How To Attach Peloton Cleats To Shoes For Comfortable Cycling?

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If you are a beginner and just started using the Peloton bike, you may find it difficult to pedal the bike as the bike pedals are clipless and compatible only with delta shoes and cleats.

Without attaching the cleats you can’t get the proper stability and traction on the bike. So, if you want to ensure a safe ride and get the smoothest pedaling experience on your Peloton bike, it’s essential to attach your cleats properly.

In fact, by knowing how to adjust peloton cleats, you can conveniently boost your cycling experience on the peloton.

So, without any further ado, let’s see how to attach peloton cleats along with how to assemble peloton shoes.

Do Peloton Shoes Come With Cleats?

Yes, every pair of peloton shoes comes in cleats and all the necessary tools like Allen key, screws, and other staff. Still, if you want to purchase an extra pair of cleats, you can also do this.

But, they are given separately in another packet. That means you have to attach the cleats to your peloton shoes. For the first time, you may find it overwhelming to do this. But, don’t worry with this guide, you can easily learn how to put on peloton cleats to your shoes.

Can You Ride Peloton Without Cleats?

Yes, you can ride the Peloton bike without cleats as long as your shoes are attached to toe cages or clips. You can use Peloton toe cages to your normal shoes and attach them to your delta pedals while riding.

But if you want to engage more muscle groups, have more control over your bike, improve time intervals on the trails and make the harder workout easier, and add more power to the stroke you must use the peloton cleats. With that in mind, let’s move to how to attach cleats to peloton shoes.

How To Attach Peloton Cleats To Bike?

As you have already got it, you must attach the cleats properly, otherwise, you may find it a little bit difficult to pedal or pull during the upstroke, and also you will need to use additional toe clips.

So, if you don’t want all these, here’s how to attach peloton cleats for you all.

Step 1: Placing The Cleats

Let’s start with where do you place peloton cleats?

Well, you will get to see three different dots on the cleat. You can use these dots to line up the cleat over the shoe.

As you can see, there are three screw holes on the shoes also, so, it won’t be that difficult to place the cleat on the shoe. You just need to position the cleat over the three screw holes on the bottom of your shoes.

Step 2: How To Install Cleats On Peloton Shoes?

Once you are done with the placing, now time to see how to install peloton cleats or how to set up clips on peloton shoes.

  • At first, take the rectangular washers and set them evenly on the recesses of the cleat.
  • Then place the screws in each screw hole. No need to tighten the screws at first. Simply set the cleat evenly to face forward.
  • Now, make sure the cleat is straight to the front, inline with the toe, and in a straight line from the ankle to the foot.
  • Next, set in the middle of the cleat across the ball of the foot of the shoe.
  • Now, ensure that the cleat is placed near the inside of the shoe, arch, as the washers allow. You can consider the numbers on the shoes to align the cleat.
  • Finally, tighten the screws to securely attach the cleat to your shoe using the 4-millimeter hex key that comes with your bike shoes.
  • And the last thing you need to do is, follow the same steps and attach the cleat to your other shoe.

So, this is the final look of your peloton shoe with the attached cleats. If you consider a visual presentation on attaching cleats to peloton shoes, then you can see the following video.

Step 3: How To Adjust Peloton Shoes?

The last thing you will want is for your cleats to get loosen while pedaling. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your peloton shoes are perfectly adjusted or aligned. To ensure this, you need to start pedaling for a couple of minutes. 

At this time, you need to look out if the pressure is falling on the ball of your foot or not. Also, make sure that the ball of your foot is directly above the pedal axle. If you feel any sort of discomfort in your legs, feet, or knees, don’t forget to check if the cleats are straight.

Remember that the screws on the cleat will loosen over time, as a result, the cleats will shift. And when that happens, you will face difficulty in clipping and unclipping the shoes, also you will notice a sound from your cleats. 

However, to prevent your peloton cleats from losing, first, make them straighten and tighten the screws securely. It is also recommended to tighten the peloton cleats once a month to make sure to have a smooth and safe ride.

How To Set Up My Peloton Shoes?

So, now that you know how to put cleats on peloton shoes, it’s time to see how to assemble peloton shoes. Honestly, if you don’t set your Peloton shoes properly with your feet, you won’t be able to get the most out of your riding but discomfort.

So, let’s see how to set up peloton shoes.

  • Each peloton shoe is designed with two Velcro straps and a buckle attached to a roller blade-like strap.
  • So, before you put the shoes on, press the middle button (shown on the above image) of the buckle and pull the strap out to loosen it.
  • In addition to that loosen the two other Velcro straps.
  • Now, wear the shoes and buckle the strap up.
  • To tighten or lock the buckle, all you need to do is pull up the locking button and push the strap into the buckle, or you can also pull the strap from the end.
  • Finally, attach the Velcro straps and make sure the shoes fit you perfectly, and you are not facing any discomfort.

How Do You Attach A Peloton Toe Cage?

If you are looking to use a toe cage then the following are the steps to attach a peloton toe cage.

  • First, hold the buckle facing downward, and then thread a strap through the bottom of the toe clip. 
  • Next, you need to fold the strap over and thread it through the top clips.
  • Pull the strap completely, so that the buckle can sit near the bottom of the clip.
  • Now, start squeezing the buckle and hold the free end of the strap to thread under the roller and through the tooth opening.
  • Repeat the same process to thread the other to the cage and strap, but this time you need to start in the opposite direction.
  • Once the toe cages are ready, fit them over your shoe. And make sure that the left foot’s buckle is on the left side and the right foot’s buckle is on the right side.
  • Now, pull the straps up until they tighten enough to fit your toe. Make sure they are not too tight, they just should be snug enough to stay on the shoes perfectly.
  • You can clip in and out the toe clips just like the way you can clip in and out the peloton shoe cleats. Or, you can leave them attached to the pedals by taking off the straps from your shoes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Clip My Peloton Shoes In?

Since the peloton shoes come with cleats, it means that if you want to pedal this bike, you have to clip the cleats on the pedals of the bike. This is actually the main reason for having trouble clipping in and off the Peloton bike, especially for those who are using clip-in shoes for the first time. In that case, all you need to do is use a 3-millimeter Allen key to loosen the pedal tension. 

How To Put Clips On Peloton Shoes?

Simply stand with one foot on one side of the bike, and the other on the pedal on the other side. Now, use your dominant side’s leg to bring the pedal to the 6’o o’clock position. Keeping the pedal facing up, you just need to point your toes downward so that they can fit your cleat into the opening. Now, keep pushing your heel down until you hear a clicking noise. Do the same with the other foot. To ensure the shoes are securely attached to the pedal, simply wiggle both your shoes from side to side. 

How To Put Peloton Shoes Together

Before you know how to put together peloton shoes, there are some factors that you need to keep in mind. For example, always wear socks before putting the shoes on otherwise, it can be uncomfortable for you. Do not keep your heels out while wearing shoes. You need to keep your feet completely inside the shoe. Make sure the feet are properly rested and protected. 

Now, open the straps first then insert your legs and attach the straps according to your comfort. Then make sure you can keep your feet perfectly into the shoes.

How Do You Install SPD Cleats On Peloton Shoes?

With SPD cleats, all you need to do is remove the attached metal clips, which you will locate on the sides of your shoes. Next place the cleats facing upwards on the bottom of your shoe and screw them. And, finally, attach the metal clips and screw them down tightly.

What Is The Float On Peloton Cleats?

Cleat float, also known as pedal float. Peloton cleat floats at the time of rotating the cleat freely inward or outward when clipped on the cleat paddle. Its movement is classified by varying degrees. The red cleats have a 9-degree’ float.’ This means your heels can move about 4.5 degrees inwards and 4.5 degrees outwards when you try to clip in.


So here we end this simple guide on how to attach peloton cleats. It’s just a matter of knowing and following these simple steps. With these straightforward steps, you will be able to attach your peloton cleats to your shoes within a short time. 

We hope this guide helps you to learn what you are looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shoes and start attaching the cleats and start spinning now.

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