Peloton Digital (App) Vs. All Access Membership

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Do you like to work out from the convenience of your home? Then this discussion is for you. In fact, if you have a Peloton at home then this query must have crossed your mind once – peloton digital vs all-access, what is the basic difference? We have tried our best to answer this and more in this post. Do read this without any preset notions.

Peloton All-access Vs. Digital App Memberships (THE MAIN DIFFERENCE)

The difference between the All-Access Membership and the App Membership is that of unlimited access. That is correct, you get access to a lot more content with the All-Access Membership, like demand and live classes.

You also get to share it with your family and friends. However, the App Membership is restricted to a single member and it will not be able to track your metrics too.

What is All-Access Membership?

The fact is you need to have a Peloton Bike or Tread to avail the All Access Membership. Now, what do you get with this is a lot of benefits that you may not know. You get live classes, metrics, on-demand classes, and professional trainers.

These trainers can also serve you with resistance adjustment and more. They are humans, so you know they are not automated!

Jokes apart, this membership costs you $39 a month and additional taxes may incur. They also run promotions from time to time that you can pay attention to, in order to get the best out of this.

Benefits Of The Peloton All Access Membership

There are many advantages of this membership as you get to read your metrics on board. For example, if you want to know how much distance you have traveled, cadence, and even output. Wait, there is more to this like:

  • You can stream classes from anywhere you like
  • There is no restriction as to how many users can use it
  • This implies that it lets you create multiple profiles
  • This means you can share it with your family and friends
  • There is an incentive that comes with this plan and that is the Century Club Shirt that comes as a complimentary gift from Peloton
  • This app is also compatible with Apple Watch, Android, smartwatches, and smart TVs too

All this explains that you will never regret investing in this plan. We have explained everything regarding this, hope this aids in taking a call that you seemed overwhelming so far.

What is Peloton App Membership?

It is very simple, you see anyone can sign up for this affiliation. This facilitates one to avail on-demand and live classes. You can stream these working out sessions on your phone, tablet, and T.V. More or less, you do not have to a Peloton device to join this membership.

This costs you $12.99 a month along with plus taxes. You may get additional discounts from time to time. Nonetheless, there are a few more advantages that you get with this package and we have elucidated all that in the next section.

Benefits Of The Peloton App Membership

Peloton brings you value, be it in the form of a bike, treadmill, or an app. Period. What we have found is that to avail this membership, you do not need a piece of Peloton equipment. That is right, this is an application that anyone uses to get a hang of what Peloton content is like.

There are some more proceeds that you can revel on, like:

  • The truth is, not all will like to head straight for the Peloton All Access Membership, hence this works like a bridge between the two, for instance, if ever you want to upgrade and get a Peloton
  • This costs you nothing if you compare a gym membership or creating a home gym
  • Yes, there is no compulsion to purchase a Peloton right away
  • If you live alone and there is no need to share your details, then this is the perfect one for you
  • Plus, this single user could be a silver lining as this keeps your data safe

It may not be that grand an app, but it does what it promises. It is a way to feel the Peloton experience and see for yourself that it is all legit. The content is great and you may need to push yourself a bit too.

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Peloton App Membership Vs All Access – A Comparison Table

It seems Peloton has a big competitor in itself. You can say it has found its match because it is competing against itself. Peloton is trying to bring the best of the boutique exercise classes. We say this because all of us can see it has created two different types of apps.

Moreover, these apps are designed to cater to two different problems. This will help fitness enthusiasts quite advantageously.

In addition, Peloton offers discounts under both the plans for military personnel, educators, first responders, and more. You can consult their official for detailed information on this. Let us see how.

Comparison FactsAll-Access MembershipApp Membership
MeaningAll-Access Peloton Membership is a premium subscription service ($39 per month) that gives you unlimited access to our live and on-demand classes, including special classes and experiences. You get access to our live classes so you can ride with the Peloton community.

And you can stream on-demand classes when it’s convenient for you, even if you missed the live class. Membership also gives you unlimited access to our catalog of on-demand classes and lets you download our classes to watch offline.
The Peloton Digital app is your membership to the Peloton digital experience. It’s where you can access the Peloton library of on-demand workouts, watch live classes, view your workout calendar, and access your music library for $12.99 per month.

In addition, the Peloton Digital app offers a variety of workouts to help you reach your goals, including customized Peloton workouts, Peloton-approved workouts, and your favorite Peloton playlist workouts.
ClassesLive classes and on-demand classes are readily availableYes, live classes and on-demand classes are available
EquipmentOnly Peloton equipment requiredAny equipment will do
Cost$39 a month and plus taxes as applicable$12.99 a month and plus taxes are applicable
Multiple UsersYou can share it with your friends and familyConfined to single-use only
RidesYou can enjoy scenic ridesNo such facilities of scenic rides
LeaderboardYes, availableYes, available
MetricsTracks your metricsThere are no such features
PerksYou get Century Club ShirtNothing as such yet to be found

Peloton Digital Vs All Access – Detailed Comparison

The two solve different aspects and this explains their popularity. They are equally well-known among fitness buffs. Peloton has excelled in the area of home exercises. Be it walking, running, yoga, or strength, they have it all.

Additionally, scenic rides enrich your experience and even the digital app has something more to offer. We are comparing both the plans for you in detail in the forthcoming segment. We urge to you to pin your ears back and read it with care.


We have already mentioned that the Peloton All Access Membership costs $39 a month, but taxes incur and it comes with a lot of features. Things like leaderboard, metrics, scenic rides, and boot camps only make it a good bargain.

The Peloton App Membership only costs you $12.99 per month with some additional taxes. You do not need to have Peloton equipment for this and can use it via a tablet, TV, phone, and even the web. This is available for free for a month! This means you can try it for free for a month and see how it adds value to your existing routine.


Now both the packages have a leaderboard, but we have observed one thing that members of the cycling and running of the Peloton Digital app do not show on the leaderboard of the All Access Membership. In the same way, people from All Access Membership do not show up on the Digital app leaderboard.

There is another thing that you may be able to chat with each other, but during yoga and strength classes, digital members and All Access Membership appear on the leaderboards. This suggests that Peloton applications will only get better with time.


All Access Membership has all the metrics you need starting from resistance, distance, elevation gained to output. We know all this is important to reach your goals without a doubt. Unfortunately, the Peloton App Membership does not comprise of these metrics.

Number Of Users

The Peloton App Membership is for a single member, while the All Access Membership you can share with family and friends. One has restrictions and the other does not come with such bindings.

So, if you have a large family, where you need to share and save the information under their names, then you know which one to go for.


Is there a contract? Heck no! Peloton does not force you to do things. You are free to make your own choices. There is no need for a contract and frankly speaking with the kind of digital content that Peloton offers, no one needs a contract.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

Can you transfer the Peloton membership from one device to another?

You can log into your account which indicates there is no need to transfer your membership.

Will you get a discount for Peloton membership?

You may not get in the traditional way, but Black Friday deals, military, health worker, and educator discounts, are readily available with Peloton.

Can you watch Netflix on Peloton?

Yes, you but you will have to connect your screen with third-party apps.

Our Verdict

We understand your predicament when we talk about the peloton digital vs all access. It may seem to be difficult to choose between the two, but we say, identify your needs. They will guide you to the right product and we have also helped you comprehend the two affiliations.

All you need to do is to mix this information and focus on your requirements. This will assist you to make the most out of your Peloton experience. You know it seems as if Peloton exudes a vibe that catches up with you. So, act wisely!

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