Peloton Vs Lululemon: Which Exercise Bike is Best for You?

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Peloton and lululemon are two different companies with some similarities. While Peloton is all about providing an indoor cycling experience and its fitness apparel, Lululemon is mostly known for its fitness clothing and accessories.

Both are two of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to smart home fitness and exercise clothing.

However, what are the key differences between these brands?

In this article, we will compare and contrast the two brands in order to help you make a better decision about which one is right for you.

Peloton Vs Lululemon: What’s the Main Difference Between Two Bike

There is no shortage of ways to work out at home, but most people can’t keep themselves motivated to work out every day.

In that case, having smart technology that connects you to the metrics and guidelines of professionals from your own home is not a detriment, but an advantage.

But, when you think about getting your home gym equipment, fitness apparel, and accessories, the two most common name that comes to our mind is Peloton and Lululemon.

With these two choices, deciding which one is right for you can be a complex process for you.

That’s why here’s what these two brand offers and how they differ from each other from you.

So, here’s the comparison between peloton vs Lululemon for you

1. Lululemon Mirror Vs Peloton Gym Equipment

Lululemon offers Mirror with the largest workout library including 10,000 on-demand classes and daily live classes. You will get workouts in over 50 genres from Barre, boxing, cardio, running, Yoga, HIIT classes, and many many more.

On the other side, the peloton comes with 4 different high-class home gym equipment, for example, the original peloton bike, bike+, tread, and newly added the peloton guide.

All these fitness peloton equipment are perfect for workouts to fit your mood, goals, experience level, and style which undoubtedly takes your workout experience to the next level. 

Let’s find out which is better the mirror or peloton from the following peloton vs lululemon mirror comparison

CategoriesPelotonMirror Lululemon
Trainer55+ professional instructors15 expert instructors
PriceOriginal peloton bike: $1,445 Bike+: $2,495 Tread: $3,495 Guide: $295The Mirror: $1,495
Per Month Payment12, 24, or 39 months12, 24, or 48 months
Delivery and SetupTeam of experts will deliver and assemble the equipment.Deliver straight to your door and assemble at no extra cost.
Warranty12 monthsOne-year warranty

2. Peloton Vs Lululemon Digital Membership

Peloton Vs Lululemon Digital Membership

Along with top-class home equipment, you will also get digital membership with the peloton. With this, you can access unlimited live, on-demand classes, world-class instructors at a tap, curated training programs, and playlists of your favorite artists from your phone, tablet, TV, or computer.

The Peloton app provides you with strength, boxing, running, cycling, yoga, meditation, stretching, walking, bootcamp, Pilates, barre, and many more online workout classes. Peloton offers two different packages for its digital app and here is the cost of these two-

In order to use the Mirror, you need to get a monthly membership package to access unlimited classes across up to 6 profiles. This digital membership will cost you $39/month with a one-year minimum commitment.

3. Peloton Apparel Vs Lululemon

Peloton lululemon apparel for example peloton lululemon bra, lululemon peloton shorts, and others had added a new dimension to the world of fitness with their super comfortable, classy, and various collections.

Peloton Apparel Vs Lululemon

Peloton has a huge collection of comfortable fitness apparel for both men and women. It offers different collections from Adidas X Peloton to Summer, and Peloton Apparel Sets collection. 

The best part of the peloton is that you can even choose the fabrics of your apparel from Cadent Fabric, DreamBlend Fabric, Striving Fabric, and Move Mission Fabric.

So, let’s find out what type of apparel you will get from the peloton.

Women Peloton Apparel

●      Tanks
●      Short Sleeve
●      Long Sleeve
●      Outerwear
●      Sweatshirt
●      Diamond Tie Die V Back Bra
●      Zipper Front Bra
●      Cadent Racker Back Bra
●      River Rock High Neck Bra
●      Push Your Boundaries Colorblock Bra, etc
●      Peloton leggings
●      Shorts
●      Capris
●      Pants

Peloton Men Apparel

●      Tanks
●      Short Sleeve
●      Long Sleeve
●      Outerwear
●      Sweatshirt  
●      Shorts
●      Pants
●      Leggings

On the other hand, Lululemon offers so many varieties of clothing that you can’t even count them. This company is mainly known for its clothing and accessories.

                Women’s Workout Clothes●      Lululemon leggings
●      Capris
●      Coats & Jackets
●      Dresses
●      Hoodies & Sweatshirts
●      Pants
●      Shirts
●      Shoes
●      Shorts
●      Skirts
●      Socks
●      Sports Bras
●      Lululemon energy bra
●      Sweaters
●      Swimsuits
●      Tank Tops
●      Underwear
              Men’s Workout Clothes●      Joggers
●      Button Down Shirts
●      Coats & Jackets
●      Hoodies & Sweatshirts
●      Pants
●      Polo Shirts
●      Shirts
●      Shoes
●      Shorts
●      Socks
●      Sweaters
●      Swim Trunks
●      Tank Tops
●      Trousers
●      T-Shirts
●      Underwear

4. Peloton Sizing Vs Lululemon

You can choose from almost any size of apparel from both peloton and Lululemon. You never have to think about Lululemon’s and peloton’s leggings sizing or top apparel sizing. From Plus Size to Tall, and Short they include all sizes of clothing in their store.

For your convenience, here are the sizes they offer-

Peloton Apparel SizeLululemon Clothing Size
●      XS
●      S
●      M
●      L
●      XL
●      XXL
●      1X
●      2X
●      3X
●      XS
●      XS/S
●      S
●      S/M
●      M
●      M/L
●      L
●      L/XL
●      XL
●      XL/XXL

5. Lulumon Vs Peloton Accessories

To make your workout journey more effective peloton also offers some exercise accessories. All in all, Peloton makes it possible for you to get all of your home exercise stuff in one place.

Although you only get exercise-related accessories from Peloton, Lululemon outdoes Pelton here. Along with exercise accessories, you will also find many other essentials from Lululemon.

And, here’s what accessories you will get from both these brands.

Peloton accessoriesLululemon Accessories
●      Dumbbells
●      Cycling Shoes
●      Heart Rate band
●      Earbuds
●      Bike mat
●      Resistance bands
●      Reversible workout mat
●      Heart rate monitor
●      Yoga blocks
●      Light weights
●      Water bottle
●      Camelbak
●      Yoga strap
●      Pedals
●      Cleats
●      Backpacks
●      Bags
●      Bucket Hats
●      Belt Bags
●      Crossbody Bags
●      Gloves & Mittens
●      Hair Accessories
●      Hats
●      Keychains
●      Scarves & Wraps
●      Wallets & Pouches
●      Water Bottles
●      Yoga Accessories
●      Yoga Mats

6. Peloton Vs Lululemon Lawsuit

Peloton and Lululemon used to be business partners but the partnership ended after peloton started its own apparel line and later it turned into a battle.

Lululemon files a complaint in California district court accusing peloton of patent infringement.

Peloton Vs Lululemon Lawsuit
Screenshot from the complaint, showing the side-by-side visual comparison of the peloton strappy bra with Lululemon’s design patent.

In the case file, Lululemon claims that

“Peloton imitated several of lululemon’s innovative designs and sold knock-offs of lululemon’s products, claiming them as its own. These knock-offs include Peloton’s Strappy Bra, Cadent Laser Dot Legging, Cadent Laser Dot Bra, High Neck Bra, and Cadent Peak Bra, which collectively infringe six different lululemon patents.

Peloton also began selling the One Lux Tight. Peloton’s One Lux Tight is another imitation of a lululemon product as it copies the trade dress of lululemon’s Align pant, which is one of lululemon’s all-time best-selling products.”

In response to Lululemon’s complaint, peloton files a preemptive lawsuit in federal court against Lululemon.

Here, peloton claims that-

“Peloton’s products do not infringe the lululemon Patents. Each of the identified Peloton Products has clear and obvious differences from the lululemon Patented Designs.

Peloton also lays out that the patents are invalid by saying-

Peloton claims that lululemon’s patents are invalid
Peloton claims that lululemon’s patents are invalid.

“Even a quick comparison of the lululemon Patented Designs with the allegedly infringing Peloton products reveals numerous clear and obvious differences that allow the products to be easily distinguished.

And on top of the numerous clear and obvious differences in design, Peloton and lululemon’s brands and logos are also distinctive and well-recognized, making confusion between products a virtual impossibility due to the prominent display of the parties’ respective trademarks on their products and both brands’ sophisticated consumers.

What is more, lululemon’s claimed design patents are invalid because, at a minimum, they are anticipated and/or obvious and, thus, cannot be infringed upon.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does Lululemon Own Peloton?

No Lululemon doesn’t own the peloton. Both these brands were partners and peloton bought Lululemon’s clothing products and sell them with Peloton branding for 1 year and then the partnership ended.

Is Peloton Made By Lululemon?

No peloton is not made by lululemon. Peloton partnered with Lululemon in 2016 and supplied branded clothing from Lululemon until peloton started its own apparel line.

Why Is Lulu Suing Peloton?

According to Lululemon, peloton sells copy products and accused it of patent infringement over the design of 5 different clothing products.

Is There Anything Better Than Lululemon?

Yes, there are so many other brands like Athleta, peloton, Lolë, Titika, Nike, and so many others brands.


So, what’s the big deal between peloton vs Lululemon?

Our #1 Recommendation

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If you are looking for more variations in your exercise apparel and accessories, then Lululemon might be the perfect option for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an excellent coaching and hardcore workout session with thousands of different live and on-demand classes then, the peloton is the ultimate solution for you.

Though peloton also offers fitness apparel with a wider range of sizes and styles with more comprehensive cycling, running, and strength experience than Lululemon does.

I hope you found this comparison between the peloton and Lululemon helpful. In the end, it really comes down to personal preference which brand appeals to you the most.

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