipping in your shoes with the pedal then, you must need special shoes like the peloton shoes.

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

When it comes to choosing a pair of peloton shoes, one common question that comes to everyone’s mind is, do peloton shoes run true to size?  

Well, the answer is, yes, peloton shoes are true to size. You will get peloton shoes ranging between 36 – 48 (EU) or 5 to 13.5 (US). Here, the shoe sizes for men range between 40 to 48 (EU) or 7 to 13.5 (US), while for women, they range between 36 to 43 (EU) or 5 to 12 (US). 

Apart from these, peloton shoes also come in unisex sizes which ranges between 40 to 43 (EU) or Men 7 / Women 9 to Men 10/ Women 12 (US). This means you will get ranges of different sizes of peloton shoes to get your perfect fit. 
Note: If your feet tend towards narrow, then you will surely fit into these shoes.

Peloton Shoe Size Chart

Fortunately, the peloton shoe comes in men, women, and even unisex’s specific pairs to make sure they fit perfectly on every narrow to the normal foot. So, here is a chart for you that will help you determine the correct size of your shoes.

For Men

Men’s EU SizeMen’s US Size
40 EUMen’s size 7 US
41 EUMen’s size 8 US
42 EUMen’s size 9 US
43 EUMen’s size 10 US
44 EUMen’s size 10.5 US
45 EUMen’s size 11 US
46 EUMen’s size 12 US
47 EUMen’s size 13 US
48 EUMen’s size 13.5 US

For Women

Women’s EU SizeWomen’s US Size
36 EUWomen’s size 5 US
37 EUWomen’s size 6 US
38 EUWomen’s size 7 US
39 EUWomen’s size 8 US
40 EUWomen’s size 9 US
41 EUWomen’s size 10 US
42 EUWomen’s size 11 US
43 EUWomen’s size 12 US

Peloton Shoes Sizing Guide

Now that you know the different peloton bike shoes sizing, it may be clear to you that it offers lots of freedom to choose the perfect one. Now, as far as understanding the peloton cycling shoes sizing, here are some tips for you-

Half Sizes In Peloton Bike Shoes

Well, there are only two half sizes available for peloton shoes which are, 10.5 and 13.5. Unfortunately, both sizes are for men and there is no half-size shoe for women. In that case, if the shoe is hard to fit, sizing up is a good option.

Peloton Bike Shoes For Men

As you can see from the above section’s chart, there are 9 different peloton bike shoes size available for men. These numbers are enough to fit most men’s feet. However, for younger boys, women’s shoes will fit perfectly.

Peloton Bike Shoes For Women

Just like the men’s shoe size, the range of different sizes for women’s shoes is also pretty big. If you are looking for peloton shoes for girls, consider 41 or 10 size shoes to get the perfect fit. 

Though, the above recommendations may vary based on different feet sizes. In that case, make sure to follow the following factors-

  • It’s crucial to know your feet’ width.
  • To prevent injury, there should not be any room for extra space in your peloton shoes. While keeping that in mind, you must make sure your shoes are well-ventilated also. 
  • Your shoes must provide you with good support and stability while cycling. 
  • When you come in contact with the ground, look for the alignment, it will help you to understand the perfect fit.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small Or Large?

Do peloton cycling shoes run small or large, and how can I determine what size peloton shoes should I get? 

Well, the peloton shoes usually run true to size for standard and narrow size feet. So, they don’t run small or large. 

The first tip to help you choose the proper size for your foot is to make sure you measure your feet. You should also buy half sizes if you have a wide foot. The size you purchase should allow your feet to breathe and fit properly. Do not be afraid to order one size larger if your feet are narrow or wide.

Another tip for determining the right size for your feet is to measure your feet. If you have narrow feet, choose a half-size up. If you have wide or medium-wide, choose a size up. For children, use the women’s size chart. 

The right shoe size should be snug around the heel but allow for free movement of the ankle. You’ll never be disappointed if your Peloton shoes are not the right size for you.

How Much Do Peloton Shoes Cost?

While the cost of these shoes is on the high side, it’s worth considering the features that make them stand out. And, you will definitely get what you pay for. Peloton cycling shoes are made for indoor cycling and have numbers or lines on them. 

These lines and numbers help you position your cleats correctly. The diagonal lines on the shoes are meant to position the cleat in the center of the ball of your foot.

However, now that you know that there are different sizes of Peloton shoes for men and women, and depending on the age, regardless of the size you choose, Peloton bike shoes range in price from 125 to 145.

How Should My Peloton Shoes Fit?

If you are confused about what peloton shoe size am I or how do the Peloton shoes fit, keep on reading this section. To find the right size Peloton shoe for you, the following guidelines will help you. 

Firstly, measure the width of your foot by placing your finger on the shoe’s front. Then, add half a size to your current size. If your feet are wider, you may need to go up a full size. This way, you’ll get a snug fit. For women, you may want to go down a half-size.

After that, check your shoe size. You should choose a size that fits your foot snugly, but is not too tight or too loose. If it feels too loose or too tight, it could cause an injury. Try to wiggle your toes and arch a bit and make sure the shoe fits properly. If you are unsure of your size, you can visit the nearest cycling store to try on the shoes.

Once you have figured out your foot size, you’ll know how to find the right Peloton shoes. They should fit your feet perfectly. They shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. A shoe that is too tight could be uncomfortable. A shoe that is too tight can cause an injury. You should also check the space between your toes and arch. When choosing your Peloton shoes, make sure to choose the correct size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s find out the answers to some commonly asked questions from this section. This will help you to understand the concept more better.

How To Measure For Peloton Shoes?

If you usually wear half-sized, it is recommended to size up for peloton shoes. On the other hand, if you have much wider feet, get one size larger than your normal size.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Big?

No, peloton shoes don’t run big, they are true to size for standard and narrower feet people.

Should I Size Up In Peloton Shoes?

If your feet are wider, and you feel that shoes are really tight you should size up, on the other hand, if you see that your heels are slipping off consider choosing a smaller size.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small?

Peloton shoes range between 44 to 48 for men, while for women the shoes range between 36 to 39, they are perfectly true to size and don’t run small.

Final Verdict

Perfectly fitted shoes are one of the most essential items when it comes to exercising on peloton bikes. To stay superbly comfortable throughout the riding session, avoid injuries, stay stable while pedaling, and have a good amount of breathing space, make sure you choose the perfect fit for your feet

The secret of having an amazing workout with improved performance is having the right pair of shoes. We hope this Peloton Shoes Sizing Guide helps you to understand how should peloton shoes fit. So, pick up the right pair, start your workout, and have fun.

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