Peloton Vs Cyclebar: Which One is Better for Weight Loss?

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Peloton is a quickly developing brand that makes a specialty of home-fitness workout routines with the use of its bikes and treadmill. They have more than 24k on-demand classes and approximately two hundred new classes every week in a diversified seaworthiness method.

On the other side, Cyclebar just started its journey in 2014 which consists of numerous franchisees throughout the world. This is a top-rated indoor cycle boutique gym that is held individually inside the studio that is known as CycleTheatre.

Both peloton and cycleber are completely different from each other but work toward the same goal. In this article, we’ll cover all the significant comparisons between peloton vs cyclebar to decide which will be best for you.

What Is The Difference Between Peloton and Cyclebar?

Before going into the details of peloton vs cyclebar just take a look at the following comparison chart board to get an idea about both indoor gyms at glance.

Membership$12.99 to $44 per month$59/ $109/ $149
Free Trial30 days7 days
ConnectionWifi or BluetoothWifi or Bluetooth
Touchscreen22” HD32”
Billing TypeRecurringRecurring
CommunityLive and on-demand boutique studioCycleGives, Blog
ProductsPeloton Bike, Peloton Bike+, and Peloton TreadSchwinn AC Performance Plus Bikes
Weight LossMuch EffectiveLess Effective
OpportunityGeographic ExpansionFranchise
Check PriceCheck Price on AmazonOfficial Website

Now, let’s go for detailed differential factors as you already know the fundamental differences between peloton vs cyclebar from the above.

Peloton Live Vs Cyclebar Studio

Peloton vs cyclebar Studio

Previously, Peloton Live classes could only be accessed through the Peloton app, but from August 19, 2022, Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL) officially open their doors on Friday.

You can take a rest or spend some time after your workout at the member lounge including-

  • Class equipment,
  • Lockers for safety
  • Malin plus Goetz products, towels, and hair dryers for after showering, and
  • Smoothies, juices, and snacks for refreshment or recharge yourself.

On the other side, cyclebar has its studios in different locations, you can simply find the location near you and book the studio and your bike. Then you will get your cycling shoes, and locker based on the bike you have chosen.

Now, let’s have a glimpse at what peloton live and cyclebar studio provide and how they differentiate from each other through the below board.

Peloton Live Studio
Cyclebar Studio
●      Cycling
●      Running
●      Strength
●      Yoga
●      Bootcamp
●      And all other types of peloton classes
●       Connect
●       Performance
●       Classic
●       Empower
●       Xpress

Cyclebar Apparel Vs Peloton

Cyclebar Apparel Vs Peloton

Peloton brings a huge collection of apparel in different categories for both men and women to make its customers’ workout sessions more comfortable.

The best part is that you can choose your favorite fabric apparel from Peloton. Now, let’s see what different apparel you can get from the peloton.

New ArrivalsWomenMenAccessoriesEssentials
Summer CollectionTopsTopsWatch  Cadent Fabric
Adidas X PelotonBrasBottomsBands  DreamBlend Fabric
 BottomsAccessoriesDrinkwareStriving Fabric
 Accessories HatsMove Mission Fabric

Here goes the peloton apparel, now come to cyclebar. Unfortunately, cyclebar doesn’t offer any apparel for its users.

Peloton Vs Cyclebar Resistance

Peloton has done a great job creating workouts that use both cardio and resistance training for example bootcamp.

Cyclebar workouts, on the other hand, mix high-intensity interval training with resistance training using weighted bars.

Peloton On-Demand Vs Cyclebar Go

There are numerous variations among cyclebar vs peloton instructions or classes which include the number of workouts, elegance variety, and classified duration.

Cyclebar provides online classes with their seaworthiness app, as well as on their youtube channel. Those classes are mainly about cycling instructions that differentiate in depth and duration.

The primary deviation is that the peloton has more than eighty new on-demand cycle classes in a week, while the cyclebar has a best of 2 to 3.

Below you could see through a table, what number of cycling classes provided by the both peloton and cyclebar online library.

Cycling Classes
Peloton●      300 plus rides for beginners
●      For low impacts 700 plus rides
●      400 plus rides provides for power zone
●      Climb rides up to 350
●      More than 2300 interval rides
●      Musical rides up to 4700
Cyclebar●      Provides only 50-plus classic rides
●      You can have only 70 plus Xpress rides
●      Only 5 empowered rides

You can easily understand how peloton on demand is different from cyclebar go, and how the peloton is crushing the cyclebar in order to survive in on-demand cycling classes.

But cyclebar usually prefers in-person experience more than on-demand. Depending on the location, each studio can provide you per day three to six classes.

Peloton Programs Vs Cyclebar

Both the peloton and cyclebar provide completely different programs. All the programs are very unique and designed and are provided by peloton trainers either to enhance your strength, assist you in starting running or teach the primary yoga moves.

Peloton doesn’t provide any combined program, which means you can have one program at a time only, such as one program for running and one for meditation.

On the other hand, cyclebar provides an Emerge program which is based on stipulated immunity that lasts for eight weeks or two months.

It’s combined with stretching, meditation, capable military, and foam roll. It also provides a section based on nutrition where they give lessons on proteins, cooking, and eating out in the evening.

Peloton Leaderboard Vs Cyclebar

The vast difference you can see between the peloton and cyclebar in the approach to the leaderboard. Cyclebar sends all your statistics of your recent exercise data through an electronic mail which is known as Cyclestates.

But the peloton provides a leaderboard whose analysis is built in depth which you can show to its bicycle and tread software. The leaderboard provides info in more detail as well as saves all the results in the app of your every single ride.

That means you’ll be able to do the lap category from the previous class and make a comparison of your final result of burned calories and also analyze the update of improvements you’ve made.

Let’s look at the below table in short and see what cyclebar and peloton provide through their performance-updated software.

Peloton LeaderboardCyclebar CycleStates
Overall rankClass rank
Total OutputAverage RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
Average Output And ResistanceMax RPM
Burned CaloriesCalories Burned

Peloton Vs Cyclebar For Weight Loss

In terms of losing weight, the peloton and cyclebar are kind of similar as both provide cardio programs with high intensity to animate interval training adaptations.

Cyclebar is fully efficient for weight loss as it’s able to burn 300-600 calories depending on dedication or effort. It also offers entry to running, rowing, and dancing classes through its cyclebar Go app.

The cyclebar cost of subscriptions is $59, $109, and $149 based on 4, 8, and unlimited months. It also helps with extra lifestyle content such as motivation and diet.

And when it comes to the peloton, it has done a great job in improving workouts as it provides resistance and cardio lessons such as bootcamping.

Peloton provides a huge number of survival rides that are based on long distances and those are very effective for burning high calories. And this survival ride helps you in keeping a low to medium rate of heart as arsenic is as long as ninety minutes.

In a nutshell, we can say peloton is much better than cyclebar for effective weight loss as they correspond more exercise by giving entry to strength training classes which are 1k plus.

Besides,  cyclebar also provides a bunch of correspondence, however, they are unable to offer resistance lessons with heavyweights.

Peloton Price Vs Cyclebar

Usually, the peloton is a bit pricer than the cyclebar. Let’s have a glimpse of the price range difference between these two brands.

Peloton Cost Per Month

Peloton ProductsPrices
Bike$1,445 or $38/mo
Bike+$2,495 or $59/mo
Tread$3,495 or $82/mo
Guide$295 or $13/mo
App Membership$12.99/mo.
All-Access Membership$44 per month

Cyclebar Pricing

4 Rides Per Month – $109.005 Pack – $149.00
8 Rides Per Month – $159.0010 Pack – $289.00
Cyclebar Monthly Unlimited – $199.00Drop-In Ride – $32.00

Peloton Community Vs Cyclebar

There are plenty of approaches to connect with the leaderboard names you recognize, sometimes simply virtually and the pals you already love inside the peloton community.

Get to learn the best peloton community capabilities that maintain you related to others on every occasion you are taking a peloton class. Such as-

  • Leaderboard
  • Tags
  • High fives
  • Here now
  • Following Friends
  • Official Peloton Member Page, etc

On the other hand, the cyclebar has a passionate rule to give back to the community.

It has a platform named CycleGives which allows it to collaborate with neighborhood companies and charities to assist them to increase donations through growing live indoor biking rides for companies, teams, groups, and households to assist increase proceeds that advantage their purpose.

This is a completely unique shape of purpose advertising that promotes fitness and health with a type of health enjoyment to create fundraising activities inside the studios.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do Peloton Shoes Work At Cyclebar?

No; peloton shoes don’t work on a cyclebar bike because they come with SPD cleat pedals which are suitable for mountain bikes. Whereas peloton comes with delta cleats which are also known as SDP SL.

Is Cyclebar A Good Way To Lose Weight?

Yes, it is. You can burn up to 600 calories in one class but it depends on your effort and dedication toward your workout.

Is Cyclebar A Good Workout?

Yes, it is. Sometimes people can’t work out regularly as it’s really expensive and doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. However, each of the cyclebar classes is able to burn 300 to 600 calories.

What Type Of Bike Does Cyclebar Use?

The name of the bike mainly used by cyclebar for their home gym classes is Schwinn AC Performance Plus Bikes. These bikes are really well known for their durability and functionality features. The resistance of these bikes is controlled manually with handlebars which are tuned by a knob.


Our #1 Recommendation

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Both peloton and cyclebar are well known for their excellent indoor cycling experience. But if you consider workout variation and get your own exercise equipment peloton will be the best option for you.

On the other side, if you are an intermediate or advanced level rider, you can go for the cyclebar.

So, that’s all for peloton vs cyclebar. We hope, you find this guide useful to understand the difference between these two and find the most suitable one for you.

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