Peloton Vs Tonal: Which is the Best Indoor Cycling App?

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Smart equipment for workouts at home makes the exercise more approachable, handy, and for several people more comprehensible. This is the reason why companies like peloton bikes and tonal gyms come to the forefront of the masses by offering software-enabled fitness machines.

As a whole, if we talk about peloton vs tonal, peloton stands for spin bikes and tread that permits you to do cycling and running at home which means indoor cycling facilities. While tonal stands for cable resistance system of training powered by the technology of AI like a cable machine in the gym.

So, if you are looking for home gym equipment, but are confused between these two brands, we will assist you in perceiving a number of variations between the peloton and tonal. Stick and follow the guide and choose your best home gym.

What’s the Key Difference: Peloton Bike vs Tunal

Peloton Vs Tonal: Which is the Best Indoor Cycling App?
Peloton Vs Tonal

As you already know what peloton and tonal are from the above, now you’ll get to know the key differences between peloton vs tonal.

The following table will show you the dissimilarities at glance to understand both types of equipment easily. Scroll below to see each of its reviews.

SpecificationsMaximum resistance-297 LbsMaximum resistance-200 Lbs
ClassesRange from ten to ninety minutesRange from ten to sixty minutes
App And Subscriptions$12.99 per month$49 per month
Cardio TrainingBoot camping, walking, etc.200-pound resistance and strength training.
Building MuscleYesYes
Losing WeightMuch effectiveMore effective
PriceCheck Price on AmazonVisit Tunal official

What Are The Differences Between Peloton Vs Tonal?

For most people, exercising at home through an indoor gym has become very famous and enjoyable. Whether you think about yoga, HIIT class, running, or walking you can do it easily if you have an indoor gym at your home. 

If you want to choose the perfect indoor workout solution between peloton vs tonal go through the following main differences in detail for your better understanding. 

1. Specification Of Peloton Bike And Tonal

Tonal and peloton both have great specifications with various differences. Check out the below table to get both indoor gyms’ specs at a glance.

Dimensions L- 59”, H-53” and W-4’*2’Wall space -7’, ceiling height-7’*10”
Weight135 Ibs150 Ibs
FrameMade with welded steel, also coated with ED and powderMade with wood and metal
Maximum Resistance297 Ibs200 Ibs
DisplayTouchscreen- 21.5”Touchscreen- 24”
Console ConnectivityBluetooth, WiFi, ANT, etc.Wifi connection
WarrantyFive years for the frame and one year for parts and laborThree years
Space RequirementsFloor space- 4’*2’Floor space- 7’*7’
Key FeaturesPre-recorded classes, music when riding, and access to individual household profiles.Intelligent tools such as assessments of strength, video visuals, and adjustable upper lower arms body movements.

2. Peloton And Tonal Workout Plan Or Classes

Both the peloton and tonal have top-notch varieties of classes in different ways.  Have a look at the table below to see which programs for strength training, peloton strength vs tonal offer to do the exercise in a better way.

Strength, Cardio, Meditation, Cycling, Outdoor, Walking, Running, Stretching, Yoga, Bike Bootcamp, Tread Bootcamp, etc.HIIT workouts, yoga, cardio dance, and the performance of the sport. Kickboxing, recovery from any illness, mobility, pre, and post-natal,  and family fun.

Along with the class from the table, the peloton will provide new classes in life and will keep the old classes on demand, so the people can see the classes whenever they want and wherever they need.

On the other hand, the tonal gym has the advantages of a live class where you can exercise with other members and can make groups to attend the classes on the same schedule with your loving friends and family.

3. Setup Of Peloton And Tonal

If you’re ordering a peloton or tonal each of the machines will be directly delivered to you. The sole distinction might be that the peloton bike can easily move to your home as it’s more adjustable. You don’t need to fix it in one place and can make any changes to any place.

On the opposite hand, the tonal gym offers white-glove service. This suggests alongside delivery, you may get professionals to progress it for you. The drawback is that the tonal will remain for good after fixing it on your wall.

4. App And Subscription

Both peloton and tonal supply currently mobile apps wherever you’ll be able to stream live and pre-recorded classes. We prefer this feature as you can not only keep active on the go but, conjointly review your metrics and track your improvements.

The peloton app is greater than tonal because you can get access to more than 24k on-demand classes for a 3rd of the price and the All-Access Membership cost will be $44/month. On the other hand, the app membership comes for only $12.99.

With tonal, you would like to pay directly for twelve months of membership to be able to use each tonal and tonal mobile app. And also can subscribe at a $49 cost.

5. Cardio

Both the peloton strength and tonal strength exercise facilities are wonderful for cardio workouts. But, Peloton has been established to be more practical for cardio than a tonal workout facility.

Peloton provides different cardio training such as boot camping, walking, etc to boost cardiovascular functions and levels of endurance.

Since Tonal Gym solely provides a lot of ancient gym experience, Peloton includes complete cycling with a highly intensified studio feel with over ten thousand pure cycling classes.

6. Building Muscle

Many people assume the peloton may be a more sensible choice for building muscle as a result of its particular bike and weights. Others may think tonal is a far better option because it offers more practical exercise.

This all depends on your goals. If you’re trying to make muscle, then tonal can be a greater choice for you.

However, if you are thinking about weight loss and want to have toned muscles, then a peloton could be a better choice for you.

7. Losing Weight

Both tonal and peloton are intended to help in losing weight. Peloton offers a lot of ways in which to melt off by combining their cardio instrumentation without machine calorie-burning exercises like walking, resistance training, and boot camping.

However, tonal options include two hundred pounds of stumbling and strength-training categories that help in building lean muscle mass and burning calories throughout and once a workout.

8. Community

Peloton has been able to build up its community by generating it easier for people to seek out and connect with people within the fitness world. Tonal shows up along with all participants with live classes and leaderboards.

Tonal, on the opposite hand, isn’t as successful as a result, it doesn’t supply any social features. It’s difficult to find friends on tonal and there aren’t any teams or communities for those that have an interest in fitness.

9. Peloton Tonal Price Comparison

Now let’s have a look at the worth price distinction between the peloton bike and tonal gym. Here is the fundamental costing breakdown for both.

Peloton BikePeloton Bike+Peloton TableTonal Gym

From the above table, you can see that a tonal gym costs more than a peloton bike. So, the peloton can be more affordable for you, if you want to choose from this indoor gym.

Pros And Cons Of Tonal vs Peloton

Both indoor gym machine peloton and tonal have numerous pros and cons. Some significant pros and cons we’ve figured out for you which you can read easily from the below table.

Peloton Bike: What We Like & Dislike


Wide library of live and pre-recorded classes for cycling, yoga, running, and boot camping.

Giant touchscreen

Cardio durable frame and solid construction.

It permits you to do a home trial for  30 days and can undertake the bike free from any charge.

Free noise pedaling and comfy rides with an updated technological handlebar.


Highly upfronted cost

In comparison to other competitors it has a more expensive membership on a monthly basis.

Maximum weight of  the user is 297Ibs

Shipping and setup fee is 2500 dollars which are very costly.

Tonal Bike: What We Like & Dislike


Free home trial for thirty days

Needs stripped floor space at the time of exercising

Moving the bench is simple when it’s unused.

Machine is noise free.

Offers full body routine with flexible workouts.

Provides automatic adjusting resistance

Sensible handles build it easy to regulate resistance


 High-priced upfront cost

 Additional accessories cost

A good size wall is needed and shut presence to an outlet

Installation is needed by a tonal expert

Arms need manual adjustment for every lower-and upper body workout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Is Peloton Better Than Tonal?

If your fitness goal depends on cardio equipment, then the peloton is a perfect choice. Tonal would be a great option if your interest is in resistance training.

Will Peloton Make A Tonal?

Tonal is a complete wall-mounted device that includes magnetically-powered weights for strength exercises. Until now, Peloton has not produced anything like this, but it is not known whether it will be produced in the future.

Is There A Competitor To Tonal?

Yes, Echelon Reflect Touch is one of the best competitors of tonal, and for those who are looking for an affordable option, it can be a great choice.

Will Peloton Buy Tonal?

Peloton has not yet revealed whether it will buy Tonal or not.

Is Tonal Owned By Peloton?

No, tonal is not owned by the peloton.

Tonal Vs. Peloton: Which Is Best?

Tonal and peloton both give quality indoor exercise machines associated with smart technology and wonderful classes and exercises. Selecting between peloton vs tonal depends on your fitness goals with your specific needs. If cardio is on your top list, then worth considering is peloton. But, if you prioritize the strength training the clear winner is tonal.

Each Tonal and Peloton are pricey. But, if cash is a determining factor and your fitness goal depends on resistance training then the peloton is the best place to start. Peloton bikes can be a more cost-effective and budget-friendly option. We predict tonal will be a superb addition to a home gymnasium lineup, you can afford to get access to a comprehensive library.

Choose your best indoor gym which can be perfect for you through the help of this guide and enjoy your home gym.  Good luck!


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