Do Peloton Shoes Work On Other Bikes?

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There is no doubt that Peloton shoes are one of the most convenient shoes when it comes to cycling. This pair of shoes are true to size, very well made, and build to last. 

Probably these are the main reasons why Peloton shoes are at the top of people’s wish lists when it comes to buying cycling shoes.

But, what if you don’t have a peloton bike? Can you use peloton shoes on other bikes?

Well, yes, definitely you can use peloton shoes on other bikes as long as the bike is compatible with Delta cleats. 

However, in this article we are going to talk about do peloton shoes work on other bikes in detail. So, keep on reading. 

Do Peloton Shoes Work On Other Bikes?

Peloton Shoes

Peloton has two types of shoes, peloton cycling shoes, and altos cycling shoes. 

While the peloton cycling shoes come with a breathable upper and mesh vent on the base, ratchet clip, and Velcro straps, the altos cycling shoes, on the other side, are made with a single Velcro strap.

But one thing that both shoes have in common is that both are designed with delta-compatible cleats with a 3-screw hole setup, which you need to clip onto your cycle’s pedals to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

But, do peloton cleats work with other shoes or do peloton shoes work on other bikes?

Well, definitely. Peloton shoes will only work with bikes that are compatible with Delta cleats. 

Can You Use Any Shoes On Peloton?

Now that you get the answer to do peloton shoes work on other spin bikes, let’s see if can you use other shoes with peloton.

Simply put, NO. Peloton bike uses delta-compatible cleats, and you need to clip the cleat with the peloton or any shoes that come in a 3-screw hole setup. 

Actually, many people find the peloton shoes a bit pricier, in that case, can you use other bike shoes with peloton?

There is no such rule that you must use peloton shoes with the peloton bike. You can use any other brand of shoes that you find comfortable riding with as long as they are designed with cleats that are compatible with the peloton bike’s pedal. 

What Brands Of Cycling Shoes Are Compatible With The Peloton?

As you already know that you can use any other brand of shoe that can clip onto Peloton’s pedals. Now, let’s find out some of the brands which are most popular and as convenient as peloton shoes to ride the peloton bike with. 

So, here are some of the well-known shoe brands that you can use while working out with your peloton bike. 

  1. Shimano RC1
  2. Venzo cycling shoes
  3. Giro Regime cycling shoes
  4. Nike SuperRep Cycling Shoes
  5. Tommaso Women’s Pista & Men’s Strada
  6. Santic Jian1 Cycling Shoes
  7. Rapha Classic cycling shoes

Are Peloton Shoes Worth It?

Are Peloton Shoes Worth It?

It’s true that Peloton shoes are a bit expensive, but what about their quality and durability? Is Peloton Shoes Worth Your Investment?

Well, in our opinion, peloton shoes are definitely worth your investment.  

The Peloton shoes are built to be very sturdy as well as convenient to cycle with. These shoes are made with sturdy soles and Velcro straps to make sure of a customized fit. 

Besides, Peloton shoe materials are really breathable which makes riding in these shoes much more comfortable. Each pair of peloton shoes are designed specially so that you can pedal much faster and more effectively to reach your ultimate goals. 

Not only these, but after purchasing the peloton shoes you can also expect the following benefits after buying Peloton shoes.

  • Peloton shoes are true to size which means they will perfectly fit and provide an excellent grip while riding.
  • This show keeps your feet attached to the pedals snugly which ensures a safe ride.
  • Peloton shoes are made of excellent quality materials due to which you can feel free to use these shoes for a long time without any problems.
  • If you don’t plan on using the Peloton shoes for an extended period of time, you can keep the cleats separate from the shoes.
  • These shoes are very easy to clean and maintain. 

So, if you want a pair of durable cycling shoes that you can use regularly on your cycling bike, investing in peloton shoes would be a very good decision for you.


If you’re wondering do peloton shoes work on other bikes, the answer is yes! However, you’ll need to make sure that your bike is compatible with LOOK Delta cleats (Peloton’s shoe of choice) before making the switch. 

Additionally, it’s important to remember that switching out your shoes may affect your ride quality and experience, so be sure to test out different combinations before settling on one. 

Have you tried using Peloton shoes on another bike? Let us know how it went in the comments below. 

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