How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton

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Most of us who are fitness freaks are inspired by the health metrics. And now, using multiple devices to track data has become much more popular and more common than ever.

You can track your movements using your smartwatch, and the number of your cardio equipment helps you work harder. But have you ever thought that if you sync these two during your workout, you can get the most out of your overall fitness and performance?

Exactly, this is where the peloton comes with a feature that helps you to connect your Apple Watch. From seeing your statistics on everything from calorie burning to distance travel to power, cadence, and many more, this will make everything easier than ever.

All you need to do is connect your Apple Watch to the peloton correctly.

So, if you are looking to how to connect Apple Watch to peloton bike, this guide is there for you.

Can You Connect Apple Watch To Peloton?

Yes, you can connect your Apple Watch to the peloton. The peloton comes in an advanced feature called Gymkit technology, which is an apple platform. Using this platform, you can connect your Apple Watch to the peloton.

This Gymkit technology allows you to sync your heart rate from the Apple Watch to your bike. Apart from this, it also syncs all the ride metrics, distance, calories, etc. from the bike to the Apple Watch and then the Apple fitness. In this way, you are not going to miss any of the metrics.

What Is The Best Apple Watch To Use With Peloton?

The Peloton is compatible with watchOS 6.0 for Watch series 3-5 and Watch OS 6.1 for Series 1 and 2. iOS 13 on all iPhones. You just need to pair the peloton through the Apple Watch app.

Note: Make sure your device is running on the latest software to function seamlessly.

How can I get the Peloton App on my Apple Watch?

Before moving to how to sync peloton with Apple Watch, let’s see how to get the peloton app on the Apple Watch. So, here are the steps for you-

  • First, go to the app store from your iPhone.
  • Search for the Peloton app and install it.
  • Then, open the Peloton app and choose “More tab.”
  • Next, click on “Apple Watch” and start following the on-screen instructions.
  • Make sure all location services, motion and fitness options are toggled.

Note: Your Watch OS and iOS should definitely be running the latest software version.

How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton?

How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton?

Now that you know that you can connect your Peloton app with Apple Watch, you may be wondering how do I connect my Apple Watch to my peloton. Well, in this section, we will take you to the step-by-step processes of how to pair Apple Watch to peloton.

So, here’s how to sync Apple Watch to peloton-

Step 1: Enable GymKit for Your Apple Watch

First, open your Apple Watch app on your iPhone and then open the workout app. Next, scroll down and look out for the “Detect Gym Equipment” option. Once you get the option, simply enable it.

Step 2: Select a Cycling Class

At this stage, you can either opt for a live class or an on-demand class, whatever you want. If you are choosing a live class, then you need to wait until the countdown clock is at 1 minute to pair the watch.

In contrast, if you pick an on-demand class, simply start with selecting the class and click on the “Start” button from the pop-up menu and enter into the class.

Step 3: Sync or Connect the Apple Watch

Sync or Connect the Apple Watch
  • Now it’s time to know how to connect peloton to Apple Watch. To sync the Apple Watch, do the following-Click “Unlock” from your Apple Watch and then face the watch to the left side of the touchscreen’s camera. You will find the camera at the top of the touchscreen of the peloton bike.
  • Then, you will feel vibration on the Apple Watch as well as you will see an on-screen prompt saying “connecting.”
  • After that, click “OK” on your Apple Watch and accept the connection between the watch and the peloton.

Step 4: Start Your Workout

Once all the above steps are done successfully, click on “Start” on the workout. At this time, you will see a small green symbol at the top right side of your peloton touchscreen. This green symbol indicates that the connection is active.

And the best part is, once you are done with your workout, the Apple Watch will automatically disconnect. That means, there is no need to follow any disconnection process.

So, this is how to link Apple Watch to peloton bike. Once you make the connection, you can start seeing your heart rate on the left of the screen taken from your Apple Watch.

start seeing your heart rate

How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton App?

After knowing how to sync Apple Watch to peloton, now, let’s find out how can you connect the Apple Watch to the peloton app. The best part is, the GymKit technology is not only usable to the peloton bike.

The peloton app users can also make the most out of this technology. So, let’s see how you can do this.

Step 1: Download the Peloton App

First, you need to download the Peloton app from the Apple App Store on your iPhone. So, type Peloton app on the search bar and once you get the app, just install it on your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the Peloton App

Once the app is downloaded, open it by clicking on the app. Now search for the option called “More.” you will find it at the bottom-right side. Once found, just click on this option. You will then be taken to the options, one of which is the Apple Watch.

Step 3: Install the Apple Watch App

To install the Apple Watch, click on the Apple Watch option and then click on the “Set Up button. Next, at the bottom of your Start-up screen you will see an “Install” button, simply click on it and install the Watch app.

Step 4: Complete the Connection

Now go back to your installed Peloton app and click on it. After you open the app, log in to your Peloton account, and set the location for your Apple Watch to track properly. Also include other metrics that make the Apple Watch to track them, such as tracking movement, motion and fitness, calorie-burning, and more.

Apple Watch Not Connecting to Peloton?

Your Apple Watch may not be connected to your Peloton because you may be using a feature that is not supported by the original Peloton bike.

The original peloton bike or tread doesn’t support the Apple Watch’s Gymkit feature like the Bike +. If you want to connect your original bike to the Apple Watch, you need to use HeartCast or another similar app.

Final Verdict

It’s pretty easy, isn’t it? Syncing Apple Watch using GymKit is a great feature for Peloton users. It works so well that based on its performance and accuracy, we can say with confidence that if you have an Apple Watch, you don’t need to buy any other dedicated heart rate monitor.

Overall, the Apple Watch integration is almost identical to the use of an armband heart rate monitor for everyone.

So this is how the Peloton Bike Plus works with the GymKit, how to connect Apple Watch to peloton, and this way you can sync your heart rate using your Apple Watch with the bike. If you have questions about how the Jim Kit works with Peloton bikes or let me know in the comments below.

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