How to Level Peloton Bike

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It was just another typical Saturday morning. After completing my morning chores, I started my Peloton ride. The ride was smoother as butter at first. Suddenly I heard a beep sound and my bike started wobbling out of nowhere.

Does this occurrence sound familiar? Yes! As you’ve landed on this page, I think we both are suffering from the same issue. Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal. Almost all stationary bikes wobble for some reason.

So how to level Peloton bike? Well, you can do it by adjusting Peloton stabilizers, fixing the floor, or changing the location. But, adjusting the stabilizers might be the easiest and most effective solution to fix the wobbling problem of your exercise bike.

The Peloton bikes contain two stabilizers with three feet on each. The middle feet of each stabilizer are fixed and you can adjust only the four outer feet. Twist it counterclockwise to raise the feet and clockwise to lower it.

Still your Peloton bike wobbles? Perhaps your case is more critical than others. However, I found some working solutions to stop your Peloton bike shaking after doing some extensive research.

In this article, I’m going to share a few effective methods about how to balance Peloton bike. Let’s get started.

how to level peloton bike

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Why Does A Peloton Bike Wobble?

You know, it is almost impossible to balance your bike without finding out the reason behind wobbling. So let’s solely focus on finding the origin of your bike’s problem before applying the solution. 

Here go the most common reasons behind wobbling a Peloton bike.

  • Soft flooring: Peloton normally wobbles a little bit on the carpet and other soft flooring materials. Especially the high pile carpets with long fibers are the main culprit behind making your ride shaky.
  • Slippery floor: Indoor bikes cannot remain still if you put them on extremely slippery floor materials like ceramic and porcelain. If anyone puts it there, the bike will wobble dangerously while pedaling. 
  • Asymmetrical surface: Asymmetrical floors cannot deploy the feet of your bike properly. Thus it results in your Peloton bike shaking dangerously while using it. 
  • Tilting saddle: The saddle not only works as your adjustable seat but also helps to balance your ride. The Peloton shakes when out of the saddle or even the saddle tilts frequently.
  • Levels of resistance: Resistance levels are also responsible for wobbling. You know, the Peloton bikes come with magnetic resistance. Though it doesn’t use electromagnetic resistance, it still provides 100 adjustable resistance levels. You can change resistance levels by using the adjustable resistance knob.

These are the primary reasons behind shaking your Peloton bike. Let’s find out the solution to this.

How to level a Peloton bike on different surfaces?

The usage of exercise bikes has increased rapidly over the last few years. The market of home exercise bikes had touched $1.21 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $2.34 Billion by 2027.

Though it has such a huge user base, most of them are dealing with only a simple problem. And, the uncontrollable wobbling is the culprit there. In this section, we will learn how to stabilize Peloton bike in the easiest way possible.

1. Fixing the resistance level

While other smart bikes like the Echelon bike offer around 32 resistance levels, the Peloton is offering 100 levels of resistance. Realistically, this huge range of resistance also brings some additional complications such as adjusting the level.

If you are applying too much resistance, you may feel a little bit of trembling. However, it actually depends on the RPE level aka the Rate of Perceived Exertion. You may adjust the scale from 1 to 10 based on your fitness goal.

Most importantly, the Peloton app offers an auto-resistance feature for fitness enthusiasts. Simply select the on-demand classes, lock the resistance level, and you are done. You can also control the resistance manually by swiping two fingers up/down on HD touchscreen monitors. Easy peasy! 

N.B. There are lots of on demand cycling classes on fitness gear. The auto-resistance speed depends on your preferred cycling lesson and the RPE level. 

2. Leveling a Peloton bike on carpet 

We were solving the software issue in the previous step. Let’s talk about the hardware problems. The most common hardware complaint of this bike is Peloton wobbles on carpet!

How to solve this problem? Just go for a low pile carpet and a firm base. The deep pile carpets are responsible for the movement of your ride. The small cushioning and firm base resist the bike from vibrating even when you pedal too fast.

3. Leveling the Peloton bike on tiles

It doesn’t matter whether you are using mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, or cement tile, you can’t pedal your ride on this floor. You know, the floor tiles are slippery by nature. 

So this 135 to 140 pounded workout machine will definitely cause some slippery issues on the floor. You can put a good-quality mat underneath the bike. It protects both the floor tile and the bike. This floor mat can keep your gym equipment steady while pedaling. 

4. Leveling a Peloton bike on the hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are naturally beautiful and give a nice warm feeling to your home. Because of its beauty and authenticity, the usage of hardwood floors continues to grow every year. 

Well, it definitely feels good to exercise on a wooden surface. The feeling of working out in a totally nature-surrounded place is so ecstatic. But, the problem arises when someone sets his heart to put his Peloton on the hardwood floor. 

However, only a simple rubber mat can solve this problem. Put a rubber mat underneath the stationary bike and you are good to go. This mat will not only keep the bike stable but also protect your floor from sweat, dust, and scratches from your bike. 

5. Leveling a Peloton bike on an uneven floor

Having an uneven floor is pretty common for the old condos. If you also live in an old condo, you might also get an uneven floor. But, setting up a peloton bike on an uneven floor is a huge challenge.  

An indoor bike cannot be seated properly on the uneven floor. So, if you don’t have an even floor available, you have to fix that. 

Fortunately, fixing an uneven floor isn’t a hard nut to crack. All you need is just a few pieces of plywood with shims. After collecting these, follow the steps below –

  • First, put your bike on the floor and mark out the bumpy area. 
  • Fix that bumpy area with plywood. You may do some woodworking tasks to make the floor even.
  • Then, put the bike back on and check if the bike is still unstable. If so, use the shims and put them tightly under the feet of your bile.

That’s how you can solve your problems with uneven floors. 

6. Leveling a Peloton bike on a floor mat

The floor mat is definitely one of the best things to put underneath the bike. But, if your bike still wobbles on the floor mat, maybe it’s time to change your mat.

A good exercise mat not only keeps your ride stable but also helps the floor to fight against damage. However, if you intend to change it now, I will recommend the rubber mats.

The rubber floor mats can keep your machine stable as well as absorb the sound too. Thus, you can work out with bliss.

Related Questions (FAQ’s)

Is Peloton supposed to wobble?

NO! Being a sturdy and well-balanced bike, Peloton is more likely to stay stable instead of wobbling. Unluckily, if you are still facing that shaking issue, try to use those Peloton stabilizers. Adjusting these stabilizers can stop the shaking.

What do I put under my Peloton bike?

You have to use a good-quality bike mat under your ride. Peloton recommends using their official bike mat with their device. The dimension of this mat is 36″ x 72″ and is sized enough to use during your workout session.

How do you adjust a Peloton bike seat?

You must adjust both the height and depth of your seat to enjoy the utmost comfortable ride. 
You have to use the knob located under the seat to adjust the height. At first, turn the knob to the left and move the saddle to your adjustable height.

It will be better if you keep the seat height parallel with the tablet holder and monitors. Once the seat is being adjusted, turn the knob to the right tightly and you are done adjusting the height.

To adjust the depth, you will need to open the latch below and slide the seat into your comfort point. Once this adjustable seat is in the desired position, close the latch and it will lock the seat on your desired position.
If you are going to adjust your stationary bike for the first time, watch the official bike adjusting support video and then try yourself.

How do you calibrate Peloton resistance?

Both Bike and Bike+ from Peloton are run by a digitally controlled brake method. This powerful resistance break automatically calibrates itself and provides you with the best cardio experience ever.

It will keep you in a good shape without increasing your heart rate excessively. You can continuously check the heart rate via the LCD monitor of that built-in tablet.
Learn More: How Do You Use Peloton Heart Rate Monitor That Can Help Your Cycling

Can you lose weight with a Peloton?

Research suggests a proper diet cannot solely make your body fat go away naturally. You must exercise regularly besides taking a healthy diet to lose weight with ease. Only the combination of diet and exercise can help you to lose weight.

And, the Peloton bike workouts method is a great choice to lose weight by exercising on a regular basis. By the way, the Peloton fitness app also offers both live-streamed and Beachbody on demand interactive fitness training on running, cycling, yoga, pilates, stretching, and cardio.

Is cadence more important than resistance?

Both cadence and resistance are equally important for strength training. But try to get adjusted with the cadence at first. The higher RPM of cadence you can reach, the higher amount of fat you can burn.

However, the new exercisers should try to keep the cadence level between 58 RPM to 100 RPM. It will help to build endurance on their legs.


Forbes Magazine entitled Peloton as the “Netflix of the workout world”. It is effective, sturdy, user-friendly, and clearly the next big thing in the fitness industry. The only problem you might face is leveling the peloton bike.

However, I think you can solve this problem with ease by following the tips described above. If you are still facing this problem, feel free to send your problem via the comment box. Our expert riders will solve your problem ASAP.

Have fun with Pelton!

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