Do Peloton Shoes Run Small?

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Shoes can make or break your entire workout session. It can transform your workout session and make it more effective. On the other hand, unfit shoes can be both painful and risky as well.

However, when it comes to the peloton, do peloton shoes run small or big?

Generally speaking, peloton shoes are true to size and do not run small. The built-in platform of peloton shoes is extremely rigid and stiff, which helps transfer more power to the pedal as well as reduces foot mobility.  

So, if you are thinking about purchasing peloton shoes but are also wondering do peloton shoes run small or large, keep on reading this guide.

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

Are Peloton Shoes True To Size

Are you wondering does peloton shoes run true to size?

The simple answer to it is, Yes, peloton shoes are true to size. In general, peloton shoes ranges between-

  • 36 – 48 (EU) or
  • 5 to 13.5 (US).

And, here men’s shoe size ranges between-

EU40 to 4836 to 4340 to 43
US7 to 13.55 to 12Men 7 to 10 / Women 9 to 12

do peloton shoes run large or small?

When it comes to purchasing a new peloton shoe one common question that comes into most people’s minds is do peloton shoes run small?

Well, as you have already seen that peloton shoes are true to size for standard and narrow size feet they don’t run small and even large. 

However, Peloton is much firmer and for this reason, when you try on Peloton shoes you may feel that the shoes are a little small.

Overall, peloton shoes should be snug while cycling to give your foot proper stability. Besides, its Velcro strap fastening system helps your feet keep in one position, which gives you optimal power during the stroke.

However, the shoes should still feel comfortable, otherwise, even the slightest discomfort can turn into excruciating pain.

To get the perfect-sized peloton shoe, all you need to do is measure your feet.

If your feet are wide, you should buy a half-size shoe. On the other hand, you should choose a size up if your feet are narrower or medium. For children, use the women’s size chart.

A shoe that is the right size for your feet will fit snugly around your heel and allow your ankle to move freely. Make sure that whatever size shoes you choose, you need to feel comfortable wearing them.

Peloton Shoe Size Chart/ Sizing

When it comes to Peloton shoes, it can be tough to know what peloton shoe sizes to order, especially if you’re a newbie. Peloton recommends cycling shoes that have a snug fit yet feel comfortable.

That said, if you find it confusing while purchasing peloton shoes, don’t worry. In this section, we provide the perfect Peloton shoe size chart to help you find your perfect cycling shoe fit.

The following table includes the average shoe size for males and females and the corresponding Peloton shoe sizes.

For Men

Men’s EU SizeMen’s US Size
40 EUMen’s size 7 US
41 EUMen’s size 8 US
42 EUMen’s size 9 US
43 EUMen’s size 10 US
44 EUMen’s size 10.5 US
45 EUMen’s size 11 US
46 EUMen’s size 12 US
47 EUMen’s size 13 US
48 EUMen’s size 13.5 US

Peloton Shoe Size Chart Women’s

Women’s EU SizeWomen’s US Size
36 EUWomen’s size 5 US
37 EUWomen’s size 6 US
38 EUWomen’s size 7 US
39 EUWomen’s size 8 US
40 EUWomen’s size 9 US
41 EUWomen’s size 10 US
42 EUWomen’s size 11 US
43 EUWomen’s size 12 US

How Do Peloton Shoes Fit True To Size?

So, now you know, do peloton shoes run true to size, let’s see how should peloton shoes fit.

  • First of all, what you need to do is to know the correct width of your feet.
  • Check your shoe size, and it should fit your feet accurately, meaning the shoe is neither too tight nor too loose. Too loose or too tight shoes can cause injury while cycling.
foot measurement
  • To make sure the shoes fit properly try to wiggle your toes and arch.
  • Make sure your Peloton shoes don’t have any extra room, to prevent injuries. Along with that, you must ensure that your shoes have good ventilation.
  • Come in contact with the ground and look for alignment, this will give you a sense of the perfect fit.
  • Check if your shoes provide you with good support and stability while cycling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Should I Size Up In Peloton Shoes?

Bike shoes should not be too snug or too loose. If you have narrow feet, size down the shoe size. Conversely, if you have wide feet, size up the shoe.

Can You Return Peloton Shoes If They Don’t Fit?

Yes, you can return the shoes if they don’t fit. You can exchange the shoes within 30 days of purchase.

Can You Use Different Shoes On Peloton?

Yes, you can. Peloton shoes come with a 3 screw hole setup which needs to clip to the peloton pedal’s delta-compatible cleats.

Does Peloton Run Small?

Peloton shoes are well known as true to size for standard and narrower feet people and usually don’t run small.

Are Peloton Bike Shoes Worth It?

Peloton shoes can be a worthwhile investment for indoor exercise bikes, especially those that have cleats attached to the pedals. The right fitted peloton shoes can improve your workout efficiency and give a smoother ride as well.


Do peloton shoes run small?

After reading this post, you may have now realized that the Peloton shoe size will be correct if you have semi-narrow or standard feet.

However, the most important thing in choosing the peloton shoe is to make sure that the shoe is comfortable, has enough ventilation, and keeps your feet completely stable during the workout.

And, fortunately, with the peloton, you really don’t need to worry about comfort and perfect shoe size.

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